Justin Tucker 61-yard game-winning field goal give Ravens big win over Lions

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Justin Tucker was all the offense the Baltimore Ravens needed on Monday night to earn a critical victory over the Detroit Lions and keep control of their playoff destiny in the AFC North.

Tucker converted six field goals, but none bigger than a 61-yarder with 38 seconds to play, as the Ravens earned an 18-16 victory over the Lions.

Trailing 16-15 with just over two minutes to play, Joe Flacco connected with Jacoby Jones for 27 yards on a third-and-15 to move to the Lions 45-yard line. After two incompletions, Baltimore ran an inside handoff to Ray Rice for two yards to inch closer and set up a crucial decision for head coach John Harbaugh.

After calling their final time out, Harbaugh elected to send Tucker out to attempt a 61-yard field goal instead of trying to convert the fourth-and-8. Tucker’s attempt just fit through the lower right corner of the uprights to give the Ravens the lead. Matt Elam intercepted Matthew Stafford on the first play of the Lions’ final possession to seal the win for Baltimore.

Tucker converted field goals of 29, 24, 32, 49, 53 and 61 yards on the night. The 61-yard field goal is the longest of Tucker’s career, surpassing a 56-yard field goal made last season.

With the Ravens holding a 12-10 lead in the fourth quarter, Stafford made a puzzling decision to throw to a well-covered Kris Durham across the middle and was intercepted by Daryl Smith. The turnover led to a 53-yard field goal from Tucker to extend the Ravens lead to 15-10 with just over eight minutes left to play.

But Stafford bounced back at a critical time for the Lions. Detroit marched on an 11-play, 80-yard scoring drive to take the lead with just over two minutes remaining. Facing a third-and-9 in the Baltimore red zone, Stafford connected with tight end Joseph Fauria for a 14-yard touchdown over Smith in traffic to give Detroit a 16-15 lead.

A failed two-point conversion kept the lead at just one as Flacco and the Ravens took over with 2:14 left. The failed conversion would prove pivotal as Tucker’s field goal was enough to earn the victory and hand the Lions their fourth loss in five games.

The loss now gives control of the NFC North to the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, who each control their own destiny in the division.

231 responses to “Justin Tucker 61-yard game-winning field goal give Ravens big win over Lions

  1. Aaron Rodgers out for a big chunk of the one year Ted doesn’t shore up the backup QB position…. and the Lions and Bears are tripping and fumbling away the division.


  2. So much for all the comments about Johnson schooling Elam and scoring 3 td’s. Who made the last Stafford pick? That would be Elam. Lol. That’s why they play the games.

  3. Ravens EARNED the Win…

    Lions absolutely EARNED the LOSS…

    Congrats to Ravens – I don’t even want to hear any complaints about officiating… my Lions got what they deserved… period.

    Holy INT Stafford… Pathetic effort in a big game…

  4. Great finish on Ravens part, BUTTTTTTTTTTT given the egregious missed arm bar pass interference non call in favor of Ravens earlier in the game that probably would have netted the Lions 4 more points how can you take these games seriously!? You never know how things would have played out in that alternate reality BUTTTTTTTTTT, how can you take these games seriously anymore? I mean really!?

  5. That Jacoby Jones conversion on 3rd and 15 was the best offensive play of the game. Hats of to Tucker for having ice in his veins. Good game by the Lions and credit for fighting back.

  6. It looks like Megatron really may be getting old. Just kidding of course, but Elam did a decent job tonight IMO and at the very least, didn’t embarrass himself. Megatron is still the beast!

    And what can anybody say about Tucker? He is clutch and tonight kicking that 61-yard field goal was just amazing!

  7. Andy Dalton vs. Detroit Lions:

    135.9 QB rating – 372 yards

    3 td – 0 int – 0 fumbles

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “ELITE” joe flacco vs. Detroit Lions:

    70.3 QB rating – 222 yards

    0 td – 0 int – 1 fumbles

  8. Imagine the talent that is being wasted as the Lions continue to show up each week without a head coach to coach them.

    On another note the Steelers are 6-8 hahahaha

  9. As a Lion’s fan it is almost a relief because they absolutely have no right to win this division or any division for that matter. Their offense played like the game had no bearing on their season…

  10. Wow. Who would’ve thought that at this point not only the Bears, but even the Packers (!), would be in contention with the Lions for the Division title at this point? An improbable loss by the Lions, coupled by a close win by the Bears and an impossible win by the Packers. So goes our NFC North. You can call the NFL a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them. May the best team win!

