Tashaun Gipson: Facing Cutler “amplifies the situation”

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There’s been debate around Chicago about the wisdom of Bears coach Marc Trestman’s decision to return Jay Cutler to the starting lineup this week after Josh McCown played well while Cutler was recovering from a sprained ankle.

If Trestman is looking for someone to tell him he made the right call at quarterback, he should seek out Browns safety Tashaun Gipson during pregame warmups on Sunday. Gipson said Thursday that Cutler is a “different monster” than McCown and that he thinks facing Cutler is going to make things more difficult for the Browns defense.

“No disrespect to Josh McCown, but Jay Cutler is a different monster, and we’re definitely going to be prepared for him,” Gipson said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Anytime you’re dealing with who I perceive is one of the more elite quarterbacks in this game — Cutler, he’s arguably a top-10 quarterback in this game — I think that amplifies the situation.”

That doesn’t mean Gipson’s unhappy to see Cutler on the other side of the ball, however. Gipson said he’s “definitely excited” for Cutler to be in the lineup because the quarterback likes to put the ball in the air and he thinks that’s going to give the Browns chances to take the ball away from the Bears offense. Should they do that often enough to win the game, Gipson isn’t likely to have much company in Chicago when it comes to backing Trestman’s call.

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  1. I think DB’s of opposing teams are more excited to see Culter than his own reciever. Huge mistake Chicago but in week 17, I’d rather see him.

  2. Someone needs to give Matt Elam Tashaun’s phone number. I think he could give him some advice on how to talk about you upcoming opponents.

  3. How are we defining “one of the more elite quarterbacks in this game?” Jay Cutler, since joining the Bears in 2009, has won just one playoff game and has 95 touchdowns to 71 interceptions.

    I have the utmost respect for the quarterback position but I cannot and will not use Cutler and the ‘E’ word in the same sentence.

  4. “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a metaphor commonly used in the United States that refers to a person or group holding an unquestioned belief, argument, or philosophy without critical examination. If the Bears were 10 and 3 or 9 and 4 going into this weekend I could see all the room for argument on Josh vs. Jay but the Bears are so far removed from a Super Bowl quality team that drinking the kool-aid is all I can think of to describe Bears fan’s concerns.

    As for those who think that Trestman/Emery need to see where Cutler is now to determine how to handle a new contract, franchise tag, or let him go issue, all I can say is that Trestman/Emery need a new video coordinator if they are still out on that choice right now.

  5. As a Packer fan I would prefer to play cutler…he’s a loose cannon and a head case always good for multiple picks in a game.

  6. iowahbr,
    Question: how many times have we seen seemingly mediocre teams–with huge flaws — back their way into the playoffs, only to make a run from the 6th seed position?

    In recent memory, the Ravens, Giants, and Puckers come to mind.

    Yes, the Bears (run) defense is atrocious right now. But if the Bears can hold on over the next few games, and Lions and Pack drop a game or two, and they slowly get back a couple of key guys: Briggs & Tillman, in particular…and Ratliffe can step things up, the defense will only need to do enough to slow down opposing offenses, make the occasional stop or even – gasp! – turnover (remember those?), ANYTHING can happen in the playoffs.

    All I’m saying is: sure, odds are Bears wouldn’t do squat in the playoffs, even if they manage to get there. But if/once they do – anything can happen – recent history is Exhibit A.

  7. Mr Axewound,

    On pure theory you are correct but as to the examples you site I would say none had as many issues at the same time as does the Bears defense right now and the possible returns you list from injuries will not correct most of the holes. As a Bears fan I hope you are right and I am wrong but that doesn’t mean I’m drinking the kool-aid nor do I think we are anywhere near to leaving the land of 7 to 8 wins (and very few of the big games) a season frustration.

    PS: Packer fans really seem to love Jay.

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