Tom Coughlin hasn’t lost faith in his offensive coaches

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The Giants got shut out for the second time this season on Sunday, leading coach Tom Coughlin to refer to his team’s offense as “pathetic” during his postgame press conference.

One might think that a pathetic performance and the fact that the Giants rank 30th in points scored and 28th in offensive yards would reflect poorly on the team’s offensive coaches, but that’s not Coughlin’s take. He said Monday that he still has faith in the staff members, including offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, and that he thinks can work with the same pieces in place.

“You know, certainly it hasn’t been a connect all the dots from Day One type of a year, but Kevin’s a pro, he’s been around, he’s done this a long time,” Coughlin said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “We’ve tried to find ways to take advantage of things. It hasn’t been easy.”

Coughlin’s not going to read Gilbride or any other coach the riot act at a press conference, but it’s hard to believe that the Giants will just keep things as they are offensively after such a miserable season. That’s certainly true on the personnel front — the offensive line is badly in need of repair, for starters — and it’s probably too soon to rule out changes to the staff as the Giants try to turn things around for 2014.

40 responses to “Tom Coughlin hasn’t lost faith in his offensive coaches

  1. No excuses for Eli this year. Wayyyyyy too many INT’s.

    That being said, I want to see one, just ONE year without that piece of trash Gilbride calling the plays. If they get a new OC and Eli stinks it up again you have a big problem, but at least give him a chance without that bum of an OC they have now.

  2. I’m not a Gilbride fan, but he was calling the offense to two super bowl wins, which is more than a ton of OCs can say. However it is time for a change. You can’t have your “franchise” 10 year veteran QB consistently lead the league in interceptions and keep the same thing. It’s time for Gilbride to go.

  3. The giants were quoted saying they needed to show up to play or would be embarrassed .. What does it mean when you pump yourself up for a game knowing the competition is good and still get embarrassed 23-0??

    That means your coaching sucks and players aren’t buying in they folded early and often and until the last few minutes of the game against primarily 2nd stringers they HAD 85 YARDS OF OFFENSE , with only 5 mins left in the game! That’s embarrassing on any level../

  4. It’s time to move on from Kevin Killdrive and Perry Fewell. It’s obvious they don’t have what it takes anymore.

  5. I saw this press conference and when I heard those words from Coughlin, I died a little inside. I’m really hoping he is just saying that for the media since he’s not going to throw his coaches under the bus.

    Kevin Gilbride needs to go ASAP! I am sick and tired of the excuses for this guy. He is horrible and even was during the two super bowl runs. It’s time to move on for the love of god!

  6. ravenswhat says:
    Dec 16, 2013 4:58 PM
    Tom, you won a SB in part because a football got stuck on one of your WR’s helmut.

    You’re not a genius.


    And a lot of people say that you won last year’s SB due to a phantom black out. Let’s not play those games.

    As to the Giants, the thing about Gilbride is that he never seems to adjust. Everyone in the world who is a Giants fan knows that when Eli is at his best, it’s usually in the No Huddle. I just watched Pittsburgh last night spend the whole first half in a no huddle, something they rarely ever do. It just seems like the league has figured out Gilbride’s offense & he hasn’t done a thing all year to adjust. The offense has never been this bad that I can remember. They can’t do anything out there.

  7. ravens what, your team won a super bowl as goodbye gift by the NFL for ray lewis… only time I’ve seen such bad officiating in the playoffs was when the saints were handed the superbowl as well…

    yo TC. dump killdrive dump fewel, restructure rolle and tuck and see where this takes you…
    side note: in the words of Primetime, “I BELIEVE IN ELI”

  8. I guess I’m the only Giants fan happy to see them lose at this point. Season is over, get the best draft pick you can. I’d be putting the entire 2nd team out there just get them some snaps. Tell Eli and Cruz to take the rest of the year off. Andre Brown too so maybe he’ll be healthy for once in Week 1.

  9. One wonders if the offensive players on the Giants ever look at game films of their upcoming opponents? Richard Sherman has a rep throughout the league as the closest thing there is to a shutdown corner. But yesterday, Eli lofted high spirals in his direction, as if he’d never heard of Sherm. One of them cost Cruz, dearly. Sherm is not the kind of guy that would ever seek to injure an opposing player deliberately. One of those balloons got taken by Sherm, as did the ridiculous Hail Mary, that Eli launched. The Hawks specialize in takeaways, but seemingly the Giants OC, wasn’t aware of that! Do they live in a vacuum in New York? Do they ever look at film?

  10. Well that makes… 1 person who has not lost faith. He has also not lost faith that the world is flat… and that Dinosaurs are only a flavor of fruit snacks.

