Despite benching, Terrelle Pryor doesn’t feel like a failure


After showing a lot of promise early this season, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor has been benched for undrafted rookie Matt McGloin. But Pryor won’t call this season a failure.

I don’t look at my ups and downs as a failure,” Pryor said, via “I just look at it as another experience, you know. Did I make some bad plays or throw interceptions at bad spots or difficult times in a game? Yeah. Who hasn’t? I just think it’s a sense of learning and understanding the situations in games. Have I made plays? Absolutely. It comes hand in hand. You just keep experiencing and you keep learning and you try not to make the mistakes but they happen.”

Pryor does admit he did one thing wrong: He played in the Raiders’ November 10 game against the Giants without telling the coaching staff how badly his knee was hurting. In that game he completed just 11 of 26 passes for 122 yards, threw an interception, lost a fumble and was sacked four times. Afterward he said his knee contributed to his bad day, and the Raiders weren’t pleased that he waited until after the game to say his knee was limiting him.

“Whether I was talked into going or whatever the case may be, I went out and I have to be able to handle the business for the team,” Pryor said. “Everyone counted on me to go out there and lead. It was just bad leadership on my side to make an excuse and say it was my knee. Whether it was or not, that’s one of my biggest regrets right there. Anytime you step on the field you have to make plays. You’re held accountable. That’s a moment I wish I would’ve handled differently.”

McGloin isn’t as physically gifted as Pryor, but McGloin has been a much more effective passer than Pryor this season, and that calls into question whether Pryor has a future in Oakland. Pryor may not feel like a failure, but as his third season winds down, it’s hard not to view him as a disappointment.

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  1. This is coming from a guy who traded his college trophies and memorabilia for tattoos and cash, got busted, and had to run away from the NCAA to the supplemental draft to dodge penalties. It’s got to take a lot more than a benching to make this loser feel like a loser.

  2. “Afterward he said his knee contributed to his bad day”

    The sun was in my eyes
    My stigmata’s acting up again.
    I had a flat tire
    I threw my back out bowling.

  3. A disappointment is a little harsh. He was a third round pick who is still an amazing athlete. Who knows if he will ever be a starting qb in this league but he still has enough potential to keep around to see if he gets better as a passer.

  4. He’s not a failure as a football player, he just really isn’t an NFL quarterback. Plenty of other ways to succeed.

  5. Pryor’s humility is what makes me root for him. He’s a young guy that makes mistakes but he always owns up to them. However the competition works out, as a Raiders fan I just hope we find our qb and can put some talent around him and finally get to the playoffs!

  6. cardmagnet | Dec 14, 2013, 5:57 AM CST

    Well said!!! He proved his integrity when he agreed to the sanctions knowing full well he was going To the NFL.

  7. the only people who are failures are people who are afraid to fail.

    the true failures are those who ask people about failing.

    sports is really beginning to suck, the questions asked by reporters today are really stupid, I think the reporter who would ask these question are the failures of society.

  8. This still is (and will probably always be) a league for the pocket passer. Run-first QBs rarely succeed and those who did (Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb) learned to make the transition to operate primarily out of the pocket and be able to make progressive reads (running only on occasion).

    Pryor seems like a nice enough kid but I don’t think he has what it takes to be a long-term starting in this league. Options for him are being a career backup QB, changing positions or perhaps starting somewhere in the CFL.

  9. Funny 10 weeks ago Pryor supposedly had more upside then Cam Newton….now everyone hates him again?


  10. I don’t get these guys that could have incredibly productive NFL careers, if they would just play the position that their obvious gifts were best suited to play. This dude is 6’4″ & 230 lbs, and has wheels for miles. Play WR! Become Brandon Marshall. Become Dez Bryant. Become something other than an incredibly limited passer in a gimmick offense. Remember Eric Crouch, Kordell Stewart, or Tim Tebow? Yeah, neither does anyone else…
    You aren’t a QB!

  11. Should have kept Flynn.

    Flynn is definitely a system QB and takes 2-3 games to get in a rhythm. But he’s a better QB than Pryor will ever be.

    Watch Flynn carve up the Cowgirls Sunday and you’ll agree.

  12. Pryor = NBA point guard, not an NFL QB.. he will be gone next year.. Reggie had Favre and Rodgers in GB, he knows what a franchise QB looks like and he knows Pryor isn’t one.. You have to throw consistently in the NFL to stick around and thats one thing Pryor can’t do

  13. so Watching a QB carve up the worst Defense in league history atm is proof that Raiders should have kept him? That’s like saying ___________(insert any name) deserves a starting job and a new contract because he ran for 100+ yards on the bears.

  14. First off, if you had watched the Raiders/Redskins game you would have cut Flynn after he fell to his knees on 4th and inches. He looked all game as if he had never played the sport before. To misquote what the Cubs told Ernie Banks when he asked for more money, “Matt, we can go 4-12 with you, we can go 4-12 without you,” and at least they might find a younger guy.

    As a Raider fan I will not badmouth Pryor. I believe with the offensive line injuries early/most of the season, he was our only hope to stay competitive, or maybe not be the worst team in the league. Flynn would be pushing up daisies by now. Pryor from all accounts worked hard and by all accounts has improved, he just came to the league with very little NFL QB skills. A friend of mine, who is an OSU alum, says some people say, “Imagine how great of a QB Terrelle would be if he had a real coach in college.” I’m pulling for him, and I sort of feel a bit sorry for him, but putting together your roster based on sympathies will get you the first pick in the draft. If I could pick the Raiders QB based on heart, Plunkett would still be starting. Plus McGloin just looks more like an NFL QB even though his record is worse.

