Titans president Tommy Smith: We’re not in the losing business


Last week, Titans president and CEO Tommy Smith publicly discussed the decision he has to make about coach Mike Munchak’s future with the team and didn’t hide the difficulty of making a call on a man who has played and coached for the team for most of his adult life.

Smith met with reporters after Sunday’s loss and didn’t waver from his plan to wait until the end of the season to make a call on Munchak. Smith did say he was “disappointed” with the on-field results for a team that needs to do more than compete hard before losing as they did against the Cardinals.

“I’m disappointed because I like winning,” Smith said, via the Tennessean. “I don’t like losing. We’re not in the losing business. We’re in the winning business. It’s nice to be competitive and say you got close. … We’re not into that. I’m happy with the talent we brought in, so from a dollar standpoint I think we got value worth there, but we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Smith might not like it, but the Titans have been in the losing business for the last few years. The team is 20-26 under Munchak, a record that can’t be laid entirely at the coach’s feet but one that he can’t escape responsibility for either. Smith said he believes there’s a “good nucleus” of talent on the team, now he just has to decide if Munchak’s level of responsibility for that losing record is too much for him to turn it into a winner.

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  1. No, you ARE in the losing business.

    You can choose to not want to be in the losing business, but wanting and doing are 2 different things. You cannot dispute that you are in the business of losing because you are shelling out over $100MM a year to come up with a losing record. That’s in the losing business Mr. Smith. To turn it around you would have to revamp everything that you are doing. This team has SOME talent, but not enough that is close to get out of the losing business on a regular annual basis.

  2. Anyone else think about Megadeth’s first album and combine it with this statement?

    “Losing Is My Business, and Business is Good!”

  3. The sooner Smith realizes that Munchak and Locker are not the answer, the sooner he can compete in the league. Being terrible is bad. Being mediocre is worse. 8-8 is no way to get through life. Ask Tony Romo.

  4. Mr. Smith was not completely honest here. What he really means is that “We’re not in the losing MONEY business”.

    Bud Adams, the late owner of the franchise, would do or say anything – honest ot not – just to make or save a buck.

    Seems like Mr. Smith is cut from the same cloth.

  5. first of all jpaq68, you don’t know anything about Tommy Smith, not many people do. he’s been in power for what, a month or 2 so don’t say they’re cut from the same cloth as nobody knows that. they’re not even blood related, he’s an IN LAW! so let’s not cast judgment until he makes a decision on something other than talking to reporters. I think this team is going to do much better without Bud at the helm so let’s think positive.

  6. Not a Titans fan, but I watched the game Sunday and came to one conclusion—the Titans are not a talented team by any measure. Not sure who is primarily responsible for the roster composition in Tennessee, but that person is the one most responsible for the Titans’ current woes. If Smith doesn’t recognize that, good luck getting the team on the right track.

  7. gbrim is wrong. A team that isn’t talented has no capability of coming back to force overtime – the Titans have been contending for wins every week.

    The issue is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Jake Locker’s injury hurt the Titans worse than could be foreseen. The overall roster is one of the better rosters in the league; the issue is Fitzpatrick’s inability to seal any deal. Munchak as a coach has these guys playing like winners; Fitzpatrick is what is costing them in the end.

  8. Munchak simply got promoted above his competence level. He’s an offensive line coach. They could position him back in the organization’s scouting department or something since this is a unique situation of a lifelong employee who just took on what was asked of him. It would be a shame to see his Titan employment end simply because he got a promotion that he should never have gotten. He’s amongst the worst coaches in the league with only Greg Schiano in Tampa, Dennis Allen in Oakland, and Jason Garret in Dallas rivaling him for incompetence, and I’d have to give it to either him or Schiano because the Titans and Bucs have much more talent than Oakland or Dallas do.

  9. OK the truth of the matter here is that Bud Adams (RIP) sparked the downward spiral of this team in 2006, up until that season they were the dominant team in the AFC South, and in the playoffs every year. In 2006 Tennessee drafted Vince young against both Floyd Reese and Jeff Fisher’s recommendations, ie. Bud said you will draft him. in 2007 Floyd Reese after 13 seasons with the Titans, and 111 wins. Fisher wanted more control of personnel, and Bud was not going to give up any of his hold, so Reese resigned. Since then the talent this team has drafted has been pathetic. VY was a very good QB, but a headcase as a person. CJ had 2 amazing years but as the O line went away and the passing threat went too, he has been average at best. The simple fact is that getting rid of Reese was probably the single biggest mistake that was made. Hopefully in the passing of Bud Adams, this franchise can turn the corner, and start by clearing house from the top down. I respect Munchak as player and coach but he is not the solution, but the biggest problem is that the talent we have brought in does not start on most any other team in the NFL. Drafting and free agency acquisitions need to improve greatly.

  10. monkeesfan is wrong about at least one thing. Untalented teams play hard and grab wins every week, they just don’t do it consistently enough to be winners overall.

    Are the Titans talented? Perhaps, in which case monkeesfan is right about that and I am wrong. But a few close games don’t prove the roster is talented. And I still think the Titans are a hard-playing, reasonably coached team without enough talent to compete effectively. In which case the GM and talent evaluation people (which may include the HC) deserve the blame.

    But maybe monkeesfan is right. Titans fans (of which I am not one) can decide.

  11. Anyone who says this team doesn’t have talent is blind. They have had some VERY good drafts as of late. The problem is they have been rudderless for so long now. It starts at the top too. Bud Adams has been in bad health for a long time & was not as involved as he used to be. Mike Munchak, while I respect what he has done for the franchise, is just not head coach material. He was a great assistant coach. Which brings be to the QB. I do think Jake Locker would be a success in this league if he had 2 things. 1. The ability to stay healthy, which I’m now convinced will never happen. 2. A HC/OC/QBC that knows how to develop a young QB. They don’t have that.

    This team has loads of talent in a lot of positions. Casey, Verner, McCourty, Wright, Hunter, Ayers, Brown, etc. These are all fantastic young players. But you have to find the QB. And it’s hit or miss. I mean, Russell Wilson in the 3rd round. Tom Brady in the 6th. Lucky, lucky picks. I like Jake Locker’s talent & work ethic, but he cannot stay healthy. They need to try again.

    But before they do that, they HAVE to bring some fresh blood into the organization. I would love some up & coming OC who has a fresh way of thinking.

    Last but not least, CUT CHRIS JOHNSON!!! No RB is worth that kind of money, not even AP. This is a passing league now, RBs don’t win you games. So don’t invest that much cap space into one.

  12. realfootballfan, just how is Munchak a bad coach? Rex Ryan is a bad coach – he entitles players, assumes the team is better than it is, cannot handle the quarterback issue (what ultimately sank Brian Billick in Baltimore) and shows zero in the way of discipline.

    gbrim – teams that do not have much talent lose the way the Oakland Raiders always lose; there is never any fight in a team bereft of talent; if anything the collapse of the Texans showcases that people grossly overestimated their talent level. Tennessee’s competitive fight is better than some championship squads’.

    The issue is the quarterback – contrary to titansbro, Munchak has shown he can develop quarterbacking in that Jake Locker has been developing superbly; keeping him upright is the big issue going forward. Locker would almost certainly have won a lot of the games Fitzpatrick has lost this year.

  13. My definition of a talented football team with less than adequate coaching is the Detroit Lions. Every other talent/coach combo pales in comparison.

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