On key interception, Garrett says Romo changed play

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Tony Romo, meet the undercarriage of Jerry Jones’ $2 million bus.

With the Cowboys facing second and six and nursing a five-point lead with roughly three minutes to play, Romo threw a pass that was intercepted.  The blame instantly went to the Cowboys’ coaching staff for calling a pass play.

The only problem?  The coaching staff didn’t call the play.

As explained by NBC’s Alex Flanagan from AT&T Stadium during Football Night in America, Garrett told reporters after the loss that Romo changed the play.

While Romo may have indeed changed the play, Garrett shouldn’t be calling him out publicly.  By not handling it in house, Garrett may have invited a new level of dysfunction to Dallas.

Two big tops of turmoil will converge in Maryland next Sunday, when the Cowboys play the Redskins at FedEx Field.

194 responses to “On key interception, Garrett says Romo changed play

  1. And Dez Bryant storms off the field before the game ends showing his pouty immaturity once again. Love to see the Cowboys lose just to watch how moronic this guy is.

  2. Garrett made a huge mistake saying that in the heat of the moment… because, given the choice of discord from Garrett or taking a risk by Romo?

    Jerry will pick Romo every time.

    and it still doesn’t make up for calling pass play after pass play, nursing a lead late in the 4th, when you are rushing for nearly 8 yards per attempt….

    this was the worst coaching in a half of Dallas football in history… and man, that is saying something.

  3. So he should let him and his staff take the blame when Romo screwed up!?

    So you guys can post an article about how bad the play call was, despite it being Romo who changed it.

    I get that Romo is a good dude, but can ANYONE BLAME HIM for once!?

  4. Romo did blow it, but your rather terrible play calling all second half is the reason you lost Jason. You aren’t any good, hopefully Jerry gives you an extension.

  5. Wow, that may be the most cowardly thing I’ve heard an NFL coach ever say. So how wants no accountability to go along with the no control he has over his prized pupil. As Geppetto would’ve said, ” e tu Pinocchio ?”

  6. It could be worse….. Your coach could try to play special teams ( see Pittsburgh Steelers) and your team could be 5-8 ( see Pittsburgh Steelers again)

  7. As a Packer fan Garrett is the moron who must not have watched the Packers get ran over week after week on key drives. Seriously if you actually tried running the ball in the 2nd half you would have won.

    Even worse when your RB was running for almost 10 yards a carry in the 1st half.

  8. Way to throw your quarterback under the bus, Garrett. You should be protecting your QB from controversy, not setting him up for it. Romo would have owned it anyway. He may not be perfect but at least he has some guts which is more than I can say for you. It is only a matter of time before people start making excuses for you as well.

  9. That’s some head coach leadership – throwing your star QB under the bus.

    There’s prime evidence number one of why Garrett is not competent to be a HC.

  10. yooperman says: Dec 15, 2013 8:30 PM

    Which key interception was he talking about?


    Response of the weekend right there. Ha.

  11. Which of the many interceptions?

    Shanahan could wipe himself with RG3’s jersey and it may get a paragraph in the media notes this week after that debacle.

  12. True or not, it’s a really low class move to come out and publicly pin it on a player like that. Lost a lot of respect for Garrett there.

  13. Why throw your qb under the bus right there. The Howdie doodie show is over. See ya jason. Thx for nothing. The only problem is that I have no confidence in jones hiring anyone to do a better job. He s an idiot as well.

  14. I’m guessing that, somewhere, Romo has some really juicy dirt on Jerry and threatened to expose him unless he gave him that ridiculous contract and keeps him under center no matter what. It’s only a theory, but think about it! Any other QB woulda been gone long ago!

  15. The skins are twice as redundant as the boys on every level even with their newly upgraded competitive quarterback who may garnish a 6th round draft pick from the Vikings at the end of the season. The boys will prevail but the Eagles will clinch the following week.

  16. Romo makes some stupid mistakes, but I’d take him as a QB over Garrett as a coach anyday.
    The offense sucked with Garrett as OC, and now the whole team sucks with him as HC. Jerry must not really want to win, because you have to be blind to not see the intial problems start with poor coaching.

  17. Its the coaching staff’s responsibility to tell the QB when its not appropriate to check to a pass. Romo probably saw something he was coached to look for then change the play. Terribly coached team.

