Andy Reid: Jamaal Charles has my MVP vote


Chiefs coach Andy Reid may be biased, but if he had a vote for the NFL Most Valuable Player award, he’d vote for Jamaal Charles.

Charles, the Kansas City running back who scored five touchdowns in Sunday’s win over the Raiders, has moved into MVP contention, and Reid said after Sunday’s game that he believes Charles deserves the award.

He’s got my vote,” Reid said. “All the folks that were here today, he’s probably got their vote. I don’t know how many anybody can be more valuable to a team and to the success that we have had than he’s had. I’m pulling for him.”

Charles has 246 carries for 1,181 yards and 11 touchdowns this season, plus 65 catches for 655 yards and seven touchdowns. He has a chance to become the first player in NFL history with 10 rushing touchdowns and 10 receiving touchdowns in the same season, and he also has a chance at just the fifth season ever with 1,350 rushing yards and 750 receiving yards (Marshall Faulk did that three times, and Steven Jackson did it once).

At the moment Peyton Manning appears to be the favorite for the MVP award, and if he breaks the NFL record for passing yards in a season and passing touchdowns in a season while leading the Broncos to the best record in the AFC, he’ll likely lock up the fifth MVP of his career. But last year Manning looked like the MVP favorite for much of the season, only to lose out to a running back who got hot late in the year. A year after Adrian Peterson won the MVP on the strength of a phenomenal finish to the season, Charles may do it, too.

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  1. Many concessions and changes have been made to benefit passing games. Very little has been done to help RBs. while dinosaur Manning will get it, what Charles has done this year is truly special to watch. without him or alex smith the chiefs season is completely over….the true definition of most valuable player…and this is speaking as a Chiefs fan for 25 yrs.

  2. Playing the Raiders and their overmatched boy coach twice sure helps the stat line.

    What a great coaching job by Allen & his staff. At what point do you think the bulb lights up and somebody makes an adjustment to counter what the Chiefs were doing with Charles?

    Forgot to emotion the musical QB strategy. That always works too.

    Raider fans deserve more than what Allen is capable of delivering.

  3. I’d pick Russell Wilson.

    Peyton makes way too much money to have any business beating him in the vote. It’s not even close on my scorecard. RW also adds a rushing threat to the game and humongous financial flexibility. That’s VERY hard to find and super special, and EXTREMELY valuable, more valuable than what anybody else is contributing for their team so far.

  4. With the way it’s a passing league now, If Charles gets his 10-10 season and puts up around 1300 rush and 800 receive, and the record the Chiefs had last year to this year, I think he has a chance to walk away the MVP. It would be just a deserving as Manning, if not more so.

  5. As a KC fan, yes, he’s the most valuable to our team. But from an NFL level, if the Broncos lost PM, then they’d be in some real trouble. KC would be in trouble too, but I think we’d be serviceable. More of Denver’s offense relies on PM’s quick accurate throws.

  6. Jamaal Charles is a special talent. One of the best draft deals in league history. But keep in mind when evaluating yesterday’s performance. – it was against the Raiders.

  7. But I thought Brady had supplanted Peyton as the MVP front-runner?

    Charles is having an outstanding year, but if he gets the MVP it will be because the voters were looking for an excuse not to give Manning his 5th MVP Award.

  8. Charles arguably has been the most consistent player this season. While I also think Manning will get it no RB can do what Charles does week in and week out. Take him off the team and the Chiefs are nothing.

  9. Just as every pundit out there was annointing Shady McCoy the new best RB over Adrian Peterson, i thought to myself “What about Jamaal Charles?”
    This guy has been a pleasure to watch through his entire career. Wish he played for my hometeam!

  10. While Jamaal Charles might be having a great year, he’s had other great years before. The difference this year is Andy Reid, Alex Smith and that defense. Charles on his own is a component of their success but not THE reason. They have a great defense, great head coach, great run game, and above average QB play. The Broncos only shot at winning is Peyton Manning. When he’s “off” (290 yds 2 Tds, 1 int) they lose. He can’t have an off game or they will lose.

