Matt Cassell off to perfect start as Vikings lead 7-3


The Vikings knew they were going to have a hard time running without Adrian Peterson in the lineup.

So maybe they just won’t bother.

The Vikings are up 7-3 on the Eagles after a 57-yard touchdown pass from Matt Cassel to Greg Jennings.

Cassel completed his first eight passes for 149 yards, a perfect start for the latest quarterback in their parade. He’s looked sharp and confident, which he needs to be with their best player standing on the sidelines.

8 responses to “Matt Cassell off to perfect start as Vikings lead 7-3

  1. The Minnesota Vikings impending dynasty will hit the NFL by storm, but don’t say you didn’t hear it here first.

    Talent wise, we have the best team in the NFL and arguably one of the best teams of all time (other than QB).

    Once we draft our franchise QB (and we will) multiple superbowls will be coming to Minneapolis. They are setting themselves up to dominate the NFC for the decade.

    Every team will start trying to emulate the Vikings in every way.
    Every fan will be jealous of Vikings nation.
    Every owner will be jealous they don’t own a historic future dynasty team like the Vikings.
    Every coach will fear traveling to Minneapolis to face the best team to ever play.
    Every other teams players wish they’d have been drafted by the superior Vikings roster.
    Every GM will wish they had the drafting smarts that Rick Spielman has.

  2. Pounder is done. I’ve wanted him done since the season started. Cassell is a much better option to have around to groom the QB we pick in the draft. Pounder couldn’t groom or polish a turd.

    Sam Pounder is going to be the breadwinner in that family.

  3. ….what difference does it make what the ‘queenies do…..they are the perennial basement monkeys of the NFC north…….their games mean NOTHING… always……

  4. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Vikings won a bunch of meaningless games and took themselves out of contention for a top QB in the draft?

    Go Vikings! SKOL! LOL!

  5. @dgt178

    What planet do you live on?

    Anyone that pays attention to the NFL knows that no team in the NFC North/Central has a better average seasonal finish in the division.

  6. Lesser teams would be making excuses when they are missing their top 2 running backs and their top to cornerbacks.

    The Vikings just go out and play the game.

  7. Low character juicer adrian peterson is the new Darren McFadden.

    Apologies to Darren McFadden since he actually sees his children and hasn’t been under suspicion for hgh/steroid abuse during his career.

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