Centralized replay could be coming as soon as 2014


Last Sunday night, Peter King of TheMMQB.com and I reported on Football Night in America that the league has been discussing centralized replay review, and that the discussions will continue.

The discussions are accelerating.

Per a league source, replay review could be removed from the stadiums and conducted in the league office as soon as 2014.  “A lot of people hate” the current system, the source explained.

King explained on tonight’s FNIA that the gigantic Week 14 replay blunder from referee Jeff Triplette has given the possibility of centralized replay by 2014 added momentum.  Triplette awarded the Bengals a touchdown, overturning a ruling on the field that BenJarvus Green-Ellis was down by contact short of the goal line.  The NFL thereafter admitted that Triplette’s decision, which consumed five minutes and 13 seconds from end of play until announcement of the ruling, was incorrect.

The league has declined to comment on the timing for the possible implementation of centralized replay, but the NFL confirmed via email to PFT that officiating department employee Jay Reid traveled to the NHL’s Situation Room on November 30, as John Kryk of the Toronto Sun recently reported.  The league also acknowledged that centralized replay review will continue to be discussed.

If at least 24 owners ultimately want to make the change, the change could be made at the league meetings in March, with a new system in place for the 2014 season.

21 responses to “Centralized replay could be coming as soon as 2014

  1. It’s time… but… the NFL’s history of officiating favoritism still worries me.

    SEE: patriots
    SEE: steelers

  2. Get rid of some of the most mistake prone officials while they’re at it. Replay doesn’t really address the main issue. Incompetent officials are the bigger problem.

  3. Amazing the timing of this story hitting top of the page right about after Dallas blew it

  4. This seems bad, it can help with some blown calls but if this is the case they should be able to challenge a few penalties per game as well… Now the ref is protected from calls which means criticism will go to some imaginary booth..

    Seems to me the league sees this as a way to take blame off blown calls but the problem arises that now theirs no or very little accountability for bad calls ..

    Refs are graded every half and every snap. They are penalized but rarely see action in public to fans.. But this really smells like some fishy business can happen.. Now if their was even a close chair there will be a flag and or replay.. Definitely need to be able to challenge Personal Fouls.. They are getting ridiculous..

  5. The biggest question here would be, WOULD THIS REPLAY SYSTEM BE CAPABLE OF OVERTURNING ALL THE HORRIBLE “GAME CHANGING” CALLS MADE BY THE OFFICIALS?? Including the obvious blown non calls? Teams should be allowed to challenge some of the official blunders!!!!!!!! Officiating is getting worse every year

  6. the nhl already does this and it seems to work fine. i’m fine with it. takes some of the pressure of the refs to be perfect and maybe gets us a better game

  7. The rulebook still needs to be shorter, and Walt Coleman and Jeff Triplette shouldn’t be referees, but this is a step in the right direction for once. Having a referee on the field looking at a screen for 60 seconds is a ludicrous system and needs to go away.

  8. What the NFL needs to explain is how Triplette is still a NFL official employee in any capacity. His history says it all. Never met the man, may be a great husband and father but he has NO business being an official in the NFL without doubt period.

  9. I like the writer of this story mention the BGE touchdown that didn’t factor into the Colts loss and ignores/sweeps under the rug the bogus flag thrown to give the patriots a last second victory over Cleveland.

    Cleveland got more screwed than any team.

  10. There’s got to be at least 16 NFL officiating crews. So why is it that Jeff Triplett’s crew seems to be involved in 95% of the officiating gong shows of the past decade?

    Does he have incriminating photos of Roger Goodell? And if so, would he still misinterpret them?

  11. Al and Cris do an outstanding job. But please tell them to pronounce Shawn’s name “Sweezum” instead of “Squeezeum”. Thanks.

  12. Are these officials required to have eye exams? Seriously, are they?
    How well are these officials wearing glasses expected to see in the rain or snow? How do they manage that?
    Why are they not required to be in better physical shape? Why do the same crews seem to get the same teams over and over, especially when in prime-time? Why is Hoculli always on big tv games??

  13. Just end the NFLRA strike…we have been promised for months that having the real Refs will take care of all of these problems we have been having. This does not seem complicated. Current Refs suck, bring back the Union Refs….they must be better.

  14. Pats Fan, and yes, we have benefited from some horrible calls (Cleveland) and suffered from some horrible calls (Carolina).

    Perhaps they do all balance out in the end, but I agree there is no reason for that. IMHO, why shouldn’t every play be reviewable, but have it always managed from the booth? I think the last 2 minutes of each half works well today, with the exception of the limits of what can be reviewed.

    Booth gets to “pause” the game, give them 30-45 seconds to decide. If it’s obvious, reverse the call. If it needs more time than that, it’s not conclusive and move on.

    Just get the game right more often!

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