    While other players are having great years, Manning is having the best year of all time at the age of 37 and his team is completely dependant on him and he is delivering. You can make an argument for others, but you cant deny what he has done this year and how important he is to the success of that team.

  11. The AP MVP has become nothing more then a popularity contest. Drew brees passes for 5000, Peyton wins it. Chris Johnson rushes for 2000, a feat only done a handful of times, Peyton wins it. I care more about offensive POY, MVP doesn’t hold much value these days. A few papa johns commericials and you could win AP MVP too.

  12. Charles is having a great season no doubt, but let’s keep in mind if it wasn’t for Oakland’s inability to recognize and stop the same screen pass over and over yesterday we’re not having this debate. It seems like PFT just wants anyone but Manning to win.

    Strategyexpert: the salary relief that Wilson is giving the Seahawks isn’t some altruistic show of goodwill, he was drafted in the 3rd round and is on his rookie contract, as soon as he can renegotiate, their salary flexibility will go away…don’t forget there were rumblings this time last year that Wilson wanted a new contract but wasn’t able to get it because of the rules in the cba.

  13. @uglyglazers

    i would guess that almost every historic offensive day in league history happened against a suspect defense. the seven touchdowns manning threw against the cowboys came against a historically bad pass defense, but you don’t see anyone qualifying that accomplishment.

  14. not taking away from what charles has done this year.. but he hasn’t even been the best running back this year. If any RB is getting MVP, it would be Lesean McCoy. Where would the eagles be without him?

  15. atwatercrushesokoye:

    I’m not following you on the goodwill comment. I’m only measuring the value of the player, and whether RW would like to get paid like Peyton or not, it doesn’t matter, because he’s not being paid like Peyton, and to me that makes his play more valuable.

    His opinions about pay rate have nothing to do with the equation (unless he was sitting out due to lack of pay), I’m just looking for who I think is the MOST VALUABLE player in the league, based on this year, and to me it’s looking like Russell Wilson by a clear margin. And if I had Peyton I would be happy to trade him straight up for RW because RW is just that much more valuable to me. Plus more valuable for the future in addition to THIS season.

  16. So you’re telling me an NFL coach thinks his best player is MVP-worthy. C’mon, you’re pulling my leg.

    In other news… Jason Garret thinks Tony Romo is a MVP-candidate.

  17. Typical overreaction to a single game performance. If Charles finishes with 1300 rushing yards, that will put him at #204 on the list tied with James Wilder’s 1985 season. Yes, he also catches a decent number of passes (mostly screens), but that still does not make him the MVP considering that he still trails McCoy in total yards this season. It was the KC defense carrying the team up until a couple of weeks ago — not Charles.

  18. @johninthewest

    consistency is his issue? his 5.5 career yards per carry is the best ever for a runningback, he is now in his fourth thousand yard season in four healthy years as a starter, and he leads the league with 18 touchdowns.

  19. shayeezy says:
    Dec 16, 2013 11:15 AM

    i would guess that almost every historic offensive day in league history happened against a suspect defense. the seven touchdowns manning threw against the cowboys came against a historically bad pass defense, but you don’t see anyone qualifying that accomplishment.

    He threw 7 tds against the Ravens man not the Cowgirls

  20. MVP???

    when was the last time Andy beat a team with a winning record??

    hasn’t happened this season.

  21. The Heismann Trophy is allegedly given to the best player in college football. In reality, it is given to the QB or RB that has the best November & December in Division I-A college football. The NFL MVP is the same way. It is allegedly given to the most valuable player in the NFL, when in reality it is given to the QB or RB who does the best interviews and has the best week 12-17 run in the NFL.

    And that is why I never watch the Heismann award show anymore and why I couldn’t care less who wins the NFL MVP.

  22. I would agree that most coaches think they have someone MVP worthy but even Garrett knows Romo isn’t MVP worthy. And his opinion was never more evident when his QB audibles from run to pass when you’re averaging 8 yards a carry, and it was short yardage to ice the game.

    Romo is the the MVDA, just edging out Jon Martin, and the Raiders. The raiders made history by being the 1st entire team to be eligible for the award.

