Jerry Jones: I won’t give a vote of confidence every week


The Cowboys lost a game to the Packers in brutal enough fashion on Sunday that owner Jerry Jones faced questions about whether he was remaining firm in his declaration to keep Jason Garrett as head coach in 2014.

Jones said he wasn’t going to give Garrett the vote of confidence that reporters were asking for because he had already given one this season. Jones added that his refusal to give such a vote was “not in any way a change” from what he said before about Garrett’s job security, although his answers about how firm his stance remained left some room for interpretation.

“I was firm for one night at that time and that doesn’t call for me having to be firm every morning I get up,” Jones said, via Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “So I was real firm then, so take that to the bank. Just take that to the bank. I’m not going to sit here and every time I see you guys, ask whether I’m firm or not. We can all play that game.”

Jones also said he didn’t need a chance to slam the door on speculation about Garrett’s future because of his previous statement, but you have to wonder how many more losses like Sunday’s can go down before Jones wakes up one morning with a different opinion.

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  1. I can’t honestly decide who I like watching lose more. Jerrah Jonz or the Danny? It is a tough decision.

    What an epic meltdown by the Cowgirls. That is downright embarrassing.

  2. That assumes Jerry’s smart enough to know and UNDERSTAND just why Jason’s a bad coach.

    Don’t think that will happen.

    Jerry knows something’s rotten in Dallas but he doesn’t know what. Doesn’t know football well enough.

  3. I think everyone is talking about what Dallas did wrong,but I think credit should be given to Green Bay players and Coach McCarthy for staying the course and winning this game. Great job of coaching by Mr McCarthy

  4. Please give this team to Jimmy Johnson! HE is the last on with any sense that has led this team and that is nearly 20 years ago. From 1-15 to 3 rings (even though he was gone for the 3rd) is proof of where the brains were. At least hire a GM and stay out of their way so all us lifelong fans can see the Cowboys return to being winners!

  5. Who else is he going to get?
    Not many coaches would want to go to a place you are merely a puppet and ham stringed by a GM with no clue.
    I think garrett is a horrible HC and glad he isnt on my team. But it was Jerrah who ran the last D. Cord. out of town and brought in an old has been who is totally clueless on how the NFL works now.
    I was Jerrah who stuck the team with a huge contract for choking QB, not garrett.

    The really great thing is Jerrah’s kid is just as incompetent and being primed to take over.

  6. .Jerry Jones and the Cowboys,the gift that keeps on giving.
    Jerry,do NOT fire yourself,do NOT fire your D coord,and whatever you do,do NOT fire your head coach!I ‘ve come to need this

  7. If he isn’t firm he should call jimmy johnson for some of those extenze pills. Hey – o. But seriously please stop talking jerry. First you look like a moron and then you open your mouth and you confirm it. It is becoming very hard to watch this train wreck on a weekly basis.

  8. “I was firm for one night at that time and that doesn’t call for me having to be firm every morning I get up” Are we still talking about football?

  9. Before the 2008/09 season Jerry asked the NFL to schedule the Ravens for the final game at Texas stadium, being the Ravens had just come off a 5-11 season. Jerry figured he’d leave Texas stadium with a “bang.” Well the Ravens embarrassed the Cowboys that final game at Texas stadium. And, what I thought was the best part, was that only about half the crowd remained for the post game ceremony that featured introductions of about 100 former players, including members of the Ring of Honor.

    Coincidentally, during that same off-season Jerry had hand-picked the Ravens for that last game at Texas Stadium, he threw a big chunk of change at Garrett a to keep him from signing with the Raven’s as their new head coach (Garrett chose to remain the Cowboy’s offensive coordinator). The Ravens have proceeded to go on to five consecutive seasons making the playoffs, including a Super Bowl win and are now working on their 6th playoff appearance under coach John Harbaugh. And the Cowboys are once again fizzling and their coach is possibly on the hot seat.

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly….

  10. The really great thing is Jerrah’s kid is just as incompetent and being primed to take over.

    so true,i’m actually starting to feel bad for the cowgirls fans

  11. In the midst of this ugly game… I would like to reaffirm my thankfulness that I am not a dallas cowboys fan.

  12. @captaincanoe

    Now that is funny . . . but I doubt he is that kind of firm . . .although with all of the plastic surgery you never know.


    not sure if any self-respecting individual would go to work for Jerry

  13. I think Garrett is incompetent as a HC but may e the real question is whether Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli can last the season, or maybe even the next 24 hours?

