Dez Bryant walks off the field before game ended


The Cowboys weren’t at risk of Dez Bryant having another sideline outburst yesterday.

Because he was already headed to the locker room before the game was over.

The Cowboys wide receiver walked to the locker room alone with 1:21 left in yesterday’s stunning loss to the Packers. He waited until replay confirmed Tony Romo’s game-clinching interception, but then stormed off to leave his teammates to watch the Packers kill the clock.

According to Calvin Watkins of, Bryant told reporters he was too upset to talk about it after the game, but took to Twitter last night to say he was “emotional.”


“It’s an emotional game,” Romo said. “You get to the end there, obviously, it’s not fun for any of us to lose a football game. It’s not an enjoyable process the way it ends, no matter how it ends. It’s always tough emotionally so it is what it is.”

Bryant had an excellent game prior to that, with 11 receptions for 153 yards and a touchdown.

But leaving his teammates at a low moment will make those stats fade from memory, and add context the next time he decides to make a spectacle of himself.

106 responses to “Dez Bryant walks off the field before game ended

  1. I noticed this. Why is it the Cowboys always attract such scumbag personalities? If you think about it, it seems to directly correspond to the Jerry Jones era. Water seeks its own level, I guess.

  2. Dez Bryant is the complete opposite of Jordy Nelson, & I couldn’t be happier about it.

  3. The level of selfishness this diva displays is only surpassed by the fact he sees nothing wrong with it. After the legit holding call on him, someone had to break the huddle to go get him as he was too busy throwing his arms in the air for the 6th time to notice his team was huddled up; he could have caused a delay of game!

  4. Bryant is just a selfish, immature guy. He was from the day he started there. No doubting his talent, but he’s never going to be a team player.

    How about run the ball a bit when you are up by 20+?

  5. Bryant’s actions yesterday define the Cowboy’s as they’ve been ever since Jerry (I’m the smartest guy in the room) Jones forced Jimmy Johnson out. Full of talent but absolutely zero discipline.
    Pass, pass pass with 4+ minutes to go when you’ve averaged 7 yards a carry. Nice coaching Jason! Romo with 2 completely disastrous picks in the final 3 minutes and it could have been 3 picks. Romo is a complete fraud. He’s Favre without nearly as much talent. Dumb play after dumb play. The pick to Shields? Why not just scramble to your left after you elude the rush? Looked to me like he could have gained a few yards and maybe kept the clock running too. Wouldn’t want that would ya? Guess it’s not pretty enough for JJ.
    Loved what Romo said after the game that they wanted to go with high % passes to keep the clock moving and prevent GB from getting the ball back. Is that why they went long to the little whiny b!tch Bryant? And to top it off Mr. All World QB, let’s love him unconditionally, under throws DB (yes it also stands for doouch bag) by 5 yards. God does this team suck!
    They get what they deserve.

  6. I think Randy Moss got killed because it appeared he didn’t care. At least Dez cares. Not saying it is an excuse, but I think people appreciate his passion for the game.

    If he can get ahold of his emotions, he will be a real beast on the field.

  7. Calvin Johnson survived 0-16 without a single diva like moment. No crying, no tirades, no walking off the field early.

    Dez can’t keep up on the field… or off it.

  8. Dez will have his suffering end after two more games,wonder if he will stick around till the end in those games.

  9. Dez, somehow the Football Gods put you together with the owner who deserves you and whom you deserve. I’m surprised you didn’t go home and beat up your mother, again. After all, it’s an “emotional game”.

    The icing on the cake, for those of us who despise the Cowboys, was Romo snatching defeat from the yawning jaws of victory, again. Great audible Tony. We will always remember it whenever we hear your name.

    When our favorite teams are not doing well and all seems gloomy, we have the Jerry, Dez & Tony Show to lift our spirits and put a smile on our faces.

  10. If i am Jerry i do everything to make Dez happy. Starting with moving on from Tony Romo, he wont get it done and he shows this everytime it matters.

  11. Win as a team, lose as a team. This boy is not worthy of being on a professional football team.

  12. Immature, self-destructive, unprofessional. These are the first 3 words I thought of when I saw Dez leave early. What a misguided but huge talent.