  11. Title should say Ravens usher Jim Schwartz out of Detroit. Gruden sure sounded like he wanted the job during the broadcast.

  12. All these guys claiming that their team is “God’s Team”: the Ravens are either God’s team or Satan’s, because they somehow mange to win when no one thought they had a chance. A 61 yard field goal followed by a rookies’ first interception: what else can you say?
    “Yea, though we walk through the Valley of Death, we will fear no evil”. GO RAVENS!!!!!!

  13. Take that Megachump ! And everyone else with that “don’t wake a sleeping bear” babble.

    Old man strength ? Looks like Calvin needs some old school stickum ! lol

    P.S. Here we come Cinci !!!!

  14. Y’all mad hahahah that dude Tucker is a beast!!!

    Cue the complaints about the refs…guess what missed hold on Dumervil on the PI play that everyone is so obsessed with, and a low hit on Flacco…call it even!

  15. Bunch of cheap shot artists that play on Flacco was ugly, and its one thing, but the most disgusting part, was the Schwartz had 3 TOs and pulled a Dez Bryant and hung it. I don’t care what franchise you are, that’s uncalled for, especially in a game that means so much.

    Unlikely something happens.. yeah… but it was also unlikely that the Vikings Ravens game ended the way it did… and that GB would come back from that huge deficit.

    That guy doesn’t deserve to coach in the NFL/

  16. From on the brink of being out of it to just two wins away from NFC North Division champions…unbelievable!!! Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb returning. Go Pack go!!!!!

  17. Wow and wow again.

    We’re back to normal in the NFL North — the Bears and Packers fighting it out at the top, Detroit and Minnesota bringing up the rear.

  18. Very proud of the Ravens. Need to work on the “Red zone” offense but some really nice throws by Flacco on third down. The Lions were a tough opponent and almost pulled it out.

  19. From a Vikings fan: I feel for you, Detroit. I was really hoping that the Lions would take a decisive lead in the division this week, but you’ve still got time. Best of luck in the last two weeks, and I hope your team makes it to the post-season.

  20. The ravens sure are lucky the NFL hired that blind referee to conveniently miss that holding call on the ravens corner.

    A field goal wouldn’t have won it for the ravens.

  21. Did anyone get the feeling like the Lions played this game like they were trying to just run out the clock and get home ASAP? The playcalling was awful and then they don’t call a timeout on 4th down to save 30 seconds before the hottest kicker in the NFL tries for a long attempt?

  22. kudos to Baltimore. They straight out coached us!

    costly turnovers and penalties again!!

    Id just like to tell Schwartz and Linehan thanks for nothing. good luck in your careers but you need to go now!!

    id like to start a.petition to bring in Jon Gruden!!

  23. The Lions made many mistakes tonight, but the games need to be decided on the players mistakes, not by incompetent officials. Again a team fighting to make the playoffs got totally screwed by the refs. I hate the Lions, but the NFL officiating has become a pathetic joke. Never have so many games been influenced by the total incompetence of NFL officials. It is time to expand challenges to include all plays, including penalties or review everything from a central location, so as not to lengthen the games too much. Absolutely Pathetic.

  24. Oh no. Can you guys imagine if the Green Bay Packers come back to win the NFC North and get Aaron Rodgers back for the playoffs? I think I’m going to vomit.

  25. With this win it’s official…the Patriots missed the playoffs yesterday.

    Here’s the scenario:

    Miami wins out
    Ravens win out
    Cincy beats Vikings
    NE loses to Ravens and Bills

    And therefore
    MIA wins AFC East tiebreaker over NE due to better division record

    Baltimore wins AFC North due to H2H over Cincy

    Cincy takes Wildcard tiebreaker over NE due to H2H.

    NE is eliminated

    And guess what. That is exactly what is going to happen. Book it. The biggest choke in the NFL in years has begun.


  26. First off. I will give credit where it’s due. Hats off to justin tucker. HECK if a game.

    I don’t know where to begin after that. This game was terrible. It’s sad because coming into the season i really expected Stafford to shut the naysayers up. But each week he’s looking more and more like Andy Dalton. Product of a superstar WR. Like, what the heck are u doing stafford? We have ONE game where our defense played LIGHTS out and you put ur Eli Manning game on. So many terrible throws. The int intended for Durham may have been the WORST int i’ve seen in my entire life. He directly passed it to daryl Smith. And the i t to matt elam was also ugly. Calvin has to make key catches too.

    The ravens played absolutely awful on offense. I like the looks of Jonte Green. Notice how we were keeping up with WRs without houston?