  11. I think people read “Eli throws 5 INT’s” and they think he sucks or played horribly. That’s not the case.

    His first INT the WR did very little to fight for the ball even though he was in a good position to get it. He was simply outplayed by Maxwell.

    The Hail Mary pick was just that…a freaking Hail Mary!

    The last pick in the endzone was an outside fade type of pass. Sherman made a VERY athletic play to leap up and swat the ball away. It went right to the waiting arms of Thomas.

    So three of the picks were not due to bad plays by Eli. The other two…one was definitely a bad throw…any QB that throws a fade route up the sideline against Sherman should know by now that Sherman is going to get that ball 99.9% of the time. And I don’t care who the WR is, Sherman just balls out on the route.

    The other was a 50-50 pass. Not great but not terrible. A short crossing route into a tight window. The pass could have been more in front of the WR but was instead right in his stomach. Maxwell was able to use a lunging backhand to try to swat the ball away. He just so happened to swat it such that it fell toward his other hand and down to his hip where he was able to control it. A fantastic play by a DB that is very VERY underrated.

    I actually heard someone call Maxwell a “third string” CB. I’m sorry guys, but Maxwell is FAR from being anyone’s third string CB. I have zero doubt that Maxwell, Lane, and Thurmond would be starting CB’s on just about any other team in the league. Seattle depth at that position is scary.

    Bottom line…Eli could have done better. But his receivers sucked worse. Their effort was horrible. His O-line sucked worse. Looked worse than the Jags and watching their body language at the start of the 3rd quarter, you could tell they’d given up.

  12. Quit making excuses for Gomer. He is 2 lucky passes away from being one of the worst QB in the league. You can’t have it both ways. Without the super Giants defense there are no S Bowl wins for Eli

  13. The Giant receivers couldn’t handle the physicality the Seahawks “D” brings to play.

    Nicks should be ashamed of himself., but since he’s not, let’s just say that he never had a chance against the Seahawks.

    Plaudits to the Giant’s “D”. especially Beason.

  14. Coughlin is a good man, and a good coach. As a Giants fan, I appreciate all he’s done, especially the two unforgettable Superbowls. But sometimes, a coaches speeches and tactics just wear out with a certain team. I think that’s what LT was getting at. One of my gripes with Coughlin and this offensive staff has been clock management and situational play calling. This is where Gilbride drives Giants fans nuts. 3rd and 2, he calls a play with go routes or 20 yard outs. 3rd and 10, he calls a play where receivers cut at 5-8 yards. Horrible in the red zone every year. And half time adjustments?? Seems like he’s stubborn and decides “this is what we’re doing.” Every Giants fan I know thinks Eli won two Superbowls DESPITE him. I’d love to see a new OC in there. At times, I think it’s no wonder Buddy Ryan threw a punch at this guy for screwing his defense over all the time!!!

  15. vicvinegar00 says: Dec 16, 2013 5:07 PM

    I guess I’m the only Giants fan happy to see them lose at this point. Season is over, get the best draft pick you can. I’d be putting the entire 2nd team out there just get them some snaps. Tell Eli and Cruz to take the rest of the year off. Andre Brown too so maybe he’ll be healthy for once in Week 1.

    You aren’t alone. Don’t want delusions and I want them to sting so that they don’t get any ideas about bringing this offensive staff back.

    Getting VERY TIRED of Giants fans who are lumping in Fewell with Killdrive, however. What are these people watching?

  16. blahblahblah1313 says: Dec 16, 2013 5:46 PM

    Quit making excuses for Gomer. He is 2 lucky passes away from being one of the worst QB in the league. You can’t have it both ways. Without the super Giants defense there are no S Bowl wins for Eli

    Either we beat your team on the way to one or both of those Super Bowls, or your team was (and has been) sitting home watching it. Enough with the “lucky passes” nonsense. Especially if you are a Patriots*** fan.

  17. thepftpoet says:
    Dec 16, 2013 4:55 PM
    Meanwhile the Vikings dynasty is beginning…

    47 points last week against a team the Giants only scored 10 on…


    Yet the Vikings got slapped around by the dumpster fire that is the New York Giants.

  18. rajbais says: Dec 16, 2013 5:10 PM

    Yes, but Lawrence Taylor has lost faith in you.

    Maybe LT is on the right track compared to what his public image keeps coming off being as.

    Didn’t understand the people who act as if Lawrence’s off-field transgressions precluded him from being a very accurate gauge of how/when a coaching staff becomes stale, since he knows first hand. Just like when Parcells left (which was much more about the schism with Tim Mara, Parcells and others within the organization than “health problems,” as most longtime Giants fans know), the head coach wasn’t the problem, however, parts of their staffs were. The Giants were on the brink of turmoil offensively, and that showed when Handley took over.

