Tom Coughlin: Our offense was pathetic


The Giants were on the receiving end of a serious thumping from the Seahawks on Sunday and no one had a harder time with the visitors from Seattle than the team’s offense.

They were held scoreless in the 23-0 loss and gained 181 yards, although the majority of those came once the game was already well out of reach. There were five Eli Manning interceptions, some of which came as Giants receivers put up minimal fight for 50/50 balls, and four sacks and, well, Tom Coughlin can handle the rest.

“There’s no way to sugar coat it, it was a pathetic offensive performance,” Coughlin said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “We didn’t block anybody, we didn’t make any plays, we didn’t create any opportunities for ourselves. I told the players who prepared and gave great effort that I appreciate what they did; I told those that were obvious they had not that I felt sorry for them, because they’re missing the whole point.”

Effort was also on the mind of Giants safety Antrel Rolle, who had an interception as part of a decent defensive effort that had no chance when matched with the offensive mess. Rolle said it looked like “we didn’t have a pulse” at times and that it isn’t “about pointing fingers, but it is what it is” when asked if the offense was on the field at those times.

A couple of members of the Giants offense took issue with such sentiments. Tight end Brandon Myers took to Twitter to say that he was “cussed out for encouraging people” while also telling teammates that question his passion that they are mistaken. Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, who was the target on one of those contested balls that Coughlin said the team is expecting their best players to win, took issue with Coughlin’s word choice.

“Offensively, it was a tough one for us,” Nicks said. “I wouldn’t use the word pathetic. I think every man … if you lace your cleats up as a professional, I have too much respect for the guys in this locker room to say it was pathetic. Was it a lack of effort on certain plays? It could have been. We just have to go and critique ourselves, watch the film and try to bounce back.”

It was an ugly game on the field for the Giants offense in a season filled with them, which makes it fairly unsurprising that it has gotten a little ugly in the locker room as well.

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  1. The Minnesota Vikings impending dynasty will hit the NFL by storm, but don’t say you didn’t hear it here first.

    Talent wise, we have the best team in the NFL and arguably one of the best teams of all time (other than QB).

    Once we draft our franchise QB (and we will) multiple superbowls will be coming to Minneapolis. They are setting themselves up to dominate the NFC for the decade.

    Every team will start trying to emulate the Vikings in every way.
    Every fan will be jealous of Vikings nation.
    Every owner will be jealous they don’t own a historic future dynasty team like the Vikings.
    Every coach will fear traveling to Minneapolis to face the best team to ever play.
    Every other teams players wish they’d have been drafted by the superior Vikings roster.
    Every GM will wish they had the drafting smarts that Rick Spielman has.

  2. Bring Coughlin back for 2014.

    Then… cry, attack, complain, and fight for his firing…. and…. watch him win another Super Bowl (like he always does when he is under assault).

    It’s funny sick.

  3. We were due for a lowsy year – I’ll take this over our 10 years of .500+ records and 2 Super Bowls.

    Time for a good draft pick finally.

  4. I know you cant blame eli for this debacle but lets face it he barely got in the playoffs both sb runs. Got hot a few games and was given the mvps because he is a manning. Coughlin and eli have never won a playoff game outside the two runs but as gmen fans we fall back on the he has two mvps.. Clean house and draft a future qb with the top pick..

  5. One can only wonder what Hicks thinks pathetic DOES look like if the Giant’s offense wasn’t EXACTLY that! So, Hakeem, what word WOULD you use to describe this mess on YOUR side of the ball today? A weary fan base in NY awaits your feedback!

  6. Hopefully Cruz is OK, he hit his head pretty hard. If there are any lingering affects, they should shut him down, to good of a receiver to put him out there for no reason.

    A lot of the pathetic Off was caused by great D play. You could tell from the 1st snap the D was going to have a day.

  7. Poet what are you trying to accomplish? You and logical both know your teams are horrible, it’s not even a bit amusing when he does it and your trying so hard to be like him it’s embarrassing.

  8. The Giants weren’t pathetic. The Seahawks MADE them look pathetic. Eli threw the passes he did because he had no choice. There was no where to go with the ball so he had to try something to make a play.

    And this just in: Richard Sherman is the best CB in the game.

    And Byron Maxwell, our #4 CB, is better than anyone you have starting on your team. Don’t believe me? Just keep throwing at him.

  9. As a Seahawk fan, I thought the Giant’s D made the Seahawk’s O look mediocre.

    Uh, no. They did just what they had too and put up 23 points while resting all the starters for a full quarter and more. Sure you’re a Seahawk fan?

  10. As a lifelong Giants fan who has liked a lot of the players on the Seahawks since 2010, I will give you an objective breakdown on both teams, as I watch both every week:

    The Giants defense is very good. They made the Hawks work for it. The Hawks did not “beat themselves.” We are very good defensively, until the turnover/three and out parade on offense puts them in bad position every game. The offense is one of the absolute worst in the NFL, and facing the best defense in the NFL, the result was expected.

    That said, I don’t think anyone other than SF fans trolling here would say otherwise. I don’t know a single Giants fan who hates Seattle, and I hope to keep it that way. Most of us are fine with them winning today and coming back here in February, since we are out of it.

  11. Coughlin hasn’t been this right the whole season. Nicks should be benched the remainder of the year, not just benched but inactive benched. Myers is a waste of space which he seldom creates for himself.

    I understand we have 10+ players on IR but that just means they sat on the couch the whole offseason.

    Can’t wait for next year already. Dump the 1 year contracts and the offensive line, the coaches and coordinators and draft, draft, draft.

  12. Nicks shouldn’t be arguing. It WAS pathetic. Especially watching him yucking it up when he went out of bounds on the Hawks sideline. Patting guys on the head, big grin on his face. Looked like that was the highlight of his day.

