Jay Cutler’s first drive back in lineup ends in an interception

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A promising first drive for the Bears and quarterback Jay Cutler ended in disaster.

On a first-and-10 play at the Cleveland 25-yard-line, Cutler’s pass intended for wideout Brandon Marshall was tipped by Browns safety T.J. Ward and intercepted by safety Tashaun Gipson in the end zone.

Marshall, who lined up in the slot, was well-covered by Ward, and Gipson returned the tipped pass 35 yards to the Cleveland 27.

Cutler had completed his first three passes on the drive for 43 yards.

The Browns capitalized on the takeaway, with Billy Cundiff hitting a 35-yard field goal to give Cleveland a 3-0 lead with 7:26 left in the first quarter. Cleveland marched 56 yards in seven plays, with a 44-yard reception by Greg Little moving Cleveland well into Chicago territory.

9 responses to “Jay Cutler’s first drive back in lineup ends in an interception

  1. America collectively yawns. The Bears are not going to win another game this year. Should have stuck with the hot hand. We all know Cutler would have found a way to lose 3 of the 4 games that they won in his absence.

  2. Long time Bears fan here, since the mid 70’s.

    The Bears must think that Cutler gives them the best chance to make the playoffs this season.

    Or, maybe Trestman likes him and they are going to try and resign him this off season.

    If they already know they are going to let Cutler walk, then the only reason to play him right now is because they believe he gives them the best chance to make the playoffs.

    If they thought McCown could be their starter next year and they knew they were going to let Cutler walk, they would be playing McCown.

    Now they might keep him as a backup next season but for them to not be starting him now after how he’s been playing of late speaks to what they think of him leading their franchise.

    While Cutler is good (not great), I think they should let him walk as his pay will outstrip his performance with his next contract most likely (as some team will pay him more than he is worth).

    Cutler has been average to a bit above average for his career. For many of his seasons with the Bears they had a pretty good defense, one where an average to an above average QB should have been able to do OK.

    It isn’t like Cutler had to carry the team and makeup for the poor defense.

    Please don’t resign Cutler.

  3. One more post by a Bears fan about the Culter rifle and I’m going to puke. The game is 1/2 over and already the Rifleman has thrown 2 picks. If Culter wants to show the world his rifle please get him to try out for the US Olympic team with the javelin.

    Trestman kicks on 2nd down and now this mess!
    Hey Hoser.

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