Mistakes continue to plague the Lions

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Mistakes have plagued the Lions for years, and their big Monday night meeting with the Ravens is no exception.

Baltimore took a 9-7 halftime lead on the strength of three Justin Tucker field goals in the second quarter, and the Lions’ defensive penalties were a big help to the Ravens’ offense. An offside on defensive tackle C.J. Mosley, a facemask on cornerback Jonte Green, a defensive pass interference on cornerback Don Carey and a helmet to helmet hit on safety Louis Delmas all helped the Ravens’ offense.

Mistakes also came from an unlikely source in Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, who had two costly dropped passes. After scoring a touchdown on their first drive, the Lions’ offense was ineffective the rest of the first half.

If Lions coach Jim Schwartz has anything left to say to his players to get them to stop making mistakes, this halftime would be a good time to say it. Schwartz is coaching for his job, and the Lions look undisciplined.

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  1. Maybe Elam was right? On a positive note, Lynn Swann just gave CJ his blessing, so he has God’s wishes on his side. The Steelers are rooting for the Lions to ruin the rats. Suffocate! Suffocate!

  2. Despite the mistakes, it has been a good first half. Detroit is hanging in there and it’s still anybody’s game. It’ll probably be decided by a turnover or two. A nailbiter, to say the least.

  3. That personal foul call on Detroit was awful…Flacco threw that ball up with his eyes closed and was baild out AGAIN by the refs

  4. when did the shoulder pad become part of the face mask?

    I’m not normally one to complain about officiating, but come on.

    I’m not just talking about tonight, the refs have been terrible all season, but 2 of those calls tonight were an absolute joke.

  5. “ELITE” joe flacco is a proving that he is a powerhouse against the Lions 26th ranked PASS Defense.

    “ELITE joe flacco vs. Detroit Lions:
    77 QB rating

    Andy Dalton vs. Detroit Lions:
    135.9 QB rating

  6. TOP 3 Teams For Bogus Calls and/or Favorable No-Calls:
    1 (tie) new england patriots
    1 (tie) pittsburgh steelers
    1 (tie) baltimore ravens

  7. Great job refs not calling the obvious arm bar interference by the Ravens in the end zone… and yes, blackngold, Flacco tossed up another blind jump ball and his pals the refs helped out again! I guess they feel sorry for him that Boldin’s not around anymore.

  8. Mistakes continue to plague the referees.

    Too bad they robbed the Lions of that PI call in the end zone. Lions were forced to settle for the FG

  9. I think it’s great the way the top NFC North teams are all valiantly battling to the final weeks of the season for a glorious playoff berth. The Lions, Bears and Packers are each a credit to the proud history of the Black and Blue Division. and to the NFL community.

    And then there are the hapless and tasteless Vikings.

  10. Wow, really???

    A blatant PI in the endzone and the refs just let it go because it would have hurt the baby Ravens. Like normal, the Ravens can’t win without their 12th man in pinstripes. smh

  11. Nothing says Steeler fandom better than abandoning your team on Sunday night, but showing up to PFT on Monday night to whine about the refs in the Ravens game. Love it!

  12. I’m the first guy to say I can’t stand fans whining about poor officiating. Having said that, this season is horrendous. The league needs to get control of it and fast. This could cause the Lions to lose the gam….. Whats that? Stafford just threw a pick? Oh well. There you have it.

  13. Jump ball Joe in action.

    But the Lions are also probably the most undisciplined team in the league. Do they have the most penalties this year does anyone know ?

    Schwartz seems to have an inability to exert any control at all over his players.

  14. Another topical Lions loss. We lose to an inferior team by beating ourselves.

    That and the refs giving the Ravens the calls. No PI in the endzone was a horrible call and changed the the entire game. Our defence played great but our offence showed why we won’t go anywhere.

  15. All you people complaining about a PI…go watch the play. Dumervil was being killed by the tackle with a hold, and you didn’t get called on the low hit on Flacco…call it even!!!

  16. Completely unreal. How do Lions fans stomach this product? The North was gift wrapped for them this year and they just lost it. Don’t get me wrong or anything the rest of the North is grateful to the Ford family for being so completely incompetent. I don’t think it will ever get any easier than it was this year for the Lions so best of luck once you get a new coach in ten years.

  17. Forget the officiating… that’s a cop out.

    Same Old Lions… again again again

    The Lions are the BEST in the NFL at finding multiple ways to LOSE… week in and week out

    How about a game with more TDs and INTs from Stafford when it’s needed most???

    Week in and out… sails passes over receivers heads… behind… at their feet. If CJ wasn’t 6-5, he wouldn’t be able to catch passes from him either.

    How about play calling that puts you in a position to win??? Pass plays on two 3rd and short???

    Not enough offense…
    Not enough defense…

    = LOSING = Schwartz Coaching = Team Tradition

  18. Mistakes continue to plague the Lions

    The first one was hiring Schwartz, the avalanche followed.

    Even though you fans want to make it sound one sided but you forget about dirty shots like the one Flacco got, ad its one thing, but the most disgusting part, was the Lions had 3 TOs and pulled a Dez Bryant and hung it. I don’t care what franchise you are, that’s uncalled for, especially in a game that means so much.

    Unlikely something happens.. yeah… but it was also unlikely that the Vikings Ravens game ended the way it did… and that GB would come back from that huge deficit.