  18. Cowboys STINK!!!!!!! I want to be a JAG fan now cause I’m tired of being a .500 team! I just want to be bottom 5 from now on, then I know where we stand and don’t DREAM! THIS IS CRAZY

  19. This is NOT accurate. The interception by Shield was a run-pass option. The line blocks a running play (to the right, in this case), and the backside receiver runs a slant. If the LB on the backside drops into the passing lane, you hand the ball off, as you should now have enough blockers to account for all defenders in the box. If the LB comes up for a run fit, it opens up the slant behind him. Someone is misinterpreting what Garrett said. Romo chose to throw the slant because of the defensive reaction, as the play called for. The route was open; but Romo threw the ball behind Austin.

    But Garrett did not throw Romo under the bus. He was explaining what happened on the play, and why a pass was thrown.

  20. Why didn’t Dallas just run the ball and take time off the clock in the third and fourth quarters?? Romo change those calls also????

  21. craigkintexas says:
    Dec 15, 2013 8:30 PM
    Dont know how the Allas Cowboys could be anymore dysfunctional.

    18 1
    Report comment


    Just wait til Jerry decides he needs to be the one calling plays, full time.


  22. What about the other 47 pass plays, Garrett? You were averaging 8 yards a rush and called nothing but pass plays, you halfwit.

    I know you went to Princeton. You’d probably make a great accountant.

  23. romo throwing 2 interceptions hurt, but what about the defense giving up 5tds in the second half? was romo calling the defensive plays 2? romo shoulda never been in that position.

  24. I have to say I am ambivalent about whether Garrett was wrong for telling the media that Romo changed the play call. On the one hand, the buck is supposed to stop with the head coach. On the other hand, I can’t say I blame Garrett for being pissed at Romo for changing the play.

  25. In the scheme of things does it matter? The team sucks but America’s GM will never admit it because it means admitting that he has no idea about what the hell he’s doing.

  26. I just registered so I could comment on this post even though I’m on here all this time. Reading these dumb comments made me register. First off, Garrett is not throwing anybody under the bus if what he is saying is true and based off DeMarco Murray’s reaction after the interception was thrown it looks as if what Garrett is saying is true. Murray was also on the field that play so there was no empty set back field. All Garrett is doing is holding Romo accountable for checking out of that play to pass the ball and make himself look like the hero. I’ve always had Romo’s back but this one right here needs to sit him on the bench and let Kyle Orton start next week. Dez Bryant storming off the field to the locker room didn’t lose the game for my Cowboys so who ever made that comment shouldn’t have made it. Stephen Jones just called out players by name so its cool for him to do it but not the head coach???? Really???? I thought that’s what a head coach was suppose to do was hold players accountable for their mistakes whether its public or in house.

  27. We never doubted that Tony would come through for us.
    Eagles Fans Everywhere

    P.S. God Bless Jerry Jones. May he never die.

  28. Dez remains the biggest coward in the NFL who continues to be coddled and fed the bottle by upper management. As a fan, I’d be embarrassed if he were on my team. Stand up and be a man, Dez.

  29. FYI………… the game was loss when they stop running the ball with Murray and the interception on the check out run by Romo put the icing on the cake. Still luv my Cowboys and will be in Maryland next Sunday to rep my squad.

  30. How is Dez being a coward???? Dez didn’t lose the game and for Deion Sanders to talk about somebody walking off the field is very funny thinking about the stuff he use to do back in the days.

  31. way to go Garret u just signed your termination papers. Bill Callahan calls the plays also so he needs to go too and so does Kiffin and that awful GM they have too

  32. If Dallas had a defense the change should have been from a run to a take a knee.

    36 points at home and it’s not enough? Seriously. The Packers scored TDs on every drive in the second half. Three of which went 80 yards.

    Yeah. It’s Romo’s fault.

  33. Funny part about this is that the Cowboys will still win the division. Dallas have the answers to their problem and Murray was the answer today and last week against Chicago, they just have to keep him in the equation.

  34. Hahahaha the Cowboys in December are so entertaining. How do you lose a 26 to 3 lead to Matt Flynn?

    Because hes really not that bad…

    Thats 2 wins in a row for him!

