Cam Newton leaves the field early to get checked


The Panthers got another field goal to push their lead to 16-6 over the Jets at halftime, but they’ll be holding their breath for the next few minutes.

Quarterback Cam Newton appeared to be in some pain after Sheldon Richardson landed on his foot and ankle just before halftime, and he ducked into the locker room early with the training staff to get it checked out.

That injury likely kept them from going for a fourth down attempt, on a day when it looked like field goals might be all that was available.

Other than DeAngelo Williams’s 72-yard catch-and-run touchdown, both defenses are playing a physical game, which could make a 10-point advantage enough.

Unless, of course, Newton’s hurt.

UPDATE 5:41 p.m. ET: Newton is back on the field, so they can all exhale.