  23. @richiebburg

    my mistake. but with the number of rookies the ravens had starting on their defense, they were hopelessly bad on that opening day, too. and no one qualified the numbers he put up against the woeful cowboys d a few weeks later.

  24. johninthewest says:

    Dec 16, 2013 11:15 AM

    Consistency is Charles issue. Just because he had a stellar game doesn’t mean anything.


    Do you even watch football? How in the hell do you think he has over 1800 yards, 18 touchdowns, and a 5.5 yard per average if this was “just because he has a stellar game”….

    Maybe stop commenting. Just a suggestion.

  25. Fun Fact or Slap in the Face?

    In 1982, Mark Moseley, a KICKER, won the MVP award. It was a short 9 game season due to the strike, and he hit 20/21 FGs (none at 50 yards or longer) and was 16/19 PATs.

    And they couldn’t find ANY player in the NFL more valuable than that?

  26. Every week people are desperately trying to prop someone up as a worthy candidate against Peyton Manning. If media darling RG3 was putting up Manning’s numbers would there be any doubt who the MVP is? Yeah. Exactly.

  27. Jeez, can we skew the stats a little more with 1 game against a horrid team. Before yesterdays game against the terrible Raiders he had 460 yards receiving or an average of 35 ypg, and he has only broken 100 yards rushing in 3 games this season. Oh but he is leading the league in touchdowns, nevermind that 7 of his 18 have come against the bad Raiders.

    His stats are greatly inflated by yesterdays game as well as last weeks game vs. Washington.

  28. Jamaal Charles is a great player, too often overlooked. When AP had his incredible comeback last year from the ACL, Charles also came off an ACL and also had a great year but no one seemed noticed. I just don’t think he’s the MVP, QBs just have a much greater impact and not to mention that they got swept by Denver and the probable winner Manning.

  29. thestrategyexpert says:
    Dec 16, 2013 10:42 AM
    I’d pick Russell Wilson.

    Peyton makes way too much money to have any business beating him in the vote. It’s not even close on my scorecard. RW also adds a rushing threat to the game and humongous financial flexibility. That’s VERY hard to find and super special, and EXTREMELY valuable, more valuable than what anybody else is contributing for their team so far.
    Honestly, do you watch or know anything, anything at all, about football?

    Every post you make is more nonesensical than the last. The above is no exception. Either start paying better attention or educate yourself, because your knowledge is terrible. Last week you said Joique Bell “wasnt much of a pass catcher”, now this.

    Get a clue man.

  30. when was the last time Andy beat a team with a winning record??

    hasn’t happened this season.

    Except win they beat the 1-0 Cowboys, the 3-1 Titans and they also beat Philly who is now 8-6. SMDH

  31. all of you saying “it was against the raiders” need to look at his SEASON STATS.

    for you saying its a one year thing… need to remember he is the ALL TIME leader in YPC by a large margin.

    keep in mind also that Manning has also played those raiders, redskins, jaguars, ect…


  32. I have been thinking about this. If p Manning got hurt and was out a few games, could the Broncos still win? With the way the o-line is playing, Moreno playing well all season and Montee Ball playing well lately. Then throwing in the WR’s of D Thomas, E Decker, W Welker, and J Thomas…I think that the Broncos could survive or at least go .500 without P Manning. I don’t believe that the Chiefs could go .500 without Charles.

  33. Jamaal Charles versus Raiders – 8 carries 20 yards 2.5 ypc 8 longest 1 TD 8 Rec 195yds 24.4 Avg 4 TDs

    Nick Foles versus Raiders – 22 for 28 78.6% completion percentage 406 yards 7 td’s 0 Int

    Raiders Defense isn’t suspect? It was when Nick Foles threw 7 TDS…how come it isn’t suspect for Jamaal Charles?

  34. Certainly others are worthy, but hard to argue if Charles won it. Fantastic player having a great season.

  35. I hate when people try to downplay a performance. If the Raiders were that bad, why hasn’t anyone else shredded them how Charles did? That was a performance for the ages. Give him his credit.