  35. Just in time for Christmas, Tony Romo Cologne.

    You keep using it and the other guy is the one who scores…..

  36. “dd393 says:
    Dec 15, 2013 8:31 PM

    The dysfunction begins…”

    Honey, the dysfunction began a long time ago….
    and it never stops!!!

  37. jhays40: you can’t run a run/pass option based on the situation you’re describing, a run/pass should be based on pre snap alignment of the defense, but even if they ran it that way the play was horribly designed. The line stepped hard right which indicates it was either outside zone or stretch right, in that case the QB has to work hard to get to the mesh point with the RB in time and wouldn’t be able to accurately read the backside backer to judge whether to run or pass.

    However even in that case Garrett needs to take the blame, there should have been no run/pass option, call the run play only and don’t give Romo the chance to go Romo.

  38. We already know the Cowboys defense is garbage so running the ball would have prevented them from being on the field to give up all those points.

  39. Every time when Romo is under pressure he dayd reams of making the big play, which ends up with him throwing an interception and as usual he loses the game. I realize that the qb isnt at total fault, but he is about 75% of the blame. So now I will be sitting at home not watching the Cowboys in the post season, because Mr. Prima Dona blew it again.

  40. Carr,ware,romo,scandrick and the linebackers …

    Are a bunch of overpaid overhyped players!

    Coaching is the worst!

    Clean house it’s time, let’s please start over…this is the worst defense I’ve ever seen!

    Romo please go away, tired of seeing that stupid dumb look on your face every game!


  41. Dez is a cancer to the team.
    Is he above the rest of his team that he does not have to stay while the rest of his teammates have to finish the game?
    what a selfish immature jerk.
    At least respect your teammates Dez the coward

  42. Somebody needs to get fired or benched after this loss. Romo loss the game with the interception on 2nd and 6 and the Garrett/Callahan play calling loss the game in the second half, period, point, blank.

  43. Less than two minutes in the game and you have 1 time out right?

    Yes, you should be passing.

    Running will run out the clock and they weren’t even close to field goal range.

  44. Yeah its the defense get a lot of heat, but if Romo didn’t put the defense in a crappy spot late in the game AGAIN

    The Packers kicked the ball of late in the third with a minute left. Dallas threw 2 incompletions and GB got a sack on 3rd down they had the ball back before the end of the 3rd.

    Romo is overpaid and overrated, and in 2.5 weeks he can be over seas on vacation.

  45. Yea Dez should have stuck around and gave everybody high fives for blowing a 23 point lead, smh. Its funny how Dez made plays but when he forced the ball to Miles what was the outcome. He forced the ball to Witten in the red zone that was almost picked off. Y’all blame Dez for showing up to play ball and making an impact. LOL

  46. 1. Glad the Cowboys have Romo
    2. Glad Jerry owns the Cowboys
    3. DeAngelo Hall for some reason owns Dez Bryant
    4. Cousins, Morris, and Garcon are going to embarrass this pathetic Dallas Defense and the Redskins will win…..easily
    5. Merry Christmas

  47. Stephen Jones said he wanted to see something special today, and what could be more special than not one, but two Romo picks at the end of the game?


  48. I don’t think Romo is overrated, he is over paid because they didn’t have a choice but to pay him because of the cap situation and because he was and is our best option at quarterback. But his decision making trying to close these games out are becoming reckless.

  49. Garrett knows he’s getting fired, he wants the story out to try and save his reputation. Its not unloke the shennanigans Shannahan is pulling in Washington.

    Unfortunately Garrett has been destroying his reputation for years so this is too little too late.

  50. Garrett is the best head coach the cowboys can get. No real coach will take a job under Jerry Jones GM/Meddler. Garrett isn’t really even the head coach. He’s a puppet for Jerry.

  51. I don’t think Garrett could have coached the game away any better if he tried.

    That was so bad, and so moronic, of a second half coaching job that even a completely sane person has to wonder if Vegas/Mafia shenanigans were afoot.

    That’s the only logical explanation for what happened.

  52. There were several picks during critical junctures of this game by Romo. Why choose one? The fact of the
    matter is he is not a big moment QB. When the game is on the line you take it OUT of his hands. That is the coach’s fault because Romo has a legacy, not a mere history mind you, of imploding when it matters the most.

