Stephen Jones doesn’t want to talk about the future

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Earlier this season, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that coach Jason Garrett definitely will be back next year.

His son, Stephen, wasn’t willing to go quite that far.  As to Garrett or anyone.

We’re worried about these three games,” Stephen Jones told Albert Breer of NFL Network when asked how the balance of the regular season will determine the future of the team. “We’re not worried about the future right now. . . .  All hands on deck.  We’ll address the rest of it when the season is over.”

So can the words of the son be reconciled with the prior comments of the father?  Jerry Jones has a habit of unconditionally and unequivocally supporting his employees until the moment he decides to fire them.  Jerry Jones knows that anything other than unconditional and unequivocal support would create an unnecessary distraction.

Regardless, it’s obvious that significant changes will be made if the Cowboys once again fail to make it to the playoffs.

“There’s an unbelievable amount of urgency with where we’re at,” tight end Jason Witten told Breer.  “‘Jobs on the line’ is a relative term, because it’s the NFL, that’s the world we live in.  But there is a mindset of — the last couple years, coming up short — wanting to overcome that.”

The only way to overcome it is to play better.

“We have to play better,” Stephen Jones said.  “All the way around, there’s room for improvement.  We need to be better on offense, on special teams, and obviously we need a lot of improvement on defense.  We’re 32nd there, and we gotta own that.  But we’re getting players healthy — we’re probably the healthiest we’ve been — and now we have every chance to improve.”

It gets easier as of Sunday, when the Packers and backup Matt Flynn come to town.  If the Cowboys can win that one, they’ll be only one game against Washington away from hosting the Third Annual NFC East Championship Game.

If the Cowboys lose that Week 17 playoff play-in game for the third straight year, change surely will be coming.

21 responses to “Stephen Jones doesn’t want to talk about the future

  1. This is hilarious! Could it be that Jerry is finally realizing that everything spewing from his pie hole these days is so silly that it’s become a joke to the entire free world? Now he has sonny-boy spewing for him? Damn! The Cowboys backstage on goings are quite entertaining if nothing else.

  2. Between these duds & Washington it’s hard to figure out which team is worse off for the next few years.

  3. Im an Eagles fan but I know exactly what every cowboys fan was hoping for when they started to read the title; “Stephen Jones doesnt want to talk”. Unfortunately, the Jones family is incapable of not talking, without actually talking about it.

  4. The Cowboys will never be relevant as long as Jerry Jones is still alive. He’s the new Al Davis.

    They have a GM who’ll never be held accountable for his incompetence. They have a Director of Player Personnel who got his job because he’s the owner’s kid. They have a head coach who’s the owner’s puppet.

    The Cowboys have found a formula for failure that works for them, so why change it now?

  5. They will make the playoffs in a week division with a WEAK team. But Jerry and his son will insist they got there because of what an all around great team they are.

  6. December has never been good for the Cowboys. They always enter the month and MAYBE win one of the three remaining games. This year won’t be any different. Once again a backup quarterback will slice and dice the Cowboys. If they win and the game between the Cowboys and the Eagles makes the decision of who’s in or not, then the Cowboys will find a way to lose it all..

  7. I’m a cowboy fan n i hate to say it we suck bad jerry make all the wrong damn moves we should had started rebuilding process 3yrs ago look around the league teams gettn younger by drafting players that fit there team needs we keep same old players n give them max money until jerry hire a real GM were never gettn back to playoffs

  8. Like father like son…great. I really thought things would change when Jerrah was no longer GM. Now we see there is mini me right behind him. I think the future looking bleak goes well beyond these 3 games.

  9. Stephen’s pretty good but he isn’t as hilarious as Jerry. Jerry is the King Of Comedy. Jerry, please come back – it’s been 4 days since we last heard from you.

  10. The problem is JERRY JONES. When you have an owner that only cares about his ego, builds a $1 billion stadium, instead of hiring quality coaches and winning Super Bowls…well there you go.

  11. Dear Stephen Jones – Stuff Daddy Dearest in a locker if you are now the man. Hire a real General Manager and move on. Your Dad is a genius at making money but an azzclown as a GM. You also need a defense. By the time guys reach the NFL, they should know how to tackle. This team is pitiful and although your Daddy loves Tony Romo, we all know that Tony lacks the leadership skills to lead an NFL team. Good luck. You’re going to need it.

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