  13. Leaving his team at a low moment ? when in the last 15 years has there not been a low moment!! Dez is showing this Teams performance is not acceptable walking off the field is not either but this has to change the defense STINKS but the offense has to be able to keep drives going they didnt help that defense which you knew was beat up and STILL NAPPED THE WHOLE 2nd HALF

  14. Dallas:
    Great city, mediocre football team
    Dallas Cowboys:
    Middling talent, inferior management
    owner: Jerry Narcissus Jones
    GM: Jerry Diletante Jones
    HC: Ginger D. Puppet
    DC: Monte Yesteryear
    Team Motto:
    “Hype’d in August, Romo’d in December”
    Yearly Prospectus:
    August Super Bowl, December Toilet Bowl
    August inspirational, December interceptional
    On field jazzed, sideline dezzed.
    Fanbase Psychological Profile:
    August delusional, December suicidal
    Long Term Prospects:
    Jerry today, Jerry tomorrow, Jerry forever

  15. Game was over,he shouldn’t have done it but better him just go in silence than cause a scene.

  16. I don’t fault the guy. The cowgirls suck. he is on man, and can only do so much. You can’t expect Romo to pass 50 times a game, and expect his arm to stay strong the entire game. The run to pass ratio is ridiculous, and the problems stem from Jerky Jones all the way down to the lowliest benchwarmer. This is the definition of dysfunctional.

  17. Dez is confusing emotions with immaturity, Romeo will always be the choke artist, Garrett throws Romeo under the bus, Jerrah “can’t get firm every morning”, Dallas defense is AWOL, what a freakin’ train wreck

  18. Can you really blame him? Hes put there bustin his ass to try to win some games just for all the other scrubs on the cowboys to blow it. In my opinion, hes the only damn player on the team that plays with heart and actually seems to care about losing games all the time. He is the only cowboys player i have any respect for right now.

  19. Dez is a crybaby. Romo is a choke artist. Garrett is a terrible coach. Callahan and Kiffin are jokes of coordinators. Jerry Jones has runied this once proud franchise. His ego allows for no improvement because he wont get rid of the guys who clearly cant get the job done, because it’s obvious he wants to save face and look like he was right about hiring them. So hell keep trying them until they work, except they never will. As long as he is the GM with total team control this team is going nowhere. They wont even make the playoffs.

    I hate the Cowboys and am ashamed that I root for the circus they have become. I dont care about the losing, I care about the fact they have turned into the Jets of the NFC. Endless attention with nothing to show for it.

    Jerry, youre a fraud. Hang it up. Please.

  20. When does everyone quit giving this guy a free pass for being “emotional”? I’m emotional too, but if I stormed out of a meeting before it was over because my proposal didn’t win, I’d be “unemployed” as well.

    Classless move by a classless team and organization. Landry would have his butt on the bench…but then again Landry was actually calling the shots, not the owner.

  21. Dez is the only player on this team that puts in 100% every game, for it to end the way it did I would have left too. This game was all around bad coaching, no reason this team should have lost this game!! Bill Callahan, Jason Garrett shame on you guys!! This will definitely cost you guys your job! At least I sure hope so!!

  22. Now lets see if Jason Garrett (and J. Jones) has enough balls to do the obvious right thing…

    BENCH Diva Dez next week even though it’s a must-win game.

    No way they have the nerve though

  23. This whole situation defines the Cowboys, nothing will be done. Nice to have somebody like Bryant for your kids to look up to…………… what a joke this team is. Get Classy Dallas

  24. He storms off, he gets bashed. He throws a fit, he gets bashed. Frankly, I vote he storms off in this game. With DeMarco, Dez, and Witten about to go ape nuts, Dez being there could have escalated a fight.

  25. I’m gonna throw this out there as an Eagles fan.
    Dez may be brash and show his emotions but I highly doubt that he doesn’t want to win. If you watched that game yesterday you would see him celebrating big catches and plays from his teammates like he was a little kid just loving the game. You would see him out on the edge blocking hard for DeMarco Murray. It’s not often I find myself coming to the defense of a Cowboy but I think he is one of the ONLY Cowboys (Witten included) that has that true heart and takes the losses personally.

    I’ve seen too many statuses and comments elsewhere with people saying they wouldn’t want him as a teammate. I’d take his dynamic playmaker self on the Eagles any day of the week. And I’ll take his heart on there too. The guy just wants to win and has to be beyond frustrated to see Garrett and Co. continue to blow game after game after game.

  26. What a punk! Every other Cowboy stood there unil the game was over. He is a cancer. I don’t care if he caught 11 passes for 150 yards and a TD, but I would not have him on my team regardless of his production.

