Case Keenum getting MRI on sprained right thumb


It’s official: Nothing’s going right for the Texans this year.

Quarterback Case Keenum, who was supposed to mop up the rest of the season as an audition for the future, might not get to.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Keenum suffered a sprained right thumb in Sunday’s loss, and is getting an MRI.

Interim coach Wade Phillips said: “He’ll be evaluated, but it’s a concern.”

Keenum’s one of many Texans getting MRIs, along with defensive end Antonio Smith (knee), cornerback Johnathan Joseph (groin) and wide receiver DeVier Posey (ankle). Running back Ben Tate was getting a CT scan after taking another shot to his ribs.

The Texans are reeling after 12 straight losses and firing a coach. But losing the ability to field a full team or at least gauge the progress of young players makes it an exercise in futility, and having to put Matt Schaub back in would only add to it.

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  1. then again it is hard to evaluate as half the damn starters on this team have been injured.. the oline is not at full strength,players are uhappy,foster is out and tate is banged up.keenum is no brady,but a young qb without a full strength team will falter. he played good with a somewhat healthy team earlier.cant take that away from him they are called growing pains for a reason. (ie: see elway and bradshaw) he imo will be a solid #2 qb in this league.

  2. So I dropped this into Google and apparently the Texans are some sort of professional football team based in or around Houston. Adorable! Keep chasing the dream guys, and someday you too might play in the NFL.

  3. The OL is healthy…they have the same bunch as they started the season with Brown, Smith, Meyers, Brooks, Newton, Harris, Jones, Kupper, Gardner and White…….everyone beyond Brooks SUCKS tho….but it not a health issue it is a stupid personnel issue

  4. This is from someone that call’s himself:
    The “Texas Patriot”

    There is no question that Vince Young has the size, the speed, and the intangibles to lead the Texans to the Super Bowl almost immediately. But there is also no question that Vince should have been drafted first by the Texans in 2007 when they had the chance. Much has changed since then, but the question remains: Does the Texans front office have the vision and the courage to make a bold move for the purpose of putting their franchise on the top of the heap.

    Vince has proven that he can win in the NFL against the most adverse circumstances, including a vindictive coach who never wanted him in the first place. Give Vince a coach who understands the unique combination of power and finesse and leadership that he brings to the table and the sky is the limit. And in that regard, almost any young coach who appreciates the wide-open play action style of high-speed improvisational football would be just fine.

    The only question is whether the owner of the Texans now has the confidence to make the right choice for the future of professional football in Houston, Texas.

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