  15. It means he would have been a better solution for the Raiders this year than Prior.

    Flynn is not a franchise QB. But he’s someone you could build a team with until you find that franchise QB.

  16. He’s only a disappointment based on unwarranted expectations after he showed some flashes early this season.

    Before the season started, the same people now saying it’s a “disappointment” he isn’t a top starting QB were the same ones saying he wasn’t even going to make the team.

  17. What they should have done, is kept Palmer. They made a historic mistake in the way that Hue went about getting him. However, with that damage done, they should have built up a team around him. While never elite, Palmer was and clearly is miles better than the mess the Raiders have, now.

    You Raiders’ faithful can talk all you want about the GM trying to clear cap space, but that just doesn’t matter if he can’t find, evaluate and sign a competent QB. The 2014 draft is make or break for McKenzie and Allen. They’re either going to reverse the decade-long QB vacuum, or they’re going to be looking for work.

  18. Hard to believe that teh Raiders haven’t been able to draft a franchise quarterback in over 45 years (stabler) and have notably passed on marino and Rodgers…………..That has rto be some kind of a sad record.

  19. I love these guys who make statements where they claim to be taking responsibility but really aren’t.

    “Whether I was talked into going or whatever the case may be, I went out and I have to be able to handle the business for the team”

    Translation: They talked me into playing when I didn’t want to.

    “It was just bad leadership on my side to make an excuse and say it was my knee. Whether it was or not, that’s one of my biggest regrets right there.”

    Translation: It was my knee.

    If this whole football thing doesn’t work out, Mr. Pryor has a very promising career in politics to look forward to.

  20. There’s a part of me that wants to see Pryor play again just because his leadership and work ethic but Pryor flat out can’t read defenses and I’m tired of seeing him hold onto the ball way to long running backwards and seeing 3rd and 20

  21. Teams that lose year after year with every QB they try should maybe stop always blaming the QB.

    The nerve of people to call this guy a failure. He might be the most successful guy to ever graduate from his high school. He is an NFL QB trying to get better, learn, and take his benching like a man. Props to him.

  22. I respect the fact that he realized his mistake with using the knee as his excuse and actually acknowledged it. Rg3 seems incapable of admitting any mistakes he has made, so it’s refreshing to see a young qb admit that he was wrong.

  23. cardmagnet says:
    Dec 14, 2013 6:57 AM
    This is coming from a guy who traded his college trophies and memorabilia for tattoos and cash, got busted, and had to run away from the NCAA to the supplemental draft to dodge penalties. It’s got to take a lot more than a benching to make this loser feel like a loser.
    I’m guessing Pryor went to a rival school of yours.

    Right, loser?

  24. In all honesty, if the raiders would have started pryor against the skins, benched DMC for the younger RB’s, and taylored a game plan to his strenghths, they would be in the wildcard hunt. Their defense is not bad and they have argubly, the best kicker in the league….just my two cents.

  25. Terrelle, as a Raiders fan let me give you a warm reassurance. You are definitely a failure as an NFL QB. There, now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Case closed. Time to get a 4th-round pick for you or bundle you up in a trade to move up for Bridgewater. We need a REAL QB, which we haven’t had since League MVP Gannon (Palmer could have been that for us, in a better situation with better coaches, a better run game and a better line). Time to mortgage the farm to get Teddy. that kid will be the next Elway.

  26. Every single rookie QB has learned how to run and make plays until they get to the NFL. Then they all have to learn how to pocket pass. Cam, Wilson, Kapernik, Tannehill and many others. What Pryor has that you can’t teach McGroin’ Is size, speed, strength and pure athletic ability. Pryor can be taught to pocket pass but he can’t do it on the bench to MM who people think is the next Breeze! Manning, Rodgers, Brady, anBreezed a ll started off ugly just like Pryor. His 3rd year with 3 diff.playbook and 2 HCs?

  27. Pryor brings a feeling of winning on to the field with him. The same as Gannon, Plunkett and Stabler are the only other ones that did too. The difference is they had experienced the ups and downs of the QB position and bounced around other teams before settling in. DA is looking for instant success and production yet he is on his way to being 8-24. I’m sure he wants some patience, so why not give it to your best athlete and QB? Pryor I believe in for the 1st time since Gannon. Fan since 75! I know talent when I see it by now. Pryor needs reps and some coaching and we have our franchise QB!

  28. Someone must have thought highly of Pryor to allow Carson Palmer to depart? I mean, they gave up 1st and 2nd round picks for him, after all?

    So sad that the Raiders can’t find a quarterback. How long has it been since they had a good one?

  29. Pryor didn’t benefit of a good oline.
    yet people want to bash him.
    Of course Mcgloin is better after he played with a better oline vs the all mighty pro bowl caliber superbowl favorites houston texans right?

    I swear some people here need to learn football.
    Best best is to build a team around pryor, I bet money that pryor if given another chance will take back the starting spot in the offseason away from gloin.
    Denis Allen needs to go and we need a real coach to build around pryor. The only reason why he regressed is due to the personel around him being really bad.
    I mean cmon 24 hits, 10 sacks in a game?
    Pryor is the one that had us thinking playoffs this year due to his playing. He’s playing despite of a coach and owner who dont want him(reggie 3 picks wasted on 2 qb’s really?) and a oline that was crippled by injuries and Wide Receivers who cant catch, oh yeah our running mcfadden is made out of glass.

  30. CHANGE YOUR POSITION. I like everything about Pryor except his ability to pass. And that’s generally a hindrance to being an NFL QB.

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