Victor Cruz leaves with a concussion and a knee sprain

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It has been a horror show for the Giants offense on Sunday and wide receiver Victor Cruz is one of those caught in the carnage.

Cruz fell on his head while trying to make a jumping third down catch in the third quarter and was helped off the field by trainers a short time later. Officials originally gave Cruz a catch, but replay showed he didn’t hold onto the ball. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise because there is no good news for the Giants on Sunday.

Cruz is done for the day with a concussion and a knee sprain, leaving the Giants with even less to throw at an overwhelming Seahawks defense. Eli Manning threw his fourth pick of the day to set up a Doug Baldwin touchdown that has the Seahawks up 23-0 in the fourth quarter.

The Giants have gained 81 yards on the day, which makes the only question left in New Jersey whether or not they’ll find a way onto the scoreboard at all.

8 responses to “Victor Cruz leaves with a concussion and a knee sprain

  1. I’ve never seen a QB or his offense more desperately in need of a new OC than Eli Manning. Horrific Oline, and that is on Reese, but this offense has had no help from the coaches. The receivers as a group have been sloppy and beat handily every single week.

    Three seconds left at the half, with Eli leading the league in ints, what does Coughlin and/or Gilbride call? A Hail Mary that, you guessed it, gets picked off. Most QBs would tell their OC to shove it. And now, Eli won’t have his best receiver in Cruz. If Mara had the stones, he’d of dismissed Gilbride and his son who is, you guesses it, folks-the receivers coach!

  2. Reese went against his gut with signing Cruz. He was more worried about fan reaction of a bunch of simpletons from NYC and north Jersey .

    The Giants were doing well following the Patriots system of not getting attached to players. They can be replaced. We knew last year Randle could do the job.

    Now let Nicks walk, and draft another good WR.

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