Tomlin says he has no interest in being a college coach

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Earlier this week, the names Jim Harbaugh and Mike Tomlin emerged out of the burnt orange in connection with the expected vacancy at the University of Texas.

Since the report came after Tomlin’s weekly press conference but before Harbaugh’s, Harbaugh has been asked about it publicly. Tomlin hasn’t been.

But Tomlin has told the team’s in-house publication, Steelers Digest, that he has no interest in being a college coach.

The question is whether interest could be generated by, for example, a huge financial offer dwarfing his current deal.  Surely, there’s an offer that would prompt Tomlin to “lose my placement” as it relates to his employment.

Even if the folks in Austin were willing to break the bank for anyone not named Saban, the question would become whether Tomlin would be able to get out of his contract in Pittsburgh, even if he ever wanted to.

It’ll likely never get to that point.  Sure, if the Steelers keep losing beyond 2013 Tomlin may have to consider coaching in college eventually.  For now, it appears highly unlikely that he’ll be bolting for Texas or any other college job.

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  1. because some college stadiums don’t have no jumbotron and the sidelines, of where he enjoys strolling, are not near as wide.

  2. Based on the Steelers decline since he took over I was thinking he has no interest in being an NFL coach either.

  3. Sure, if the Steelers keep losing beyond 2013 Tomlin may have to consider coaching in college eventually.


    Yeah.. a guy with a plus .600 winning percentage in the pros, two conference championships, and a super bowl win would NEVER get another shot in the NFL if it didn’t work out in the ‘Burgh.


  4. I don’t think that any teams — college or pro — are clamoring for Tomlin’s services.

    Milli Vanilli reached the highest pinnacles of success with no real talent. They were frauds and imposters who lucked into a situation where they could just go along for the ride yet suck up all the credit as if they had really done something. Yes, they were the original Twelfth Man Tomlins.

  5. Tomlin’s comments seemed a little too smug. How ’bout we take away a second rounder and give it to the Bengals?

  6. Just the media trying to create a story where one doesn’t exist. Pretty standard. It should be fairly obvious to anyone who follows football that it wouldn’t make much sense for he or Harbaugh to take a college job unless an insane amount of money was dangled in front of them. Way more money than any school would be willing to offer Tomlin and probably Harbaugh as well.

  7. I’m all for giving the pick to Cincy. They have no hardware to show for the last 30 top five picks. How’s that for smug?

  8. Many in Steeler Nation – who don’t understand jack – want Tomlin gone, just like they wanted Arians gone.

    Though we have our problems, they’re more related to losing great players to age/injury and having younger players that are not playing the level of their predecessors. And our OL has always been a trainwreck – despite us burning two firsts and two seconds on OLs since we took Pounce in 2011.

    My hope is we have Tomlin for the next 30 years. Freaking awesome coach in my book.

  9. Tomlin has had players and a system in place from a previous long standing coach, he always has been pretty smug and over dramatic. has a fan there is something missing with this team and discipline

  10. blspears says:
    Dec 13, 2013 12:02 PM
    Tomlin is a fantastic coach. The Steelers just need younger players.


    So, Heyward, Jones, Brown, Thomas, Gilbert, Bell, DeCastro, Sanders, and Worilds are all on the verge of retirement?

    The only place they’re that old all around is the secondary — even there, they’re in their early or entering mid 30’s, which isn’t that unusual.

    Needing young guys to fill into their roles and/or needing to develop young talent isn’t the same thing as the team being old.

  11. Mike doesn’t strike me as someone who’s cut out for college coaching. For one thing, recruiting is the lifeblood of a college coach, and Mike hasn’t demonstrated a great gift for player personnel decisions. And when it comes to board/booster interference, Texas may be the most dysfunctional team in college ball. Who would willingly leave one of the sweetest setups in the NFL for one of the most constricting in the NCAA?

    Beyond that … I don’t think Texas will be calling.

  12. tomlin isn’t half the coach he was when he had indicted steelers team doctor dr. rydze illegally injecting the team with hgh and feeding them steroids.

  13. @6ball …

    I believe Tomlin and Colbert work together to select players for the draft. Perhaps Colbert comes up with three or four guys and Tomlins make the final selection. It seems Cowher had a much better instinct for making that final call than Tomlin does.

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