  19. The Bears get a gift from the Lions. Beat the Eagles and the Packers and this 10 and 6 season is a play-off spot.

  20. Good job Tucker, Jacobs, and Flacco. Go Ravens all the way ! AFC North rules even when Steelers struggle (they’ll be back next year).
    Steelers Fan

  21. Complain all you want about the refs. 3 picks from the Lions and 0 turn overs for the ravens was the difference.

  22. So Packer fans aren’t allowed to seethe with hatred over the fail mary, but a team at home throwing 3 interceptions/dropping passes can use the “Gerrh! Refs!” excuse?

  23. It’s one thing to go out of your way to mention the mistakes, but no mention of the horrendous officiating? The bad calls impacted the game more significantly than any mistakes. Grow a pair…. or ask your mommy to borrow hers.

  24. The officiating had nothing to do with Megatron dropping passes all game. He is good, but not better than Jerry Rice.

  25. Regardless of the officiating the Lions had every opportunity to win the game. With that offensive talent, they should have put up 30 points. The refs failed to make the proper call on the PI. However, what about all the other drives that resulted in an interceptions or punt? Lions are the NFC version of the Bengals. Cant get over the hump and never will. Megatron should demand a trade and play for the 49ers or Patriots.

  26. Ok – to the squealer fans – ain’t that a shame, there’s tears in my heart for you.

    To the one benGal fan who posts. You may have talent, but you have no heart and a will of bubblegum. You had a chance on national tv to make a statement and basically you went weewee down your collective legs.

    Marvin and Andy come up small again and all flacco does is win. That is the difference between a team that is mentally tough like the ravens and your team which is talented but soft.

  27. As a Ravens fan here, the PI blown call is very true. Clearly Web went WWF with the arm bar. But let me bring my Baltimore Orioles up for an example. Jim Johnson blew 10 saves this year that cost us the playoffs. Everyone says “1 player can’t cost you a game.” Well, you can when the “team” gets you to the ninth with the lead. The Lions had the lead. The LIONS gave up the 3rd and 15 to JJ. The play Joe got injured on, EVERY ex-official, player, commentator after the game said it should have been called. C’mon man…the SB champs aren’t going away quietly.

  28. What a bunch of cry babies, what about the blatant low hit on Flacco? If that was Manning, Brady or Brees it would have been called in a second! The defenseless receiver call against the Lions, really should have been PI, dude was not even looking for the ball. Give me a break, refs screw up calls on both sides. There were a lot more penalties the Lions could have been called for tonight. The hit on Staffords slide was insane, defender was already committed to the tackle before he began his slide. Zzzzz

  29. As we welcome Detroit to third place in the division, allow me to share tise quote from ‘johnelwayishorsefaced’:

    “They (the Bears) really don’t need to worry about the playoffs. The Lions will blow the Ravens out tonight at a very loud Ford Field and then beat the Giants and Vikings to go 10-6 and win the NFC North.”

    Just say neigh.

  30. Lions should be better then they are. They should have buried the Packers when they had the chance now look where they are at. Totally undisciplined.

  31. on the one hand, of course im happy the ravens won. but the officiating was atrocious. how did the refs call some of the ones they call and miss some easy ones. congrats to the ravens and great game lions fans
    drrustbelt…big difference between flacco tonite and dalton last nite…turnovers
    ampats…classyjack. give it up. steelers are 5 and 9

  32. lionsuberalles says:
    Dec 16, 2013 10:50 PM
    The officiating is wretched.


    Goodell wanted to replace the refs last year with ones that were full time and were accountable for their calls.

    Everyone in the media and many fans beat Goodell unmercifully over his desire for better officiating.

    In the end the media and the fans won out and got the old refs back with no accountability for calls.

    Everyone and i mean everyone who bashed Goodell last year over the referees owes him a HUGE apology.

  33. The Ravens showed the league how to contend with Megatron. Put a big corner on him (something Ozzie Newsome ALWAYS looks for in the draft, Chris McAlister was 6’1” 200lbs, Gary Baxter was 6’2” and about 210lbs, and now Jimmy Smith is 6’2” and around 200lbs.) and put a cover safety over the top. Play him physical. If he catches the ball, make that big body pay with shots to the ribs, just like you would do with a big TE that is catching things over the middle.

    Elam and Igedigbo were laying shots to Megatron that were clearly affecting him throughout the game. You wanna climb the ladder and make those big, tough catches? Okay. You might get a couple of those, but sooner or later you’re not going to want to feel like doing it anymore and you’ll be hearing footsteps.

    I am surprised the Lions didn’t do more dump off stuff to Bush and run more screens with Bell. That seemed to be very effective against the Ravens D that usually over pursues and then can’t break down and tackle at times.

  34. Marvin and Andy come up small again and all flacco does is win. That is the difference between a team that is mentally tough like the ravens and your team which is talented but soft. Not soft enough to play dirty for their coach. The only one who was soft was Johnson. Crying about no PI after a Lions player held Marlon Brown while another drilled him in the head. And then someone comes in and drills Flacco in the knee with a helmet while holding his foot down and no flag is thrown. Illegal as hell. Brady would have got a flag if someone was thinking about it. There will be some fines, on top of losing. But Flacco came in after a nice Jacoby KO return and put Tucker in FG range. And the rest is history. I knew Joe was pissed. And the Ravens knew it.

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