    And lastly. Please cut Willie young & our entire coaching staff. Schwartz looks clueless and willie young is SO unproductuve. All he does is comit 5 yard penalties

    Overall, the lions deserved to lose this game. Get a grip stafford. Thumbs down me all you want for speaking the truth.

  27. The officiating needs a makeover. Time for full time officials and the ability to challenge PI calls. Some PI calls are more meaningful than a turnover.

  28. Ravens oline played well. Stafford had one of the worst games I’ve ever seen him play with the season on the line. The refs… Pathetic. Good game ravens.

  29. I thought Megatron was going to catch 90 passes for 10,000 yards tonight?

    He had what, 14 targets and caught 6 of them?

    Looks like Matt Elam got in his head.

  30. I think you meant to title this “officials shockingly inept, taint MNF”. I think there were horrible calls (and non-calls) both ways. Obviously the Durham no call comes to mind, especially since the zebra was in perfect position to watch it, but I remember thinking a few others were tragically bad calls for a part time employee making 400,0

  31. Can’t imagine Schwartz keeping his job. Best opportunity he will ever have for a division title and they just keep wetting the bed. The talent is there, but I don’t think he can out-coach McCarthy or Trestman with a healthy team. Reminds me a lot of Singletary in SF. Too many mishandlings from the coaching staff. Get this team disciplined and they are a perrennial contenders. I feel for ya Lions fans, I’ve been there. Nothing more frustrating than knowing you have the talent to get it done but keep falling off

  32. Wait… packers control their own destiny? Why would it say that? Ive been saying it for over a month… if the lions dont win the division this year, just blow it up. They’ll never win it.

  33. Normally you don’t want to gripe about the refs, but Gruden was prophetic about the non-call on Ladarius Webb for what was a clear pass interference on Chris Durham in the end zone, namely, that such non-calls can determine division titles and coaches’ careers. If I’m a Lion’s fan I’m legitimately ticked off about that. It mattered big time.

  34. What’s it going to take before this terrible coaching staff is fired? All they are are a bunch of enablers that have no interest in teaching discipline, they just want big hits and dirty play. Look at all those flags. Look at that unfocused play. Look at how the emotions get to them. Schwartz and company are a disgrace and if Detroit is going anywhere they need to dump them and that former stooge of Matt Millen, Martin Mayhew.

  35. Bad calls again went in our favor. Still, the refs didn’t make Calvin Johnson drop balls and Matthew Stafford throw pics. We need to get better but I think we’ll be in the playoffs for the 6th straight season when it’s all said and done and possibly win the division for the 3rd season in a row.

  36. Hit 27 straight entering the game? ☑
    Six out of six in this game? ☑
    Finish with a 61 yard field goal? ☑
    Imply 61 yarder was basically easy? ☑
    On his own fantasy team? ☑

    Is Justin Tucker ice cold? ☑☑☑

    Very cold.

  37. Stafford has the poorest fundamentals of any “elite” QB in the league along with poor decision-making. And yet he’s come this far (Megatron). Imagine what he could do if he had a legit QB coach/Off Coordinator.

  38. Stafford is incredibly overrated. If you take Megatron away from him, he can’t find receivers. Most of his long pass plays involve him chucking it up & Megatron either making a circus catch or knocking it away to prevent an INT.

  39. Not a terribly well played game by two mediocre teams. Stafford with his predictable end of game Tony Romo impersonation interception notwithstanding, Justin Tucker deserves props for nailing that clutch FG, and Harbaugh having the guts to let him attempt it. The good news is the Lions are once again self destructing in December, only this time, Schwartz is getting canned for being the terrible coach that he is and once again allowing his team to miss the playoffs. All that talent, and only one trip to the playoffs.

  40. Stafford’s mind is a jigsaw puzzle. He needs help and serious coaching assistance, but he isn’t getting it and as a result he sucks. He’s extremely overpaid and can’t come close to performing to his salary level. He has been making puzzling decisions ever since he has been drafted, and his accuracy is garbage every single game. We have to catch acrobatic passes nearly every time, and it’s no wonder why we are always near the top in dropped passes because he makes it very difficult for our receivers.

    It’s miserable being a Lions fan and getting stuck having to watch Stafford QB this team every week. I really appreciated Gruden’s commentary on bringing some of these issues to light, but he let Stafford off the hook on some of his miscues today, but wow what a breath of fresh air to hear somebody like Gruden calling a Lions game instead of Billick who is just horrible. Billick actually suggested that QBs actually prefer not to have a Hail Mary chance at halftime, because it’s more likely to hurt their stats with an INT and that makes it not worth it for a chance to score. That’s coming from a former HEAD COACH! They actually PAID him to be an NFL coach at one point in time!

