Dolphins not talking about Incognito’s status


By all accounts and appearances, the Dolphins must make a decision today regarding guard Richie Incognito.  If they’ve made one, they’re not saying what it is.

During a Monday press conference following a thrilling win over the Patriots that gives Miami full control over their ability to qualify for the playoffs, coach Joe Phlbin declined to comment on Incognito’s status.

Incognito has been suspended for six weeks.  For the first two weeks, he wasn’t paid.  For the last four weeks, he has been paid.

Most believe that the Dolphins will pay Incognito for the final two games of the regular season but not bring him back to the team.  Incognito, however, must agree to that approach.  Incognito could choose to tell the Dolphins, “Bring me back or cut me loose,” which then would allow him to join another team.

Paid suspensions supposedly disappeared in 2006, thanks to a revised labor deal aimed at preventing teams from sending a player home with pay.  Although Incognito has agreed to be suspended with pay, the Dolphins have been able to stash Incognito for two weeks longer than the maximum allowable team-imposed suspension.  Now, by dangling another $470,000, they can keep him from joining another playoff contender for the homestretch.

While Incognito probably has concerns about forcing the issue given the NFL’s overriding ability to suspend him separately under the personal-conduct policy, at some point Incognito needs to take a stand.  Whether with the Dolphins or another team, he has a chance to do something he has never before done in nine NFL seasons.

Play in a playoff game and chase an NFL championship.

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  1. Both Martin and Incognito should be helping the Dolphins get to the playoffs and to win it. Or at least ONE of them should have been salvaged. Lots of problems and issues I know, but winning at football has to be a bigger priority and to figure out a way to not use either of these players is just not a good “football” strategy.

  2. We miss you in Miami Richie! All the hard work you did to help us to this point, all the mentoring you had to do that eventually bit you in the backside. You should be here.

  3. Even though they gave up some sacks yesterday I thought the Dolphin’s line played much better than the first game this year against the Pats.

    I don’t think the Fins want either Incognito or Martin back at this point.

  4. I don’t think the Dolphins care if they release him to go to another “contender.”

    They simply are focused on the players in the building and not feeding the media any more on this blown up story. You know they just won 3 in a row, right?
    That is all.

  5. At this point, it would be hard to imagine Incognito is in football shape. Why wouldn’t he sit at home and collect nearly half a million dollars watching TV and playing video games?

    And Miami has no incentive to bring him back. The last thing they need is to re-open a controversy that has died down. Not only that, the Dolphin offensive line has played it’s best football of the season since Incognito and Martin left.

    It may only be an improvement to mediocre from historically horrible, but the O-Line is good enough to win with as it stands now.

  6. Two quick points for earlier posters.

    The fins are 5-2 since Incognito and Martin left the team. A blown 10 pt half time lead vs Carolina keeps that from being 6-1.

    The Dolphins do control their destiny. Win out and they are 10-6. With tie breakers they get in.

    If they go 9-7 they still have a very diminished shot and need a lot of help.

  7. Ritchie got a very raw deal. He was trying hard to clean up his reputation this year and got thrown under the bus by the Big Sissy.

    I for one will miss him if he doesn’t come back and if he does, I’m buying his jersey.

    Thank you #68!

  8. “, at some point Incognito needs to take a stand. ”
    Why does Richie need to take a stand? Because you want him to wreck the Fins’ season now that they have moved on and gotten better?

  9. @ voiceofreason
    The Dolphins gained full control after the Bengals loss last night. If the dolphins win out they are the 6th seed. If the ravens lose we are in. If the ravens win out, they win the north and the Bengals and Dolphins will have the same record. The Dolphins have the head to head tie breaker. Make sense.

  10. v0ice0freason says: Dec 16, 2013 2:48 PM

    Can somebody please tell me how Miami has “full control over their ability to qualify for the playoffs”?…. still trying to figure that one out

    It was explained on the playoff scenario article by another poster (all credit to him/her not me 😉 ) that since Cincinnati lost last night; it no longer matters what happens with any other teams if the ‘Phins when out.

    If the ravens win out (including beating the bengals in the final week), then they take the AFC North and the ‘Phins win the Wildcard tie-breaker against the bengals (head-to-head victory).

    If the bengals beat the ravens in the final game, the Phin’s will have a better record than the ravens and again secure the final Wildcard slot.

  11. Richie sexually assaulted the golf course girl as much as the FSU QB assaulted the other girl. Never found guilty. Does he get a trophy too?

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