  53. I think Garrett is trying to hold Romo accountable whether Jerry or Stephen try to back Romo, so I don’t blame Garrett for doing what he’s doing. But I do blame Garrett for not stepping in and being the coach of the team by making them run the ball more.

  54. There’s plenty of blame to go around in this one, the obviously played miserable in the second half, offensive play calling was bad all second half etc. But Romo has to shoulder most of the blame. That first pick was an absolute killer, and on top of it calling an audible into the play. Then the second one when you’ve got plenty of time and you only need a FG. Goodness, Romo has had a fine season and gets too much blame most of the time but seriously.

  55. I see there is a lot of LOVE for the Cowboys on this site, LMAO!!!!! Y’all think the Eagles are better???? I’m going to like commenting in here because I smelled the hate coming from my laptop. I see the Dez Bryant haters in here like y’all disciples of Deion Sanders, LOL. Didn’t see one comment on the Desean Jackson dust up on the sidelines yet. Smh

  56. Akcowboy I honestly don’t know but I don’t want Gruden. We need a real GM for one and Garrett is alright but he doesn’t want to hold everyone accountable until now. Winston I agree with you one hundred percent.

  57. Romo was raised as a Packer fan when he grew up in Burlington, WI. Apparently, he’s still a fan today. Thanks Tony!

  58. As fun as it is to bag on Romo both int’s looked like they were intended to be passes all along. He may have audibled the particular pass play but stop acting like it was gonna be a run you little weasel

  59. Excuses galore. That’s what they get for celebrating like the game was over in the 1st half (with the absolute worst defense in NFL history), and once again when Bryant scored the last time. You have the biggest choke artist in this generation, you should never exhale until the clock hits 0:00 if you are a Dallas fan. And in consistent choker form, they will have blown a once-three game division lead in epic fashion. Only Dallas. Thanks for the comedic entertainment.

  60. I was convinced that the NFC North was the worst division in football up until this week. Boy was I wrong, the NFC East is as sorry as it gets. 0-4 today (0-2 against the NFC North) and the best performance was put up by arguably it’s worst team.

  61. Garrett is a bozo. Thank goodness he blew off the Raven’s offer of the HC job 6 years ago. Otherwise we wouldn’t have 5 straight playoff appearances, 3 conference championship games and a Super Bowl title under Harbs. No, we’d have this bozo.

  62. @12strikes, I had to seeing all of y’all off the wall comments. If you’re going to hate that’s fine, just admit that you just hate a team or a player and then comment. I’m talking football and what happened in the game, can you say the same is the question.

  63. winstonjed44 says: Dec 15, 2013 9:48 PM

    I was convinced that the NFC North was the worst division in football up until this week. Boy was I wrong, the NFC East is as sorry as it gets. 0-4 today (0-2 against the NFC North) and the best performance was put up by arguably it’s worst team.

    Yes, it was, but then again, the backup on its worst team is probably the best bet to win a game, or at least look good trying.

    — Giants fan.

  64. Florio, who cares if Garrett calls Romo out publicly for checking to a pass. Call this guy out every frickin’ time in public. 18 runs on the day, 3 runs in the 4th qtr, when they are averaging 7.4 yards per carry on the game? Romo knows how bad the defense is so he has to do whatever he can to keep the D OFF the field. You do that by RUNNING THE DAMN BALL!! Maybe some of Romo’s teammates need to call him out publicly for his bone-headed decisions. Demarco Murray could have and should have had a career day against a bad GB defense. I guess Romo can’t stand someone else on the team having the spotlight.

  65. Done. Won’t watch ’em. Won’t go to another game. Let Jerry explain this one. He’s still living off the success of the Aikman/Irvin/Smith Cowboys. He’s delusional.

  66. The packers had no business winning this game. They executed really well in the 2nd half and fought hard but Dallas gave them this one.

    Funny thing is, the last time Dallas fired a coach mid season was after a bad loss to GB.

  67. bluestar94 you’re right on point. I just talk to a friend of mine and told him it seems as if Romo thinks he’s bigger than the team. Like if he doesn’t make the play then they wont win. Hatcher called him out earlier in the season for checking out of running plays and it seems he was right.

  68. Dallas always starts out running, then gets away from it in the 2nd half. You can’t expect to win consistently with Romo passing every game, regardless of the score, and PARTICULARLY with the worst defense in NFL history.