  41. I never thought I’d ever say Florio was right, but Florio is right. The Lions stink.

    Can’t blame Schwartz for the 3 Ints and the drops. Coaches can only coach. Players have to play.

    The refs were awful. Bring back the replacement officials! But, the refs aren’t the reasons the Lions lost. Bottom line, the Ravens are a better team and wanted it more.

  42. Good game. There were some bad no calls but the Lions had opportunities but failed to convert them. Can’t wait to hear the Ravens talk about how the refs were right. Esp the ones that kept saying there was a no call on the steelers hitting the punter. that was one call not however many you guys got

  43. Say what you want about the Ravens but don’t ever question their heart or their will to win. I love my team! Often times it’s not pretty but they fight and they never give up and as a fan that’s all I can ask for. Any team in the NFL can win it all but often times the difference between winners and losers is their mindset and the Ravens are just stone cold tough! They’re resilient and they never say die. Good Game Ravens. You make us proud.


  44. That second pick by Stafford tho, a couple of buddies of mine were watching the game we just looked at each other and shook our collective heads,,, this guy stinks lol.

  45. Diss kickers all you want…but Justin Tucker was a straight-up assassin tonight! And this is coming from a Patriots fan. It’s sort of sad because any other single football player, outside of a kicker, to score 18 points in a prime time NFL game by himself would be elevated to near-God status. This fan is happy to see that there’s still some ‘foot’ left in football.

  46. he put da team on his back doe!!!!!!!! 61 yard field goal to win the game. Name anyone you would trust kicking that field goal besides Matt Prater? #justintuckerisprobablythebestkickerintheleague

  47. Is it me or are the Raven’s are getting hot – just like last year? They fix that redzone offense and they may win a playoff game or two (if they make it).

    Hats off to Calvin Johnson, dude was taking a beating and showed great fortitude.

    Justin Tucker, kicking for the cycle (from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s). Makes that TO Jimmy Schwartz called in the first quarter trying to ice him seem silly.

  48. Very good game with Tucker, Jones, and Flacco delivering another AFC North message to the NFC North. Another delivery scheduled for next week when the Steelers visit Green Bay.

  49. The Lions lost that game in a very Lions-esque way, but they officiating was atrocious (particularly the back judge on the top of the screen), interesting if the NFL makes any comments about them.

  50. My Ravens compatriots- great win. But we didn’t beat the Lions- the Lions beat the Lions. We’ll take that on the road but this is the 2nd prime time game we won with a field goal war. We HAVE to change our redzone schemes if we want to go far….

    As for the Ref complainers- we got away with a big one or two- but the hit on Stafford on the first drive: garbage. Hit on Joe’s knee- Brady, Manning or Ben would have gotten that. But not “Jump Ball” Joe who is made of nails.

    We survive another week but aren’t going to go deep with this. Shout out to Jimmy Smith, Ozzie “Bust”.

  51. Correction, the refs gave the Ravens the big win over the Lions. I mean really, the pass interference play of the year, Webb totally gripping the receiver’s arm, right in front of everyone, and no call. It doesn’t get any more blatant.

    But hey, no doubt Flacco’s historic six field goal performance set the tone for greatness yet again.

  52. Every time I look up at the end of the game stafford has 3-4 INTS and an L. The lions were in PERFECT position to clinch this division with both the packers and bears vulnerable from injuries, and they’ve choked it away Dallas cowboy style. However, the ravens had A LOT of help from the refs this game no question. That crew has been garbage all year. Here’s a hint: did one arm go up? Was his other arm being held down? Its PI.

  53. Unbelievable. Give the ravens the Lombardi trophy now. They have got to be the worst team that never seems to lose.

    Doot doot doo. Doot doo doo doo. Livin the semi charmed kind of life.

  54. Ho ho ho…it’s great being a Lions fan. For Christmas this year, all I want is Lovie Smith (or any experienced non-upstart coordinator) to replace Schwartz. Pack your bags, Jimbo.

  55. Shout out to bush, flacco, smith and ford…even though the game wasn’t huge they got me into my fantasy football championship. That money is mine!!

