Cardinals running away from Titans

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After falling behind 17-13 in the third quarter, the Cardinals have responded with three straight touchdowns to take control against the Titans.

Antoine Cason’s 20-yard interception return extended Arizona’s lead to 34-17 with a little more than six minutes left in Nashville.

Cason’s touchdown came 31 seconds after Rashard Mendenhall’s second TD run of the game gave Arizona a 27-17 fourth-quarter lead. Mendenhall’s score capped a 11-play, 60-yard drive that took 5:07 off the clock.

The Titans took a 17-13 third-quarter lead after engineering a 15-play, 74-yard march ending in a one-yard Delanie Walker touchdown catch a little more than halfway through the period. On the Titans’ TD drive, the Arizona defense was penalized four times, two of which came on third downs.

However, the Cardinals’ responded with a scoring drive of their own, with Carson Palmer hitting Jake Ballard for a six-yard TD catch with 2:20 left in the third quarter.

Since then, it’s been all Cardinals, who have gotten a big day from rookie tailback Andre Ellington (153 combined yards).

5 responses to “Cardinals running away from Titans

  1. Same story every week. Titans have a small lead at halftime and then Fitzpatrick realizes he might actually win a game and does everything he can to lose it with turnover after turnover. With the game safely out of reach, he gets some garbage time stats to make the score look prettier.

  2. Carson Palmer has 100 QB rating and 65% completions…. but… it’s the team’s running game (just 124 yards) that is dominating?!?

    More Breaking News!!!
    tom brady’s didn’t choke in the last second and lose the game.

  3. Over the first 7 games Palmer topped a passer rating of 87 (avg QB) only once, in game 1 vs the Rams. In the last 7 he has been under 87 only once, and that was a 86. They have won 6 of the last 7…the only loss being that Philly game where the refs were the story of the week. Write the first half of the season off to the learning curve of a new QB with a new team and coaching staff, and Palmer was easily one of the top acquisitions of free agency in 2013. He’s doing that well and doesn’t even have a legit LT.

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