  69. Romo is a cancer that is in remission until December. Garrett should of never been keep on instead of Ryan. It’s the blame game that is getting to be a complete circus. Glad I hate those Cowgirls!!!

  70. djackx24, you should have stayed quiet on the sidelines and let the big boys comment here.

    FYI: The Cowboys didn’t ‘loss’ anything; they ‘lost’ the game.

    Yes, the Cowboys should have ran the ball in the 2nd half, but they didn’t. That’s history now. But they had to pass on their last possession due to being behind with only 1:43 on the clock in regulation. Had to get within fieldgoal range, and quick.

    And sorry, but Dez is an immature spoiled brat.

  71. Garrett is a liar, plain and simple.

    The backfield was empty on that play. Murray may have even been standing on the sideline with Garrett. If you don’t run the ball up by twelve while averaging 7 yards a rush, why run it down by two with about 1:20 on the clock?

    Pack your bags,red. In my eyes Jerry can redeem his every mistake by firing you, and I don’t care who he hires.

  72. Thank you Dallas Cowboys for establishing your self as a team that will always let you down.Well, all i can do is shake my head.As a dallas fan Im done I have officially given up on this organization untill we see changes in management , coaching staff, etc. The play calling was horrendous in the second half. Garrett needs to go , Jerry needs to relinquish control. Dez bryant i don’t condone him walking off the field a little early, I think he should have waited untill the game was over. He played a great game but he needs to grow up and realize that he plays for the Dallas Cowboys and that they will have a lot of games like this where somehow they will find a way to lose. Although I think Romo is a good QB , I just do not trust him for game winning 4th quaters, he lets us down majority of the time.

  73. For your information, Dallas defense has only been top 10 in points allowed once in Romos tenure as a starter. In 2009 they were top 5 and even then they allowed 20 or more in 7 games. Romo had 27 tds and 9ints that year and Dallas was 11-5. The year ended with a debacle in Minnesota in the playoffs where Romo was sacked 6 times and that glorious D gave up 34 points.

    Try to keep up.

  74. Romo is only doing exactly what Jerry told him to do….. Act like Manning. Peyton throws picks in the biggest spot light just like Romo did. Jerry wanted Romo to act just like Peyton didn’t he?

  75. Did anyone actually watch the game the posts here? Tony Romo had nothing to do with this loss. Each half Garrett called 9 rushes, and that’s with great success when we did run it. Had we run the ball more in the 1st half the score would’ve been more than 26-3. In the 2nd half, every coach in college or the NFL would’ve run the ball to run the clock. However, Garrett decides to throw throw throw throw. STUPID STUPID STUPID. Garrett is 200% to blame for this loss. Dallas could’ve ran the ball every play in the 2nd half and won. But no, Garrett is an idiot. Blaming Romo proves that you know nothing about football and have no business talking on this site. This is a 200% coach loss.

  76. If the play was designed to be able to check into a pass then it needs to be designed to block Clay Matthews who had a free run at Romo. Romo, one of the greatest escape QBs in NFL history, did an amazing job of making Matthews miss, but it obviously affected his throw.

    Romo should not be held accountable for faulty play design that forced him to evade Matthews and throw off-balanced to Austin.

  77. Tony Romo + PRESSURE = Lobotomy

    Caught in the headlights, there’s no telling what the deer will do or when precisely when it’ll do it. Bad enough that he calls out of a run play in that situation, needing only to run the clock. Far worse, for maybe the jillionth time of his career, he confuses himself with Matt Stafford, or a young Bret Favre. He somehow escapes Clay’s rush, has plenty of time in which to plant his foot and step into his throw, yet jerk-slides to the left and throws he knows not really where. An entirely unforced error.

    It’s as if someone zaps him with an electric current at such times. Then, he puts on the same expression that Soupy Sales used when he’d just taken a pie to the face. What, again?! How did THAT happen. As if it he secretly knew that it was coming and wants you to know that he’s in on the joke.

  78. Wow!!! You could have given them the Andy Reid “I gotta put players in position to be in position to position themselves to make plays.” Instead you elect to throw him under the speeding bus. God Dallas is such a joke! I’m loving every minute of it. Jones = incompetent clown. Garrett = incompetent clown. Its great.