  56. Great game for drama. You couldn’t tell who wanted it and that’s a shame.. The Lions really gave up at the end, true to their character or lack there of. I’m sure we’re going to hear all the crying about the refs were on the Ravens side and missed calls. The fact is Calvin Johnson didn’t show up. Stafford is another Tony Romo when it comes to crunch time. He had all day to throw including his sidearms but never did all his progressions. The Ravens secondary was good but the D line was mediocre. They failed to run more on the Ravens in the 4th. And the Lions Special Teams were not so special. It’s over for the Lions this year. Schwartz will get another reprieve. Johnson will ask for a trade.

  57. The NFL darlings get more PI when they need it and yet the other team does not….4th win this year given by the refs…..

  58. If the ravens continue to win (especially in the fashion that they have been) and eventually make it to the Super Bowl, how much of a case could be made for Justin Tucker to be named AFC MVP?

  59. Schwartz needs to go. That team has so much potential it’s rediculous they have the amount of talent as a 12-4 team does and are probably going to go 9-7. They have good backs but fail to go under center and power teams over on third and ones when they need it. Stafford is only so good. Megatron is megatron but he needs another big play guy to compliment him… Stafford can’t throw to him all the time. They commit dumb penalties and turn the ball over at the worst times they are so undisciplined. I’m not a flacco fan in the least but he showed some resolve coming back in after the hit. They are so one dimensional though and without the weapons I don’t think they are a contender. I’m a bit worried about next week though. We need to win this game and the ravens have a great defense. Props to jimmy smith.. He played a whale of a game on megatron

  60. Jon Gruden noted that Stafford has a $93 million guaranteed contract?

    Every time I see him, he makes Romo look like Joe Montana. No wonder guys want to get to the Bigs, in any sport. Mediocrity will make you a multi-millionaire.

  61. Terrible officiating. TERRIBLE!

    How can they call themselves officials, these clowns? And this is coming from an Eagles fan who was relatively neutral regarding both teams, just wanting to see a good game. The officiating made me angry to the point where I changed the channel because it became a farce. Imagine what things are gonna be like in a few years! Just terrible.

  62. It took considerable effort by the REFs to give the game to the Ravens. Pathetic.

    If your gonna cheat (and the NFL is gonna cheat), at least make the obvious calls correctly and screw Detroit on a later play. The entire game was officiated horribly.

  63. Ravens win yet again because of penalties that should not have been called and penalties that should have been called but were not called. If they make the playoffs they will not go anywhere, 1 and done. THE NFL NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE REFS! THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH DECIDING WHO WINS GAMES!

  64. Congrats to all Raven fans. I assume you were on the edge of your seats. It was a hard fought victory.

  65. Just watched the highlights – Jumpball Joe at his best drawing the PIs.

    Horrible missed PI on the Ravens in the end zone.

    This is why everyone hates the Ravens.

  66. Could there possibly be a team that has given away their season more the the Lions. It was virtually handed to them with all the injuries in that division. Epic fail!

  67. This is how i view this game. The defense came out and talked the talk and walked the walk. The offense had 6 solid drives that they couldnt turn into 7’s and settled for 3’s. The defense came through and made plays, interceptions and shut down the 6th most potent offense in the league, on the road, on primetime, in a big time game for both teams. The Ravens have showed some real grit the last few weeks, had a couple lucky breaks, but have taken advantage of what is given to them. Ray Rice blocked his little heart out and was a real hero if you watched closely, wow. Joe Flacco constantly gets it done, and he still gets hated on, but we all know its cause he cant be on your fantasy football squad, so of course you dont like him. This isnt coincidence. This is the Baltimore Ravens. They win BIG GAMES. instead of “Jump Ball Joe” i think you haters need to change it up to “BIG GAME JOE”

  68. So the Ravens barely beat the Lions and couldn’t even score a TD…..yea u guys are really going far….LOL!!!

  69. The Lions are pathetic. So much talent, yet can’t put it together for a win, at home, against an average Raven team.

  70. I tell ya people devalue the importance of the kicker in real football and fantasy but when you are down 20 points and your kicker gets you 22 it makes you think they are the most important position on a NFL team. Wow!! A 61 yarder is HUGE!!

  71. Certain teams remain cursed in this league, Detroit is certainly one of them. Can’t get outta the way of themselves. This isn’t gonna bode well for Schwartz when they miss the playoffs. Chicago’s got the slight edge in the division for now until the decision on Rodgers is made. I’d like to assume he’ll be back this week but I’ve thought the past 2 weeks he’d play.

