Steelers rolling the Bengals 27-7 at halftime

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The Bengals walked in tonight with the door open for the second seed in the AFC playoffs.

But not only are they not looking playoff-ready, they aren’t looking competitive.

The Steelers are handling the Bengals, 27-7 at halftime after running out to a 21-0 lead.

Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been sharp so far, hitting 14-of-17 passes for 119 yards and a touchdown.

But the story has been the Bengals special teams miscues, allowing a pair of Pittsburgh touchdowns as a result of punts, and losing punter Kevin Huber to a broken jaw in the process.

52 responses to “Steelers rolling the Bengals 27-7 at halftime

  1. In all seriousness I would rather have the Steelers lose this game. In fact I wish they would lose out. I really want the Steelers to get a top 10 draft pick.

  2. 1st Half Statistics:

    Invisible Marvin Jones = 0 catches – 0 yards

    Invisible Mohamed Sanu = 1 catch – 9 yards

    Undependable/Non-Explosive Gresham = 0 catches – 0 yards

    The Bengals Offense is going exactly how I expected.

    Sure… you cross your fingers and hope Jones/Sanu/Gresham are going to show up… but… you can’t depend on it.

    I am leaving 5’6″ Andrew Hawkins out of it since he is a small guy who by making it on an NFL roster is an accomplishment in itself. Unfortunately… it is just a cheap mike brown salary decision instead of a performance decision (as Jones/Sanu are, too.).

    GET Andy Dalton QUALITY #2-3 wide receivers!!!

  3. I feel like if the Bengals got a QB who was actually good they would be really scary. I think if the Bengals had a good QB they would win at least win 1 superbowl.

  4. I’m glad everyone is getting a chance to see Marvin Jones/Mohamed Sanu/Jermaine Gresham sucking.

    Only Mohamed Sanu = 3 games (2 seasons) w/ more than 44 yards

    Only Marvin Jones = 3 games (2 seasons) w/ more than 61 yards

    Only 3 games (4 seasons) w/ more than 60 yards

  5. The Steelers are in weird position. I know they need to rebuild but how do you blow up the team when you have a franchise QB? I don’t think I really have seen this before a team having a good franchise
    QB and not winning. By the time that the rebuilding process is over. Ben will be close to retirement. It sucks. I’m not sure the Steelers will be ever good again.

  6. doctorrustbelt says: Dec 15, 2013 10:43 PM

    I’m glad everyone is getting a chance to see Marvin Jones/Mohamed Sanu/Jermaine Gresham sucking.

    No, the world is getting to see Andy sucking. He always sucks in big games.

  7. Since when is this a big game?!?

    The Bengals DESTROYED the steelers on Monday Night Football and are going to the playoffs… and… the steelers are a 5 win team who is not going to the playoffs and planting stories in the media about ben roethlisberger in an attempt to get out from under his salary.

  8. Steelers88, minor tweaking of the offense is needed and a mass exodus of age is needed on defense. I would assume Kiesle, Clark, Foote and maybe Taylor will be gone, Troy should stay for leadership and they need to find a Hampton type lineman. Woodly or Timmons needs to go.

  9. Bengals won by 10 on MNF, not even close to destroying the steelers. This is a big game for the bengals cause of playoff seeding. A win and they control the 2 NFL seed and a loss means the bengals need help for the second seed.

  10. Yeah I understand that they need to get rid of the old players on defense. The only thing I’m saying is that it will take a couple of years to get rid of everyone on the defense. It will also take a couple of years for the young players being drafted to get accustomed to the NFL. The Steelers need to start drafting better. I would also fire Dick Labeau and switch to a 4-3 defense.

  11. Funny how the Pats lose by 4 and people act like they lost by 100. And then, you have teams like Cinci who look good a few weeks and all of their fans start yapping as if they’ve ever won anything, and are getting annihilated 30-7 by a 5-8 team. Go figure. Pats just held to a higher standard for how great they are I guess.

  12. When is the last time the Bengals won a big game? Can’t remember. An important bye was handed to them and they got drilled by a team that has nothing to play for. Congrats to the Steeler players for showing up. As for their arrogant fans that usually chirp all week; boooooo…. Stadium half empty and crickets on the blog posts. Front runners.

    As for drrustbelt…never mind. Too easy.

  13. Everyone, listen. Facts are facts. The Patriots lost today so the refs needed to help them in any way they could…hence why the Bengals lost. The bias of the refs goes a lot further than just the games the Patriots play in.

  14. You know lots of people on this site always bring up Buffalo to move to LA whenever there is a story of attendence or maybe not selling out games. I am sure all the tickets were sold but did anyone see the stands for this game. They were 1/2 empty by half time. I hear Pittsburgh and how great their fans are but they lose for a year and the have a nationally televised game and some cold weather and 1/2 the staduim stays home. What do you think would happpen there if they lost for 15 years in a row, and not just miss the playoffs for 2 years.

  15. How was this a big game?? You’re quite the bungles fan aren’t ya! It was a huge game for the bengals with the pats losing. I guess you and the team wouldn’t want the second seed and a bye?

  16. Hey, Dr.

    Now, we are a 6 win team, that not only just spanked and exposed you, but took away the #2 seed (AND first round bye) from you.

    Say what you want, but now the Ravens can catch you. Lose next week? You might not make the playoffs at all.

    Who dey? WE DEY!!!

  17. great, so not only did the Bengals lose their punter for who knows how long… they should have gotten the ball back on that play and the return TD should of been wiped off the board. Penalty flags were heavily one sided against the bengals in this game. I like both these teams, this just smells like another gift for the Pats

  18. #2 Seed ? Not so fast. Though if NE loses at Balt next week (likely), they’ll just have to beat Baltimore themselves in week 17.

  19. @rustbelt – answer me this – why does Marvin’s teams always come up really small in the biggest venues? They, without question, have a ton of talent. But Rodney Harrison nailed it – they are weak willed. Just look at their collective record against the Ravens and Steelers who may not always look pretty, but can impose their will on the BenGals when needed

  20. The Bungals and the Red Salami are who we thought they were and they did what we thought they would do.

    They crapped the bed with the door wide open.

  21. doctorrustbelt says:
    Dec 15, 2013 10:58 PM
    Since when is this a big game?!?

    The Bengals DESTROYED the steelers on Monday Night Football and are going to the playoffs… and… the steelers are a 5 win team who is not going to the playoffs and planting stories in the media about ben roethlisberger in an attempt to get out from under his salary.

    Notice how he always does “DESTROYED” in all caps?

    It’s a big game because they had a chance to get the # 2 seed you moron!!!

  22. Marvin Jones – 1st Half Statistics:

    0 catches – 0 yards
    Jermaine Gresham – 1st Half Statistics:

    0 catches – 0 yards
    Mohamed Sanu – 1st Half Statistics:

    1 catches – 9 yards

    Get Andy Dalton REAL #2 and #3 wide receivers.

  23. Roethlisbooger orchestrated two touchdown drives of 1 yard and 47 yards. Big deal. The rest were field goals and a punt return that featured yet another signature dirty cheap shot on the punter.

  24. This is not a big game but it is an interdivision game so it matters a little more. The Steelers will have split with the Bengals.

    It should be looked at as an important game for the Bungles as it could have made difference in getting a first week bye or not. They also showed that they are not a Championship team. With that being said, when is Cincy going to make a change at head coach? Marvin is a good guy but he is not a winner.

    This game also shows how weak our division is this year.

    It also gives the Ravens a chance at the divsion

  25. Hitting the punter if called would not have given the ball back to Cincy, it was after the ball changed possession. You can’t control the calls, don’t rely on them and handle your business .

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