    And all those saying Manning deserves it cause the Broncos would be nothing without him are just Manning fanboys. Broncos without Manning may not be a Super Bowl team but they’re still a playoff team. They have good weapons. Chiefs without Charles aren’t a Super Bowl or playoff team. Not even a .500 team.

    So who’s the more valuable player to their teams success?? #JamaalCharles

  36. If Reid wanted Charles to win he should have focused on padding his stats all season (like Denver with Manning) rather than just one game.

  37. iloveagoodnap:

    You quoted me falsely, that’s a lie. And you missed my point about Bell. I actually said that his receiving yardage and contributions was one of his best offerings for us. Your misunderstandings and falsehoods are irrelevant and inappropriate and they do not apply to me. So I disagree with your opinion on everything you just said here.

  38. missingsock215 says:
    Dec 16, 2013 12:13 PM

    Reid will run Charles into the ground, just like he did with Westbrook. When Reid starts drafting for KC, the team will start losing again.

    I’m so sick of people that have no clue about what is going on in Kansas City. ONE more time just for you MORON, Andy Reid does not and will not make the personnel decisions for the Chiefs. Dorsey is the GM and makes those decisions. Get someone to help you get up to date on the NFL

  39. the strategyexpert:

    1) I did not miss your point. I read what you wrote, saw you get called out by everyone, then saw you backpedal your way into agreeing you were wrong and changed your tune. You also said a man who averages 3.9 ypc and is on pace for around 1300 all purpose yards as a 2nd string RB was “not that good”. Please dont try to callously defend your ignorance on that issue.

    2) Your point about Russel Wilson if futile. A player with high production for what his salary is compared to another player with a higer salary is not, never has been, and never will be the criteria for the MVP. Mannings numbers and value are clearly higher than Wilson regardless of his salary. This is also not to mention that Wilson’s salary is only low because he’s still in his rookie deal. Surely you dont think when his deal expires he’s not going to be offered a massive contract do you?

    3) The Bell point is relevant because it was used as an example, one of many, which display your utter lack of knowledge about anything in general. I see you consistently making terrible points, void of any logic or discernible factual evidence to support your claims. And then you blindly defend them, again all through speculative theoretical analysis and never any facts.

    This case is no different. Regardless of whether or not you agree, you are in the wrong here, and always. Nothing personal, just advice.

  40. Missingsocks. The biggest knock on Reid is that he doesn’t use his running enough. He never ran Westbrook into the ground. Also the Chiefs have a GM John Dorsey who will be doing the drafting. Reid is in a different roll than in Philly. He is just the coach and you can see the difference. Go Chiefs

  41. iloveagoodnap:

    1) I highly disagree and maintain that you did in fact miss the point. Nobody called me out in the way that you suggest. I defended my point well and YOU didn’t have anything to counter that point at the time. And now you are grasping at straws and lying and misleading people to try and attack my credibility.

    2) That’s not true. It’s MY opinion and I determine the criteria for how I score value for my non-counting vote. The perspective that you describe I think sounds way off from accurately or fairly assessing who is the most valuable player. That last question is also irrelevant to the entire issue of who is the most valuable player this year. It’s not CLEARLY the case, in fact I think it’s more CLEARLY that my point of view makes more sense than yours, so I feel happy with the strength of my position on that. I think I would win hands-down in a landslide in being able to demonstrate how and why RW is the MVP this year. At least according to my interpretation of what makes a player “valuable”, and RW is WAY ahead of Peyton Manning THIS season. End of story. It’s not even CLOSE!

    3) NO, it’s not relevant, because it’s NOT an example. You misquoted me and based your argument on a lie and misunderstanding of my point since you made it up and invented a FALSE quote. And I can’t comment about ALL of these other points that I’m so nonsensical about, so I don’t know what you are talking about or referring to or why you have this agenda to try and argue against me about my opinion so aggressively and without any logical basis to defend any of your points that you are trying to assert.

    And if you wanted to debate Bell, then you should have chimed in at the time and debated his value with me then, but you didn’t have anything apparently to counter my points there. If you think Bell is so great, then that’s fine for you. If I have a football team next year and Bell is on it, then I’m going to try and trade him because he’s not a valuable player to me. I’ll try and trade him to you and take advantage of you in the deal. Thanks!

