Bills get solid game from EJ Manuel in victory at Jacksonville


Bouncing back from a four-interception game one week ago at Tampa Bay, quarterback EJ Manuel threw two TDs and ran for a score as the visiting Bills won 27-20 in Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon.

The Bills (5-9) ended a two-game losing streak, while the Jaguars (4-10) had their three-game winning streak snapped.

Manuel’s one-yard TD pass to fullback Frank Summers with 9:35 left provided the margin of victory for the Bills, who had let a 10-point halftime lead slip away before edging ahead one final time.

Manuel completed 17-of-24 passes for 193 yards. He was picked once in the first quarter, but he played well thereafter.

The Bills rushed for 198 yards on 44 carries, with tailbacks Fred Jackson (80 yards) and C.J. Spiller (67) leading the way. Manuel added 37 yards on 10 carries and scored on a second-quarter run.

The Jaguars committed four turnovers, with two occurring near the Bills’ endzone. Rookie tailback Denard Robinson fumbled as he was going in for a sure third-quarter touchdown, resulting in a touchback. Then, with the Jaguars trailing 27-20 in the fourth, quarterback Chad Henne was intercepted in the endzone by cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

Henne completed 21-of-36 passes for 237 yards with two TDs and two interceptions for the Jaguars, who also got 109 yards rushing from tailback Jordan Todman in place of the injured Maurice Jones-Drew (hamstring).

21 responses to “Bills get solid game from EJ Manuel in victory at Jacksonville

  1. ONCE AGAIN… The 2013 Buffalo Bills could easily be 9-5 right now.

    A healthy Keller would have almost guaranteed a Miami AFC East title… but… Buffalo (… and Miami) about 4-5 players away from surprising the NFL.

  2. My beloved Bills stood staunch today, and refused to the be the first team ( I believe) to lose consecutive games to teams that started 0-8

    Well done lads ….you made us Bills fans proud today

  3. EJ Manuel plays like a normal rookie shows flashes and gives you a few head scratchers getting his first road win against a Jags team which won 4 in a row is not a bad thing

  4. The fumbles by Mike Brown and Denard Robinson were absolute killers. 10 point swing right there.

    But turnovers aside, the Jaguars hung tough with a rag-tag group of mostly backups. Hopefully they can get a rookie QB they can plug in and get Joeckel, Blackmon and Shorts back next year.

  5. The bills have a lot of upside. Their record could easily be flipped. Just need to be more consistent, but that will come in time. I like what I’m seeing. They’re young and hungry!

  6. haha you guys are crazy! bills stink and have no upside… they play football like a college team and manual is a bust! shudda kept fitzy, hes bttr… rookies dnt get slack anymore, you need to be solid from the start! what you see is what you get

  7. manual has a noodle arm! oodles and oodles of noodles! f jackson is a beast – spiller is only a home run hitter and tries bouncing everything otside… steve johnson is the new age chad johnson… he coukd be so good if he wasnt such a goof ball tard bomber

  8. I agree that the Bills should have kept Fitzpatrick… but… ROOKIE Manuel has upside.

    Manuel’s interception percentage is lower than Fitzpatrick’s was with a healthier, more complete Buffalo Offense (last season).

  9. What would have Fitzpatrick’s salary had been if the Bills didn’t release him?!?

    Having Harvard educated Fitzpatrick showing ROOKIE Manuel how to be a professional might have been a good investment.

  10. I just checked.
    I think Buffalo got to assign his $10,000,000 over two seasons.

    From a team salary/salary cap standpoint and a QB market (don’t take less when other teams are desperate at QB) standpoint… BOTH Buffalo and Fitz needed to think about their own futures and move on.

    Even though…. having a veteran like Fitz (.. or… even Tavaris Jackson) would have helped the ROOKIE growing pains.

  11. They beat a 4-9 team! Hello people? I could probably get a team together to beat the jaguars! The bills suck, and will always suck for many years to come. Gotta love it.

  12. Come on and end the lockout…these replacement refs suck. Even the announcers (who are 8th string to begin with) saw that the reviews were wrong. Actually spend time reviewing, and still get it wrong. This crew should be working……..nobody deserves this crap.

  13. dude 15-17… check down city man! its all he does is toss heck downs! he is not that good and in this day and age rookie qbs shiw who they really are immediately… they may get a bit bttr but manual needs to get ALOT bttr!!! he is at best a 75-80 qbr guy that will be given another yr or two til hes biunced… hes just not thatgood and has a crap arm! reminds me a lot of penningtons arm but pennington was bttr!

  14. mastereee your a clown. if what you see is what you get wtf happened to rg3 an kapernick. ok lets flip the spectrum, how was peyton mannings rookie #s? give manuel a true #1 wr and an average oline and hed look so much better. your a bills hater who is afraid they may have a competent qb. just by the “shoulda kept Fitzpatrick comment” I realized you didn’t know jack

  15. oh an 15-17 with 162 yards….checkdown city? are you retarded? that’s almost 10yards per attempt

  16. @mastereee

    You seriously should stop watching football and go back to high school. That spelling you have is just terrible. What grade are you in?


    You are the same troll that posts in the Buffalo paper all the time. Get a life dude. What has Philly done? They got spanked this week too and by the Vikqueens LOL.

  17. Did someone really say EJ has a crap arm? The guy has a great arm he just doesn’t use it often. I’ve seen him throw the ball 60+ yards in college and in an all-star competition against Mike Glennon and Ryan Nassib.

  18. I like the Bills, but you people need to wake up.

    This was as mediocre a win as they come. Todman, a backup RB, ran all over the Bills. EJ put up a 198/ 2 TD/1 ru TD/1 INT stat line. Pretty average. He made some terrible throws.

    For those saying they should have kept Fitz and that he is better, that’s moronic. Fitz is as clutch as Tony Romo with less natural talent- EJ is a step up over him. But yesterday’s performance should do NOTHING to make Bills fans confident about anything, other than the prospect of a 8-8 season. They eeked out an ugly win against a bad team who was without their 2 biggest offensive weapons. Let’s not get back on the “Bills could be 9-4” wagon so quick. Theres a reason they arent, and that reason is, they just arent that good a team. Wake up.

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