  27. Andre Johnson did the same thing against the Raiders earlier in the year and didn’t have nearly as good of a game as Bryant.

    Brady goes off on the side line its fiery passion
    Bryant its immaturity

    Johnson walks off its frustration from a long year
    Bryant its immaturity

    Funny how the media picks and chooses how to approach things.

    Besides its not like Bryant slammed his food trey and left his team…..

  28. “Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an excessive sense of self-importance, an extreme preoccupation with themselves, and lack of empathy for others.”

  29. Im sure he will get blasted all over the media for this But Not once did i hear people making a fuss About Andre Johnson doing samething after another Matt Schaub Int so please save it for someone who cares!!!

  30. I never played any sport professionally, but I played sports in youth, high school, college and adults leagues. NEVER did I walk away from my teammantes before the end of the game. Disappointment in him is an understatement. What he did was cowardice.

  31. I really don’t see why such a big deal is being made of this. The packers just had to take a knee and the game was over. It’s not like they had to actually run a play and dallas had any chance of getting the ball back

  32. Give Dez Bryant a break, this guy plays better than the Cowboys combined. He wants to win and it shows. He plays his heart out

    He’s sick of Romo the “media boy” giving away hard fought games just like every other Cowboy fan out there and then blaming it on receiver routes, just he used to blame Terrell Owens in his problems. He’s gotten so many good play makers fired, but in the end it, everybody know this guy cant play to win it all.

    He always tends to make mistakes when he’s about to get hit, anybody ever notice that?

    This Romo guy just doesn’t get it, does he?

    You could tell the Packers knew they were gonna win this game because of last minute interceptions. They were probably told to keep it close, so when Romo gives it away; they could strike and win.

    I am so fed up with the Cowboys, it’s not even funny.

    The Cowboys should get back Jimmy Johnson to straighten out the “stupid” that’s going on with the Cowboys.

  33. Team guys support their teammates, “me” guys do stuff like this. It doesn’t really matter what he says when what he actually does conflicts with his words. He is a talented guy but he needs to get his _____ together.

  34. Any Cowboys fan not sipping the KoolAid down there in Dallas saw this loss coming. Why? Because the first half score was about strong field goal drives. You can’t win a game relying on fgs when so much is at stake.

    Left to run errands at half time, came back to a buffered DVR and sure enough…another loss.

    Keep pumping money into Jerry’s pockets buying the game tickets and paraphernalia — and expect more of the same!

    Jerry Jones is insane. He continues to do the same thing over and over and expects diffract results.

  35. Andre Johnson did the same thing, and no one batted an eye. The previous comments about cowardice, or being sore losers is just ridiculous.

    He knew the game was over JUST LIKE my NFL licensed mobile app that sent me a notification of the FINAL score with over a minute on the clock.

  36. He knew there was no chance the cowboys would ever have a chance to win against the Green Bay Packers.

    He whines and cries like every other quitter when facing the intimidating dominance of the Green Bay Packers.

  37. Bryant had a great game, that TD catch was insane… but someone needs to teach the guy how to behave off the field. That was poor sportsmanship.

  38. Would not want him on my team. They should put him in his own room the rest of the season. He comes out last leaves first and cannot dress or be in the locker room with the other players. That should send him off the edge for sure.

  39. Andre Johnson just did this 2 weeks ago no one made him to be a bad guhy desean Jackson tries to fight his teamates yesterday and its no big deal yall are all just cowboys haters who love to hate on anything yall can find…

  40. I love how people come on here and make up narratives that don’t exist to prove points that make no sense.

    No one “batted an eye” when Johnson left the field early? It was reported by every media outlet I saw and discussed for days afterward. Plenty of people rightly crushed him for walking off the field and Bryant deserves to be crushed for it too.

    Randy Moss pretty much lost his job in Minnesota for walking off the field. It’s something you just don’t do.

  41. I will say that it doesn’t look good for him to do that. Makes it look like there are more problems (is that possible) in the locker room. But as a Cowboys fan, he seems like the only one who gives a damn about this mediocrity in Dallas. NOBODY else on that team shows any emotion or heart or act like they care to win. Coaching staff needs to go, defense needs an overhaul, and take a look at a QB project in the draft. This is getting old.

  42. Makes me wish GB would have fumbled so Cowboy Offense could run back on the field and everyone going “Where the Hell is DEZ?”