  72. non call on ravens in the endzone cost the lions dearly. probanly the division. got to hand it to the kis. one helluva kick. would have been good from 65

  73. Ahhhh..See the difference in coaching from Harbaugh as opposed to Jason Garrett or Schwartz…I hate the Ravens more than life itself, but Harbaugh made Schwartz look like a 3rd Grader on the last drive of the game….hang on to those 3 time outs Schwartz…..idiot

  74. So Stafford threw an interception to end the game??? Wonder if he will be crucified like another QB was for doing that Sunday? And no I am not talking about Brady who did that as well Sunday

  75. Seconed week in a row that the Ravens have been given an assist. Will the NFL be calling Detroit today? Maybe a Raven will be holding their arm so they can’t dial.

  76. I had no horse in that race. That was a great kick, however the game was won early on when the zebras threw two phatom flags (in a row) aginst the Lions…then ignored P I calls against the Ravens.

  77. I don’t want this to sound like sour grapes, but it is getting really old watching the referees incompetence have so much of an effect on the games. Last week against Philly, 2 phantom penalties against the Lions changed the momentum of the game entirely. This week, the phantom facemask against Green and then the no-call on an obvious interference penalty committed by Baltimore in the end zone led to a 7 point swing against the Lions. Granted they should have overcome the penalties, but at least call the game fairly.

  78. The NFL gave the Ravens another gift last night. As if last years Super Bowl win for Atlanta Ray Lewis was not enough, the NFL gave the Ratbirds a win last nite… due the more inept refs. The NFL is turning into the WWE.

  79. At the beginning of the season everyone wrote off the Ravens. (Everyone except Ravens fans, of course.) “Experts”, “Pundits”, and haters. Well…the Ravens are 8-6, and even if they lose out and only finish .500, they have exceeded most expectations. (i.e. They lost too many leaders; they are in a rebuilding mode; they can’t win with Flacco, etc.)

    Oh…and Tucker is clutch!!!

  80. Elam didn’t back up anything. Megaton just had the dropsies.

    And how do you let half a minute tick off and not call a timeout to give your team a chance to comeback without having to heave Hail Marys? Inexcusable, coach choked! regardless if they went for it on 4th down or not you have to give yourself a little more insurance in that situation. Half these coaches don’t seem to know how to manage the clock….

  81. The low hit on Flacco was cause by the o-line, the guy was shoved down and into the direction of Flacco. The defender didn’t do anything excessive to make sure he hit Flacco low.

  82. Funny, Lions fans have the most reason to feel disappointed, yet they show class. Meanwhile, steeler fans continue the irrational hate.

  83. This board is ridiculous, did no one ever play sports in reality? The refs, umpires, judges, should never be blamed. If Detroit does it’s job and puts up 35 then none of those calls even matter. From what I saw on NFL network it was near even on missed calls, hell there is a hold every play when Detroit was running stunts they just choked.

  84. Let’s play a game: Find the Elite QB. One of these QBs is elite; the others are not. Find the elite QBs numbers from this week.

    QB1: 30/48, 428 yds, 3 TDs, 1 INTs
    QB2: 26/35, 382 yds, 2 TDs, 1 INTs
    QB3: 20/38, 222 yds, 0 TDs, 0 INTs
    QB4: 25/37, 312 yds, 3 TDs, 0 INTs

    If you picked QB3, you found the Flacco! Sorry Foles, Cassel and Tannehill, you just aren’t good enough.

  85. That was a great hard fought game. I’ll certainly admit that the officiating was awful. There were missed calls on both sides, but it ended up being in the Ravens favor. Sucks Lions fans, and I really wish it was different, but I’ll take the win.

    Joe did just enough again. No TD which sucks, but no int which was probably better. The entire secondary played really well. Jimmy Smith is a pro bowler. Elam got his first int, but should still talk less before the game. The running game still sucks. The O line actually played much better, in pass pro against a great D line. It seemed like they got some good, legal, hits in on D and made them pay for every catch. Good physical D.

    And Tucker… wow… amazing… Ravens MVP. Whoever came up with “Legatron” That’s awesome. Now on to the Pats. One game at a time, hope it’s a good one.

  86. Again, why did Florio take the Lions to go to the NFC Title game???

    Time to put Schwartz on the hot seat!!!!

    He’s gotta go!!!

    While he has to pack his bags, dump Ndamakung Suh too!!!!!

    They both stink when you want to rely on them!!!

  87. Yes the Packers DO control their playoff future. While the Bears are 1/2 game in front of the Pack for now, that will change in 12 days when the Aaron Rodgers led Packers go into Chitown and beat down Cutler and Da Bears. Deal with it. Kind of reminds me of the scene from Tombstone when Doc Holiday (the Packers) confronts Ringo (Da Bears), Ringo was crappen his drawers.