  42. With some of the comments I see in here seems some people are jealous of others success yes the raiders D is suspect but so are a lot of the teams but against this suspect defense Denver only scored 37 points I think it depends on what gameplan you are using

  43. strategy expert

    I just went back and re-read that thread. You said not once, not twice, but 3 times that you didnt see Bell as that valuable of a pass catching threat, despite the stats being thrown in your face. You also countered stats (aka factual evidence)with a vague, cliched ‘stats dont tell the whole story’ response (aka theoretical speculative retort void of discernible factual basis). So if you said that, 3 times nonetheless, how am I lying and misquoting you?

    Peyton: on pace to become just the 7th QB to throw for more than 5,000 yds in a season, and break the TD record, while leading his team to a 13-3 record and home field advantage. He also has a pittiful defense, meaning his explosive play supported by out of this world stats obviously have had a massive impact on his teams success.

    Russel Wilson: not even on pace to have 3,500 yards which is the equivalent of an RB not even surpassing 1000 yards. He also will likely barely, if at all, have half the TD passes that Peyton has. His defense is also the best in the NFL, so he is not as consistently called on to win a game for Seattle in spite of his defensive performance.

    Regardless of whether you have your own criteria, the real MVP award doesnt take into account who demonstrates the best value for their money. It’s not a car in consumer reports magazine, its an NFL award for oustanding play.
    Just because RW would win according to your fictional criteria which you yourself created doesnt mean you win the argument. It just means you know how to make up non-existent criteria that applies to your own opinion. If you legimately think based on the real world criteria the NFL will use that there is any way Manning would lose an MVP award to Wilson then youre truly delusional.

    Trading Bell would be the perfect move for the Lions- after all they know what theyre doing in the front office. 12 playoff appearances in 90 years of existence and only 1 post-merger playoff win speak for themselves. What success!

  44. iloveagoodnap:

    You need to go back and read it again then. You were the one that started this conversation based on a lie, so it’s your job to figure it out and make it right. I already explained to you how you have misquoted me in this thread here.

    Best value for the money? That’s something you just made up, that’s NOT the award, the award goes to MOST VALUABLE player, and “money” or “fuel” is an automatic part of the value equation, that is BASIC LOGIC. If some sportswriters abandon logic and reinvent what the word “valuable” means, then that’s their problem and their lousy analysis to determine who to vote for. Sounds to me like they have the same problem as a lot of NFL teams that overpay players based on their popularity or their brand and not their ACTUAL VALUE! I have a more poignant way to determine a player’s value and I do better at that than the voters who think Peyton Manning is the most valuable player. To me I think that just confirms how little they know about football and the value of a football player.

    Your last paragraph also only validates MY opinion. The fact that the Lions value Bell so much is just one more example of why they are losing instead of winning. They have a bizarre way of determining what is value. ESPECIALLY when they think that Stafford is VALUABLE! At his salary rate he is a NEGATIVE value and they think he’s a tremendous POSITIVE value. That’s a HUGE problem and LOGIC FAILURE!

  45. your rambling and incoherent responses are littered with contradictions and are completely disjointed, to the point where even the thought of continuing this exhausts me.

    I pointed things out with facts and statistics, you continually cointer with either a contradiction of something you previously said, or pure speculation, never facts. Juding on how you handle things you’ll retor with “I win”. And if that’s what you wan to tell yourself I couldnt care less. Your delusions are greater than I anticipated, and what I called you out on was only scratching the surface of your ignorance. Good luck to you, you’ll need it. I have far better things to do

  46. iloveagoodnap:

    Ok, I still have no idea what you are really talking about. Sounds like you have me confused with somebody else, so I’m just dismissing everything you have said today.

  47. Lol for the record Im definitely not confusing you. But the fact that you think I might be, and that you say you’re unsure what Im talking about only serves as further proof its not worth my time. Either you’re a very, very good troll or you’re the most delusional and least knowedgable person I’ve ever come across.

  48. dude this guy should be up there with manning as too choices… whoever brought up russel wilson is a joke! that dude is not that good at all! way overrated and an absolute dork!!!

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