  14. “Safe for 2014” is different then “I like my coach this morning”, Jerrah. But the guy’s only ever been good at digging holes…

  15. Jerry Jones is an amazing business man. The valuation of the Cowboys shows that.

    He is also an unbelievably horrific GM and talent evaluator.

    I highly doubt Jerry has the capacity to admit the team would be best served by removing himself from GM duties.

    This ClownStrong show will last for a few more decades. As a Cowboys fan it pains me to admit this.

  16. Cowboys officials called Jones Sunday night to inform him he was being cut from the team, ordering the 69-year-old owner to clean out his luxury box and remove his personal belongings from the premises immediately. Jones, who was reportedly stunned to be removed from his ownership duties, issued a statement on his website thanking himself for all his hard work and years of service.

    “Well, damn, looks like the ‘Boys couldn’t handle Double J anymore,” the blog post read in part. “I’ll never forget my time in the Big D, and how I single-handedly won three Super Bowls. Don’t worry, Jerry Jones will land on his feet somewhere, and when he does, Dallas better watch out.”

  17. Jerrah’s fatal flaw is arrogance. He is a marketing marvel who understands economics. He has used this prowess as an NFL owner to make his corporation successful despite America’s Team’s mediocre performance on the field for over more than a decade. He does not have technically sound football skills, yet sees himself as some sort of guru and savior to the Dallas fans. His unwillingness to delegate football operations to a qualified General Manager is certainly consistent with his personality. I’m hardly a psychologist, but I often wonder how such an intelligent person can also be so impractical.

  18. “At this point, Jerry just needs to hit us with a middle finger salute when they flash to him in his owners box. Bud would be proud.”

    Not sure that Jerry can get that middle finger up any more – at least not “firmly” enough that anyone would know what the hell he was doing.

  19. Jerruh needs him some ZZ Top……
    Woke Up With Wood 🙂

    Still think Promo needed a few more zeros on that Contract extension too.
    He’s not playing quite like Peyton just yet.

    Maybe Scandrick can spot him a few schillings now that he’s been rewarded for being mediocre.

  20. I chuckle at how the falcons thing a big fancy expensive stadium will get them over the hump….just like it did for the cowboys hahaha. It certainly has nothing to do with the owner, gm, coach or players…..

  21. I am am neither a Cowboys fan or TR disciple.
    Romo couldn’t beat an AARON RODGER-LESS PACKERS!


  22. 1. “How bout dem cowboys.”
    2. Jerrah – bless you for throwing enough money at Jason to keep him from coming to the Ravens.”
    3. Is there anyone with football sense that can tell me why the running game went away in the 4th qtr when Murray was averaging 7yds per carry
    4. I don’t care how talented Dez is, leaving the field before the game was officially over was bush league and shows of what he is truly made

  23. I’m sorry,but as much as I can’t stand the Cowboys,the league simply isn’t Fun if they’re not among the ELITE. The Patriots have done a So -So job of being “The Team You Lobe To Hate” but Dallas is just BeTTER suited for the Role.

  24. Whose he gonna get to replace Garrett? No one decent will take the job & whoever does will be doomed failure by the undercutting gm.

  25. ESPN is pathetic (no, really!!!) They’re focusing in on Romo’s pick and solely blaming him for the loss. I guess it’s solely his fault that the Def blew the lead to, right?

  26. I felt bad about another horrible performance by my Raiders. But as always, Jerry’s words of wisdom lifted me out of my depression put a huge smile on my face (and I didn’t even have to spend money to go to a comedy club). I hope Jerry never changes and has a very long life.

  27. Hit Jerry’s wallet and he would hire a GM and coach in a heartbeat. the problem is as someone pointed out earlier, he is still making .plenty of money.

    If fans ever quit coming and the jerseys of Whitten, Romo, Bryant and others stop selling, Jerry would go into Panic mode. As he once. stated, he was poor once and does not want to ever be there again.

    He wants to play GM and coach as long as the money keeps flowing in the right direction. He will change when he is forced to change.

  28. My wife announced when the game started that she didn’t like the Cowboys.

    And she isn’t a football fan.

    The schmuck is trickling down . . .

  29. That the Cowboys are perennial losers isn’t the issue, it’s that Jerrah keeps saying they’re great, while they continue to lose.

  30. What some of you have finally come to realize is that JJ could care less about wins on the field….it’s only about the revenue. What a great hustler!

  31. I bet he hasn’t waked up “firm” in a long, long time.

    That just makes me sad when I read it.

  32. I hate Jerry jones so much. If he has any brains left he’ll cut scandrick before its too late he’s almost as bad as Jacque Reeves was

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