    Pathetic…just like your contract year, Hakeem.

  13. Jenkins Tuck Prince Rolle and Beason DID NOT quit….either did that lil slot receiver who replaced Salsaless . Tough call on Eli/Coughlin….whats a franchise to do? Hawks looked mean

  14. The NFL is the most balanced league in sports, no easy wins. That why NFL seasons are the greatest show on TV. So, though I am not a Giants fan, give them a break, they are one of the premium teams and they will be back next year. Don’t beat them while their down less it takes longer for them to get back to form.

    A Steelers Fan

  15. Hakeem, you need to go. I’ve been in your corner long enough and can’t defend you any longer.


  16. As a Hawks fan I can say the giants defence put up a fight. However it is rare to see games where defence simply just dominates an offence unless you are watching Seahawks games. Sorry guys time to drop Tom and Eli and better luck next year.

  17. Mr wright you are right again.Eli and coach are holding hands and coach is going down with eli.I cant take the bad play of ELI anymore .Its unwatchable at this point.Grow a pair and bench this kid.Lets see what we got on the bench and shut eli down.The year is over and we got nothing to gain.We need o line bad .Beatty is just as bad as the rest of them.Giving Eli 15 million next year is like flushing money down the toilet.GRRRRRR what a joke.MR wright i dont know how you keep it so cool.All my giant buddies think Eli is done.23 pics is just a sad year.Eli what the hell are you doing.

  18. diehl is done nicks is done snee is done,webster is done,myers is done wilson is dead weight,murphy done,patterson done,joseph done,rivers done,williams done,hertzog done.rivers williams and hertzog couldnt start on any other team,.back ups at best.Bass is done,and take the back up center with him.Brewer cant start now he will never be a starter.There is about 15 guys that have to go without even a thought.

  19. bigblue88 says: Dec 15, 2013 7:51 PM

    I know you cant blame eli for this debacle but lets face it he barely got in the playoffs both sb runs. Got hot a few games and was given the mvps because he is a manning. Coughlin and eli have never won a playoff game outside the two runs but as gmen fans we fall back on the he has two mvps.. Clean house and draft a future qb with the top pick..

    At least he’s gotten there and won, and didn’t blow a 23 point lead today, with only ONE playoff win in his back pocket ha.

  20. Eli isnt the worst qb in the league, it just so happens he played a really good and aggressive defense. He is hella overpaid though. Tom coughlin is hella overrated. The giants have some other ridiculous contract issues. The defense is pretty decent but when your offense is struggling it doesnt matter how good your defense is.

    Hang in there giants fans, keep in mind that you guys played one of/ maybe the best teams in the league who were lookin to prove something to themselves.

  21. The De is close to really putting it together.Resign beason to long term deal.Draft the linebacker from buffalo first round kalil.or lewen right tackle.second round should be a center.third round a tight end and fourth a runningback.sighn best outside lb in off season free agency.BIGGEST THING SIGN LOVE SMITH AS DE CORDINATOR AND WHEN COUGHLIN GOES YOU CAN MAKE HIM HEAD COACH.

  22. ELI is a joke people period! He throws more int then any other QB in the league by far, love the looks on his face after everyone…(looks like someone just stole his ice cream cone) priceless!

  23. The Seahawks had their way with the Giants all day. They could have played that game ten times in a row and Seattle would have won all ten times.

    The Giants are murdering my liver every Sunday.

  24. Evert time Eli makes a mistake he reminds me of a country bumpkin who just lost a fish he caught. He belongs back in Mayberry with Goober fixin things at the fillin station and bein a goofy thang!!!

  25. Giants Defense was a credit to their team and their fans. They made Seattle work hard for their points.

    The Giants offense was bad… but Seattle’s defense makes everyone’s offense look bad.

  26. Giants defense came to play. Some good hits out there. The giants Oline was dominated by SEA and the giants WRs lacked fight. The offensive game plan looked like it was for another team….not the Seahawks. Bad day for Big Blue. Bad season.

  27. Before you throw Eli under the bus lets start with the real issue the O line is the worst in the NFL
    Eli went from working behind the best O line to the worst.

    Nicks keep the motor running as your days in Metlife are OVER

    Tom should stay but he has to get rid of the OC the DC Special Teams Coach
    Cut Wilson he never will be tough enough to play in the NFL get an O line and watch Eli come back and be magical
    Not Payton Tom or Drew could perform with such a crummy O Line Killbride has to go

  28. Kill drive does the same plays over and over.Im calling the plays from the couch.ok here comes a draw well what you know draw to brown for 2 yards.Ok here comes a run play on first down wow a run from brown for one yard.No guts ,no imagination,what about reverses, end arounds,wildcat,hurry up O something kill drive,.Mix it up.When teams look at film ,you give them nothing new.Tom you have to be careful because your locker room is pointing fingers at eachother because your sticking with the same old lame guys who go out and show you they dont care.Bench them or you will lose the entire team.Im a coach and quess what when people cant get it done or make 5 errors in a game ,I bench them and they go out try to earn there job back by working harder.Simple tom,stop babying these guys,make them earn it.The old vets are killing you on this team.When you won the first superbowl you had 11 rookie starters playing all hungry to win.Rolle tuck and beason total leaders on this team ,you can see it.On the offence you havent got one leader on that team who will challenge his teamates to prform and Eli so scared to open his mouth because frankly he stinks right now.

  29. beastmode5150 says:
    Dec 15, 2013 9:26 PM

    Gotta say, Giants fans are Waaaaaaay classier than Niners “fans”. Kudos, a team that has fans that pay attention, rather than stab people.


    Well said and competely agree…

    tough loss Giants fans… chins up and all that…
    oh ya… please crush those 40whiners every chance you get…

    Go Hawks.

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