  88. doctorrustbelt says:
    Dec 16, 2013 11:58 PM
    Andy Dalton vs. Detroit Lions:

    135.9 QB rating – 372 yards

    3 td – 0 int – 0 fumbles

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “ELITE” joe flacco vs. Detroit Lions:

    70.3 QB rating – 222 yards

    0 td – 0 int – 1 fumbles

    Andy Dalton 0 SB MVPs
    Joe Flacco 1 SB MVPs

    Most road playoff victories
    Andy Dalton, no playoff victories.

  89. re: thegenoatkinsdiet:

    QB1: 0 Superbowl wins
    QB2: 0 Superbowl wins
    QB3: 1 Superbowl win and MVP win
    Q4: 0 Superbowl wins

    Sorry Foles, Cassel and Tannehill, you just aren’t good enough.

  90. Let’s play a game: Find the Elite QB. One of these QBs is elite; the others are not. Find the elite QBs numbers from this week.

    QB1: 30/48, 428 yds, 3 TDs, 1 INTs
    QB2: 26/35, 382 yds, 2 TDs, 1 INTs
    QB3: 20/38, 222 yds, 0 TDs, 0 INTs
    QB4: 25/37, 312 yds, 3 TDs, 0 INTs

    If you picked QB3, you found the Flacco! Sorry Foles, Cassel and Tannehill, you just aren’t good enough.


    Who cares about stats, it’s about wins. That’s the only stat that ultimately matters.

  91. doctorrustbelt says:
    Dec 16, 2013 11:58 PM
    Andy Dalton vs. Detroit Lions:

    135.9 QB rating – 372 yards

    3 td – 0 int – 0 fumbles

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “ELITE” joe flacco vs. Detroit Lions:

    70.3 QB rating – 222 yards

    0 td – 0 int – 1 fumbles
    Funny, I didn’t see you on any threads after that embarrassing defeat against the steelers, but here you are again trying to rip on last years super bowl mvp. Regular season stats mean nothing, what have you guys done in the playoffs…? Can’t wait to see you guys in week 17 where all of this will be decided. Until then keep getting your shots in because we all know you’re scared.

  92. Bet all you Flacco haters just loved listening to Gruden and Tirico praise Flacco’s arm strength over, and over, and over.

    This game is why I am a fan. Underdogs all the time but they get it done, when it matters most, any way they can.

  93. “patriotinvasion says: Dec 16, 2013 11:56 PM

    Despite a former #1 overall pick at QB, Reggie Bush, and freakin Megatron, the Lions just can’t put it together when they have to. #WastedTalent”

    Let’s not forget first round picks TE Pettigrew, DT in Suh and Fairley, LDE Ansah, LT Reiff, and they also have A LOT of second round picks on the team as well.

  94. deathonwings410 says:
    Dec 17, 2013 10:58 AM
    Let’s play a game: Find the Elite QB. One of these QBs is elite; the others are not. Find the elite QBs numbers from this week.

    QB1: 30/48, 428 yds, 3 TDs, 1 INTs
    QB2: 26/35, 382 yds, 2 TDs, 1 INTs
    QB3: 20/38, 222 yds, 0 TDs, 0 INTs
    QB4: 25/37, 312 yds, 3 TDs, 0 INTs

    If you picked QB3, you found the Flacco! Sorry Foles, Cassel and Tannehill, you just aren’t good enough


    Oooo, I like this game! Bet you can’t guess which QBs had these stat lines this past weekend….

    1. 29/48, 358 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs
    2. 34/55, 364 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT
    3. 12/20, 166 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs
    4. 27/41, 289 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT

    If you’re stumped, here are the answers:

    1. Tony Romo
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Philip Rivers
    4. Peyton Manning

    So what exactly is the point in picking and choosing a QB’s stat line on a random weekend in the NFL season?

  95. not a Ravens fan, nor a hater, but this is deja-vu all over again. I can’t see the Pats doing well next week, wouldn’t matter if at home or away, and a big season finale with the Bengals with the Ravens having all types of momentum going forward. I don’t see anything stopping it, ‘cept the dreaded injury – which fate controls anyways.

  96. @Steelcurtain:

    Do you REALLY want to talk about the POST SEASON? Dude…at least TRY to have some class. I know it’s difficult…but TRY. Okay? Thanks.

    The last three years for the Steelers:

    1. 2011: One and done. To TEBOW. Nuff said?
    2. 2012: Home on the couch.
    3. 2013: Home on the couch.

