Dolphins announce Incognito’s suspension continues


As expected, Richie Incognito will remain suspended by the Dolphins until the conclusion of the NFL’s investigation into his alleged bullying of teammate Jonathan Martin, which isn’t expected to be completed until the offseason.

“The Miami Dolphins and Richie Incognito have agreed to maintain his suspension during the ongoing NFL investigation,” the team said in a terse statement released on Monday afternoon.

The fact that Incognito has agreed to continue the suspension is important because teams aren’t allowed to just suspend players indefinitely. Incognito’s suspension has already exceeded the maximum allowable four games, but Incognito is choosing not to fight it.

Incognito has been suspended for six games and now appears set to miss the final two, plus any postseason games the Dolphins may play. Martin has missed the last seven games since leaving the team because of alleged mistreatment.