  43. All of you making negative comments about about Dez have probably never played for any kind of sports. I would be mad and did the same thing. To play hard and loose like this time after time after time because of dumb mediocre coaching. I think every other player on offense should have done the same to show the GM and HC/OC that they are tired of losing the way they do. The ones that didn’t just showed that they don’t care about winning and that they just care about collecting a paycheck! There are 31 other teams that would love to have Dez and his passion for winning, etc 49ers, Seahawks, Patriots, Miami, Washington to name a few

  44. It’s disgusting to see this border line prima Donna wear a Cowboys uniform. When the cowboys had Landry and staubach they were class. When they had jj and aikman they were efficient. Today the cowboys once the Tiffany of the nfl now look like a trailer park.

  45. moneyb73 says:
    Dec 16, 2013 10:00 AM
    All of you making negative comments about about Dez have probably never played for any kind of sports. I would be mad and did the same thing. To play hard and loose like this time after time after time because of dumb mediocre coaching.
    LOL I love this argument people try to make. I did play sports, but I wasnt a meathead crybaby. If you condone Dez’s behavior it doesnt mean you know sports and I dont, it just means when you played sports you had as poor an attitutde as he did with only a fracion of the talent.

    Dez is a diva, end of story. I’ve watched him play every snap in the NFL, and theres nothing else to it. He’s a locker room problem. Didnt say i didnt want him, but he still needs to grow up. Simple as that.

  46. I’m not gonna call anyone a lier, but I would be curious as to know which game Tom Brady walked off of earlier. Because if he did, then that was just as wrong as to what Bryant did.

  47. I love the Dez apologists on here making excuses for him. There is NO excuse, and there is NEVER a reason, to abandon your teammates and walk off the field before the game ends. Don’t give me this, “but he’s so talented” or “I’d have done the same thing” or “he’s just emotional” excuses. You win as a team, and you lose as a team. If Cam Newton had done this, all of you would be on here typing in all caps that he should be banned from the NFL for life.

    Of course, this is exactly the kind of behavior you expect in the Jerry Jones culture. HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS???????????

  48. To be honest, I’m surprised he didn’t punch Jason Garrett in the face before leaving this travesty. If I am disgusted to the point where I almost threw up my dinner after witnessing that disastrous last 5 minutes, then I can just imagine how bad Dez felt about it. At least he’s getting paid, though.

  49. It’s no shock that me first guys like dez and others like randy, Terrell never win big games. They have no heart. Part of being a leader is facing the bad times along with the good and being accountable.

  50. This guy has mediocre talent; sub-par on the skills of a top end WR. He’s not a Randy Moss nor Terrell Owens, in fact he’s not even on the level of Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, (Jason) Witten or Larry Fitzgerald. He’s garbage, Jerry Jones is garbage, Romo is overrated and so is the Dallas Cowboy’s mistique. Bryant should be playing in arena football, I’ll be surprised if he’s back next season. R.GIII and Romo should trade places.

  51. Funny – the fallout from this (and when Moss did it) is enormous. Which is fine. But why was Andre Johnson given a free pass when he walked off the field earlier during a loss after an argument with Matt Schaub?

  52. moneyb73 says:
    Dec 16, 2013 10:00 AM
    All of you making negative comments about about Dez have probably never played for any kind of sports. I would be mad and did the same thing. To play hard and loose like this time after time after time because of dumb mediocre coaching.

    Check your work before you post.

  53. moneyb73 says:
    Dec 16, 2013 10:00 AM
    All of you making negative comments about about Dez have probably never played for any kind of sports.

    What a ridiculous comment. So everyone in the world who plays sports would do what Dez Bryant did? That’s odd, because I’ve only seen three football players do it in my entire life. And I can’t remember seeing anyone do in the other professional sports at all.

    So I guess there are alot of athletes out there who, um, “never played any kind of sports”.

  54. I’m sorry, but I don’t get the comments on here about Dez. The man played his butt off. It was Romo who made bad decisions that LOST the game for them. There was nothing Dez could do at that point to win the game. It may not have been the best response…but what is the big deal that he left instead of the alternative – maybe telling Romo “You are an idiot and not worth the $$ you’re being paid”. Let this go…the focus should be on the Boys’ owner and Romo for messing it all up.

  55. These type of antics from Dez, are the main reason the Broncos chose Demarrius Thomas ahead of Bryant. Even though Bryant was the top rated WR in that years draft.

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