Sean Lee wisely won’t rush back from neck injury


Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee, who is out on Sunday against the Packers after hurting his neck on Monday night, says he won’t rush back to the field until he’s sure he’s healthy.

“There’s no gray area,” Lee said on KRLD-FM, via Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram. “I kind of have to let it heal for me to be able to even do my job. I wouldn’t probably be able to make it through the game until I let it heal. Hopefully it can heal up faster, and we’ll look at it next week. Hopefully it will look a lot better.”

That’s a wise decision: It’s one thing for a player to push himself to rush back from a sprained ankle. It’s quite another to rush back from a neck injury. Lee said he was feeling so good early this week that he thought he had a chance to play on Sunday, but he knows he needs to take his time.

“The plan is to rest and hopefully reevaluate early next week,” Lee said. “Early in the week I was getting better and feeling healthier and healthier, so that’s why I was gung-ho on being ready to play this week. Hopefully that’s a good sign, meaning that I’m going to continue to improve this week, continue to improve next week and once we reevaluate it, hopefully we’ll know pretty soon when I can be back.”

All Lee knows now is that he won’t play on Sunday.

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  1. Second on the team with 68 solo tackles and 98 assists. Team leader with 4 picks. As huge as a loss as this is for the Cowboys, it pails in comparison to Rogers being gone. Seriously.

  2. That’s okay, we’ll need him in the playoffs. Mr. Jones is making a tweak or two this week to get the defense up to snuff. It’s all good.

  3. Problem is that the rest of the fellows on his D Squad also have the same idea. Even though they suit up and are active on the roster, they really haven’t been playing either.

  4. I can’t figure it out. The Texans RB w/ 4 broken ribs is tough for playing through pain (yet no word about health issues) ands this guy is sitting because he’s hurt is wise? This double edge sword of Hypocrisy is old.

    The NFL doesn’t care about players health, they care about their wallets. as Bugs Bunny would say, that’s all folks.

  5. What I find ironic is that they put him back in the game after that injury…so much for not rushing him back. And the Bears just scored again…

  6. sean lee is a paradox. a real cost/benefit dilemma. he is a good, instinctive, fundamentally sound LB…when he is on the field. but he is injury-prone.

    i love the guy but honestly don’t think the cowboys can depend on him to consistently be in the lineup. is he undersized maybe, which might contribute to his injury history ?

    if i were the cowboys, i would go in another direction and not rely on sean lee to quarterback my defense.

    but of course the cowboys won’t…which is one of many reasons the cowboys are the train wreck they are.

  7. I’m a Dallas fan, but they absolutely must NOT give this guy a long term contract. He’s fragile.

    Me and another Cowboys fan bet in August how many games he’d miss. New year, same Sean Lee.

  8. He is what he is. After a few years watching you should know that Sean Lee is an absolute beast, but you are only gonna get 10-12 games out of him a year. If you push guys up your draft board because of value after injuries, you at least have to get depth to protect yourself. It all comes down to the Cowboys GM. Any idiot can blame Romo or the defense or Garrett, but the bottom line is that Jerry Jones is the root of the problem.

  9. Funny how Sean ‘Glass’ Lee decides to sit and wait to heal once the news that Ms. Rogers will not be playing. Wonder if that’s a coincidence?

  10. Love the guy he plays all out but just like Demarco Murray, Bruce Carter, Claiborne, Austin dude is bit with injury bug not sure if you can shake it but it seems to happen to a lot of Jerry’s picks.

  11. As an eagles fan, I hope his recovery is fast. Even though the eagles play them in 3 weeks, this dude is a straight up beast. That kind of talent needs to be showcased every week for the fans.

  12. Sadly, he is an outstanding talent, but terribly fragile. That’s the reason he was available in the second round of the draft. If he were able to stay healthy he would probably be the second best MLB in Cowboy history, next to The great Lee Roy Jordan. Unfortunately, it’s not meant to be, just like the delusions of fans thinking this mediocre team is gonna be in the playoffs.

  13. Two serious season ending knee injury’s in college plus a host of other injuries since turning pro didn’t stop JJ from handing Lee a new contract that included a 10M signing bonus plus 15M in base salary over the next 3 seasons. Great player but rarely ever healthy.

  14. I think the Cowboys should follow the Redskins example and bench him the rest of the season so he’ll be healthy for the off season program. After all, the off season program is more important than regular season games.

  15. I think people need to leave Sean Lee alone! I know that he’s injury prone, but he’s also a beast when he CAN play. He’s doing the best he can. The cowboy’s defense as a whole really needs to pull themselves together and play as a team. I think we’re capable of going to the play offs if they played as a team. Just a thought 🙂

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