    Post season? Buwhahahahahahah!!!!!

  97. You barely won a game in ugly fashion to stay alive and I’m suppose to believe that Flacco and the Ravens are elite? Raven fan is as delirious as Chief fan. Flacco got hot at the right time last year. He isn’t elite talent. Hell Josh Freeman went through hot streaks to. No worries you won’t go deep this year

  98. lionsftw says:
    Dec 17, 2013 9:24 AM

    Great game by the refs, Ravens couldnt have won without them! Worst officiating ever….

    The refs missed calls that went both ways. The Packers overcame some terrible calls the other day when they had all sorts of momentum. Then got an offsides penalty when you could tell the OL flinched.

    They overcame it.

    I am just glad this game was on MNF, cuz I think if it was Sunday after noon it would have finished differently.

    Old Man Megatron wasn’t quite himself, and neither was Stafford.

  99. What about that ridiculous unnecessary roughness on Elam when Stafford dropped to the ground (slid). Without that penalty you can take away your first TD.

  100. “steelcurtainn says: Dec 17, 2013 11:00 AM

    There goes the Ravens early christmas gift. Field goals won’t cut it in the post season.”

    Dear steelcurtainn,

    Please see the Ravens trip to the 2000 superbowl championship which was won via the leg of Matt Stover, the mouth of Shannon Sharpe, and the sheer willpower of Ray Lewis.

    Thank you and have a lovely holiday season.

  101. “Fantasy Football Consultant says: Dec 17, 2013 12:14 PM

    You barely won a game in ugly fashion to stay alive and I’m suppose to believe that Flacco and the Ravens are elite? Raven fan is as delirious as Chief fan. Flacco got hot at the right time last year. He isn’t elite talent. Hell Josh Freeman went through hot streaks to. No worries you won’t go deep this year”

    Flacco’s “hot streak” has gone on for 5 years now in a row and has a chance to go on for a 6th straight season of playoff appearances. I don’t think The Chiefs ever did that with Alex Smith, I don’t think Josh Freeman ever did that.

    The wonderful thing about the playoffs is that the regular season no longer matters. You have to be in it to win it…just like the lottery. The Ravens won the superbowl championship on shoddy offense, a great kicker, and an elite defense in 2000. We have a suspect offense but a MUCH better QB in Flacco over Dilfer, a great kicker, and a defense that is very good but not elite.

    And isn’t that how greatness is defined? Winning through adversity, getting hot at the right time? Getting your team to post season play, and then winning the biggest game of them all?

  102. shaggytoodle says: Dec 17, 2013 12:15 PM

    “Old Man Megatron wasn’t quite himself, and neither was Stafford.”

    No, Stafford was actually playing like himself and that is the main reason why the Lions lost that game. Calvin Johnson had a bad game for sure, but he looked banged up even before the game started. A 100% healthy Megatron probably destroys the Ravens secondary. Big man looked slow and then hobbled after he was taking big shots from Ihedigbo and Elam all night long. Hats off to Jimmy Smith who played him physical all night long.

  103. Who knows how the game would have played out if the penalty was called. It was too early in the game to tell. You simply just can’t tack on the points to the final score and say that is how it would have ended. C’mon doctorrustbelt…you’re smarter than that..aren’t you?

    But what I do know is Ray Rice “took a knee” instead of strolling into the endzone for a TD at the end of the game when the Lions were sitting on 3 time outs and were desperately trying to get the ball back.

  104. @thegenoatkinsdiet …

    It would be very difficult for any player to target another’s neck while they’re running at full speed on a punt return. And sorry, but I don’t consider Mike Pereira the infallible authority on what Garvin was targeting. No, it is not a rookie linebacker’s job to know the position of each player on a punt return.

    Punters and kickers are considered defenseless when in the act of kicking. When they choose to defend on the runback, they become part of the special teams defense unit and thus are fair game for blocking. That is and always has been the rule. If they don’t want to get hit, they need to run off the field.

    I have never said it was a clean hard hit. It was an unnecessary hit. A simple shove would have removed Huber from posing any threat to Brown. I don’t like fining players after the fact because it does nothing to change what happens on the field. But I have no problem with the league fining Garvin if that’s what they choose to do. A suspension is overkill. No one suspended Ngata for deliberately slamming Roethlisberger in the face, breaking his nose. It’s a rough sport.

  105. I just saw Drew Brees 6’0″ quarterback sneak, twice today Big Ben 6’5″ on fourth and inches got cute. Shameful and disgraceful!

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