Incognito’s paid suspension ends tomorrow, technically

Getty Images

After Sunday’s game against the Patriots, the paid suspension of Dolphins guard Richie Incognito will end.

The options for the Dolphins are simple.  Reinstate Incognito, cut Incognito, or get him to agree to continue the paid suspension through the end of the season.

Per a league source, it’s likely that the Dolphins will indeed pay Incognito for the final two weeks of the season.  It’s unclear whether he’ll be playing or not playing for his final two game checks (at $235,000 each) in Miami.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald recently reported that Incognito won’t play again for the Dolphins, and Salguero predicted that an agreement would be struck (if it hasn’t already been reached) to pay Incognito not to play.

Through Sunday, Incognito will have missed six games after being summarily suspended by the team for detrimental conduct, based on allegations made by Jonathan Martin.  Incognito missed two games without pay, and four with pay.  He has reserved the right to pursue payment for the two games for which he wasn’t paid.