Sean Lee doesn’t need surgery, but he’s week-to-week


The Cowboys have plenty of other issues than their quarterback and wide receiver. One of the biggest is the absence of middle linebacker Sean Lee, whose absence is part of the systemic failure of the Cowboys defense this year.

And he might be out the rest of the year.

Lee missed Sunday’s collapse against the Packers because of a sprained neck ligament, and while he won’t need surgery to repair the problem, he might not make it back for the next two games.

“We have to do more tests with the doctors,” Lee said, via Todd Archer of “Until they clear me I won’t be in there. That’s the key. Hopefully they’ll clear me pretty soon.”

Lee described himself as “week to week” as a result of the sprained neck ligament he suffered against the Bears, which doesn’t sound optimistic with two weeks left.

“Obviously I’d like to be back as soon as possible, but I don’t know exactly when that is because the doctors have to give me a timetable,” Lee said.

The Cowboys also lost Lee’s replacement, Justin Durant during the Packers loss. Linebacker Ernie Sims was also knocked out of the game just before halftime, and is scheduled to have an MRI today for a hip or groin injury. Bruce Carter was out with a hamstring problem.

Those problems left the Cowboys playing rookies DeVonte Holloman and Cameron Lawrence along with Kyle Wilber.

7 responses to “Sean Lee doesn’t need surgery, but he’s week-to-week

  1. Every team has injuries this time of year they wish they didnt. Lee is a very good player, brittle, but good when hes actually on the field. Life aint fair and injuries are not an excuse for losing that game thats for sure. Try running the ball.

  2. thepftpoet December 16, 2013, 1:00 PM CST

    Bob the Builder couldn’t even fix this offense
    seriously how can u come on here and talk crap about a team that is actually in a better position than the so called team u call the Vikings so what they beat the eagles but that still doesn’t put them in the playoffs does it

  3. The Cowboys draft for flash, not depth. They have a few very good players but insufficient depth to carry them through the season. They overpay the players they have, which keeps them from bringing in good free agents to plug the gaps.

    I’m sure they’ll just find some street free agents willing to play for the minimum to fill in the gaps at linebacker for the rest of the season. It’s not like this defense could get significantly worse anyway.

  4. Your comment of Sean “glass” Lee is totally unfounded. Lee was injured on the first play of the game against the Bears . He was crushed by his own teammate . Much like last year he was injured when Ware
    threw a Carolina Panther onto the pile as Lee was making a tackle.
    That’s right two injuries from teammates while Lee was in the middle
    of the action.
    Lee works incredibly hard. Unlike many defenses he does not have that huge defensive lineman on the center and guards keeping him free to make plays.
    Lee has a ligament strain / tear ( as reported in Dallas) . A ligament
    tear in the cervical spine area ( that’s the neck area S-head! )
    The fact that he continued to play is remarkable.
    You forget Lee sells out all the time! Yes sometimes it is crazy. But just
    Think he sells out against Seattle …gets crushed by Tate …Tate’s best
    Shot . Lee misses three plays and comes back to make 6 more tackles!
    Perhaps you want Lee to play like some inside limsnackers who don’t
    Sell out but don’t make the plays he does.

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