  19. I haven’t seen adjustments to the a Giants offense all season. Kildrives offense is based on play action and attacking downfield. To do that you have to be able to run and protect. Something the Giants can’t do. So why would the coaches not go to more of a quick passing game and try to spread out a defense. Go to some 4 WR sets or something. Instead we continue to run the same garbage. If I see the Giants run the draw play out of shotgun one more time I am going to puke!

  20. Its hard for me to buy into the claims that Coughlin’s message has worn thin on the players.
    That was what we were told at the mid-point of both Super Bowl runs.
    As for the OC. As mentioned above, he too was there for the SB runs. Tough to say he can’t do it.
    So maybe the problem is the players. An over the hill offense line can kill an offense. An over the hill offensive line can kill a QB’s ability also. Having to start the RB you let walk to SF because he no longer had it (and proved such in SF) also does not help. Your stud WR flaming out also hurts.
    So though maybe you can point fingers at the OC because he couldn’t come up with even a mediocre work around for the above, do you have someone in mind who could? And before you name him, have it at least be almost possible the Giants could get him.

    People will rip a QB for int’s or poor play and say “look what Brady does up there with nothing at WR.” But fail to grasp the nothing WR’s come with a solid O-line. It’s easy to say this coach or that QB has (or doesnt have) talent around him when you look at the stat positions. But you have to remember that coach and QB can do little if the line has nothing to offer.

    The Giants O-line has nothing to offer.

  21. Other than Week 1 against Cowboys, Giants WRs never seemed to get separation this year. Every catch seemed like it was contested. Eli’s first read always seemed to be covered. The O-line never gave him enough time to look at second or third reads comfortably. The ball has to come out and thus the picks.

    You can blame a lot of this on the predictability of the routes, and a breakdown in the blocking schemes.

  22. Tom we love you but lets get real killdrive has to go.

    Eli has not had time to get to his third read all season he can not go deep as he is being driven into the ground the team needs a new OC or Eli will not hold the record for the longest start streak for long.

    The O line is the worst I have ever seen and Eli while great can not work with out protection

  23. To all that are saying that Eli has to go, (if you are a Giants fan, calm down and relax). (for non-Giant fans, we really dont give a sh!t what you think.)
    Eli has a couple more superbowl runs in him. Strengthen our offensive line and we’ll be fine.

    Eli has the NFL record for most passing yards in a single postseason (1219 in 2011). Nfl record most road playoff wins (5) and he threw 15 tds and just two picks on those two superbowls runs. I dont care if he throws 5 picks in a game where we are 4 and 8 and out of the playoffs. Just as long as he doesnt do that in a superbowl. And wouldnt you guess, he does NOT do that in the big game. He is money. Ice running thru his veins on super sunday.

    So, to my fellow giants fans. We are lucky to have Eli and a stout defense. Go Giants!

  24. Ok guys here it is season on the line in the dallas game 3rd and 10 perry rushes 3 guys and drops everybody into coverage.That stinks.I have only seen the tampa two work with4 hall of famers.LYNCH SAPP BROOKS AND BARBER.Pressure is the key to ending drives ,You can see they dont blitz corners,or safties or do stunts.I want love smith so when tom sticks with Eli next year and Eli throws 20 more pics lovie can be our next coach.Rebuild both sides.If not get rex ryan when he gets canned from the jets.

  25. What would you have him do? JP hadn’t done a thing all game, Tuck was absent, Rolle had to shift over to play CB and cover Bryant, because McBride was injured, there were no other healthy bodies out there. I just tire of the Fewell bashing. Defense isn’t an issue. He’s proven what he can do when he has speed and healthy players. Outside of that final stretch in 2011, he’s never had it. Not in 2010, not for 3/4 of 2011, not last year and not this year. And considering the predicaments that the offense has routinely placed the defense these past 24 games, I dunno how you can blame Fewell or the defense in general. Blitz more? With someone-not-named-Earl-Thomas left to cover sideline to sideline WITHOUT Stevie Brown to potentially play a three-safety look?

    Yeah, that makes tons of sense.

  26. I don’t know if “stout” is the term I’d use to describe the 2013 Giants D.

    And Eli’s play in 2011 gives him slack in my mind. Eight wins due to game winning drives led by him. Seven of them 4th quarter comebacks. Eli is 11th all time in 4th quarter comebacks, behind his brother and Brady when it comes to active players.

    So before we lump him in with Jeff George, give him another season with a decent O-line.

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