Upset over Broncos fuels Chargers’ belief in McCoy

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Very few gave the Chargers a chance last night against the Broncos, but few in the Chargers room had a doubt such wins were coming.

While the Chargers improved to 7-7, it was a statement win for first-year coach Mike McCoy, whose conservative demeanor undersells his ability to reach his team.

They bought in from Day One,” McCoy said last night, via Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego.

But it wasn’t simply an act of players, as the Chargers aren’t so full of talent that immediate improvement was a given. McCoy inherited an odd mix of veterans and kinds, and enough of the old guys threw in with McCoy from the start.

“He had a plan early on,” quarterback Philip Rivers said. “Veteran players can see through it if the guy is feeling his way around. He had a definite plan. So whether we always agreed with every little thing, it was like, ‘Well, we don’t have a choice but to buy in.’ ”

“This is not the most talented team I’ve played on,” tight end  Antonio Gates. “But this is the best team I’ve been on, in terms of playing together. . . . When you have a change, especially with the situation we’ve had in the past, people wanted something to believe in. He was like a new movement. He brought this way about him. He made us believe we had to play for one another. When you watch us, you see we play for each other.”

That’s the kind of shift that’s philosophical more than anything to do with Xs and Os. They’ve had guys in the job that are good at those.

But McCoy has his Chargers looking like more of a team than any recent versions, and that takes leadership that transcends drawing football plays.

9 responses to “Upset over Broncos fuels Chargers’ belief in McCoy

  1. Props to McCoy for completely changing this teams culture from last year. Even though they’re 7-7 (debatable that they should be 8-6 with that coming against the texans) they really impress me and to think that they’re a good o-lineman and a dominant DB away from contending for a Superbowl really puts into perspective how much McCoy has done for them.

  2. As exciting as the Broncos have been this Season, I found myself rooting for the Chargers last night without really knowing why…until I read your article.

  3. I knew this guy was going to be a Manning killer when he took the Chargers job.

    I remember him standing around like a useless statue when he was OC in Denver with Manning.

    It had to be gutwrenching to watch Manning install ‘his’ offense and take all the credit for their success while McCoy was basically lawn furniture.

    I must have felt just as great to ‘stick it to’ Manning and Co. last night with the perfect gameplan.


  4. And the media and fans of other teams laughed at McCoy when he said Rivers would complete 70% of his passes this year. Well minus his top two wideouts he has been amazing. The o line has been in flux all season. You could give Rivers two hamburger flippers from mcdonalds and he would put up 4000 yards. The guy takes so much crap for his throwing motion and fire for the game. He is a great qb and an exeptional leader on and off the field.

  5. Considering the sorry state of the Bolts, at this time last season, the fans in SD, must be near euphoria. The team impressed me last night, or maybe it was that dreamy smile on my wife’s face? Whatever. Congrats on a big win.

  6. Enjoyed the article…two things…the team is learning how to win. Sounds strange but that’s the hardest thing for a new coach to overcome after the Norv debacle. Instilling that focus and confidence is usually the last and hardest thing to change in an organization and I think McCoy is finally seeing that hard work pay off. Second…I think GM Tom Telesco did a mostly masterful job of bringing in quality players both through free agency and the draft. He had a couple miscues…but overall he had a great first year. It feels like the players and everyone in the organization has been able to exhale and move on from the tyrant that is AJ Smith and the horrible hire that was Norv Turner.

    Here’s to the playoff push and a great 2014 season.

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