  79. Romo serenades Jerruh with his rendition of-

    ‘Me and Mrs Jones’, which then results in another Contract extension, with more guaranteed $$$ and, a lifetime Country Club Membership of his choosing.

  80. What’s that the TV commentators have been saying about Romo’s high QB rating in the fourth quarter this year, and how it’s a myth that he’s not clutch? Want to reconsider, guys? Maybe?

  81. Not being a Cowboy fan but enjoy watching football. Something comes to mind.
    Dallas for the last few years struggle in December. So they change there head coach. They struggle again in December so what is changing the head coach going to do?…Maybe it’s the GM and QB who should move on. Also everyone on here wants JG’s head isn’t there an offensive coordinator (fire his ass). Lastly QB’s make millions if they mess up they should own up to it. I’m glad Garret exposed Romo.

  82. Being a GB fan I can’t help but state that Romo deserved to be kicked under the bus or bus’s. He struts up and down the sideline barking at players and coaches, and when his team needed him the most, Romo, disregarding his coaches wishes, changes a run play to a pass play and was intercepted,,,just rewards to a turd QB.

  83. @ Mr. Wright 212
    why dont u just go ahead and comment on your own team that got shut out for the second time this season instead of trolling around on a Dallas headline. Dallas still has a shot how about the Giants…. o wait they lost their chance long ago!!

  84. Loss: the fact or process of losing something or someone.
    Lost: Unable to find one’s way: a lost child. 2. a. No longer in the possession, care, or control of someone or something: a lost pen.
    @Eli on Injured Reserve, FYI………… Tony Romo loss the game because of the interception he threw trying to hit Miles Austin after checking out of the running play. Garrett/ Callahan loss the game because of the lack of running plays from the mid second quarter to the end of the game.
    With a 1:43 on the clock with one timeout and a defense that was playing the pass and sidelines all the way, the Cowboys could have snuck a running play in up the middle or off the left tackle the way Murray was running when given the opportunity. Let the big boys talk here, LMAO!!!! Are you a Giants fan???? I thought y’all were done talking football.

  85. djackx24 says:
    Dec 15, 2013 9:46 PM
    Akcowboy I honestly don’t know but I don’t want Gruden. We need a real GM for one and Garrett is alright but he doesn’t want to hold everyone accountable until now. Winston I agree with you one hundred percent.

    If Gruden was as coveted as everyone seems to think he is, he’d be coaching again. I say the same thing about Cowher. Either the GM’s and owners won’t pay the ridiculous sums they’re likely asking, or they see that these guys really aren’t what they thought they were before they spoke with them. The game may be past these 2 guys by the time they get back into the fold…if ever. Cowher is no GM and Gruden took fine teams and made them a wreck when he had the steering wheel at both Oakland and Tampa.

  86. Fire Garrett and Hire Gruden.

    How long do you think Gruden and Jones would last? Gruden wants control up to, if not exceeding, what Johnson had (which part of the reason he’s still out there). Jones isn’t going to hand over that kind of control to anyone. The problems start at the top and there’s no way Gruden is going to have his wings clipped by Jerry Jones.

  87. Did I see Bryant leave his teammates and head for the showers early? He should be fined by the Cowboys…..a lot. Nobody is bigger than the team. You win together and you lose together. He’s just another in a long line of primadonnas.

  88. Hey Dallas. The Chicago Bears will trade you Jay Cutler for Romo and Dez. That way, you can have a horrible QB and an a$$hole, for the cost of only one player.

  89. The only thing Romo should be getting blamed for is keeping this horrible team in games. Look at the numbers and he’s one of the best QB’s playing. It’s his coaching staff, owner, and awesome defense that’s killing this team.

  90. In all fairness to Romo, the last interception was made easier by the receiver stopping his route, and the defender making a terrific play.

    The backbreaker interception was thrown a few minutes earlier and slightly behind a sprinting receiver, enabling the GB defender to get his hands on the ball and wrench it away.

    If that pass had been two feet further to the right and in-stride, the receiver would have been gone, gone, gone. There was no one behind him. Game over.

    Why he changed it up from a run is anyone’s guess. Maybe that was the “Favre” factor….wanting to be the hero.

  91. narfmoo12 says:
    Dec 15, 2013 8:33 PM

    So the Cowboys are going to invest in a closer for next season, right? 55 minutes for Romo and 5 minutes for the closer?
    I hear Tebow is available. He’s not very good in the first 55 anyway, but awesome in the final 5.

  92. djackx24 says:
    Dec 16, 2013 10:05 AM
    Loss: the fact or process of losing something or someone.
    Lost: Unable to find one’s way: a lost child. 2. a. No longer in the possession, care, or control of someone or something: a lost pen.
    @Eli on Injured Reserve, FYI………… Tony Romo loss the game because of the interception he threw trying to hit Miles Austin after checking out of the running play. Garrett/ Callahan loss the game because of the lack of running plays from the mid second quarter to the end of the game.

    L O L!

    Dude, you know even less about the English language than you do about football. Jerruh may want to hire you.

  93. BTW why wasn’t the packers CB penalized after he chucked the ball in to the stands. Should have been at least a delay of game but crabtree was penalized 15 yards in the 49ers game for doing the same thing. Seems like a pretty big missed call.

  94. Oh bless Romo’s heart. That rich chump is the worst 4th qtr qb of all time or it atleast feels that way! Worst part of all is that the Cowboys just signed him to a lucritive extension, so even if they do fire Garret they’ll still be stuck with Romo for the next 5 yrs.
    Welcome to another decade or irrelevance CowboyNation!!!

  95. Why does anyone in Dallas or the world blame anyone but one man – Tony Romo. It’s like the media world is scared of Jerry Jones. Never before in the history of the league have we witnessed such a choke artist. He absolutely is an amazing quarterback – when Nothing is on the line. Enter pressure and he sucks. Period. Why won’t Jones fire that clown????

  96. Garrett is calling a play. Romo changes it.

    “Tony is going to be more involved in the making of the game plan and the calling of the plays than he’s been in the past in his career, and he’ll be significantly more involved.” – Jerry Jones, August 27, 2013

    I think we all know where the problem is.

  97. Its embarrassing to watch my Cowboys play this way in December !! Jerry ..the Cowboys started going down hill with the firing of Tom Landry, it may take decades to improve the Boys to the level of Super bowl champs !!!

  98. The whole Dallas Cowboys organization is nothing but one BIG PROBLEM!!!! Jason Garrett throwing his starting QB under the bus to try to avoid the devastating flood of national public ridicule coming the Cowboys way SCREAMS that he is a weak minded , horrible head coach. Romo did not change the play. The play called has the option of either run or pass depending on the coverage the defense is showing. Garrett could of made sure a straight run only play was called but he didn’t. That 1 play doesn’t excuse his epic failure of playing calling in the second half , only running the ball just 7 freaking times despite the fact his back was on fire averaging over 7+ yards per carry. Garrett was comfortable w/ Dallas calling pass play after pass play, nursing a lead late in the 4th, when you are rushing for nearly 8 yards per attempt… When you have a HORRIBLE DEFENSE that cant stop anybody & a QB known for trying to put the world on his shoulders in the 4th quarter, trying to do far to much which causes him to make mistakes, & you have a running back who is absolutely gashing the opposing defense for almost 8 yards YPC, you BLEED THE CLOCK out by pounding the rock down their throats, getting a new set of downs time after time while keeping your historically terrible league worst defense on the sidelines.

    Dallas will never win with Jason Garrett, plain & simple. What Jerry Jones needs to do is go back to a 3-4 style defense n hire a good 3-4 defense DC. A guy like Rex Ryan who is known for being a excellent DC , would be perfect if he is fired. Secondly FIRE Garrett and bring a great offensive mind to build up that offense. SFs OC G. Roman would be a prime candidate to build up that offense. That whole coaching staff in Dallas needs to be scraped. It is to bad Dallas didn’t get rid of Jason Garrett last year, and brought in a HC who is a offensive mastermind like Bruce Arians. If they had kept Rob Ryan running the defense, and brought in Bruce Arians , Dallas would be a legit playoff contender this year w/10-12 wins and win the East for sure. Hopefully Jones scraps Garrett ASAP!!!

  99. You would hope Mr. Jones might take notice when his head coach throws his starting QB under the bus to the national media, but I wouldn’t bet on it. And as a Giants fan, that’s a good thing.

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