Broncos’ O, Cowboys’ D both can break records


The Broncos’ offense and the Cowboys’ defense are both closing in on some NFL single-season records, but only Denver is close to a record it actually wants to break.

In Denver, the NFL single-season records for points, touchdowns, extra points and passing first downs are all in play. Peyton Manning has a chance to break several individual records, so it’s no surprise that the Broncos are closing in on several team records as well.

In Dallas, the defense is on its way to breaking some ugly records. The Cowboys’ defense could break the NFL records for total yards allowed, passing yards allowed, total first downs allowed and passing first downs allowed.

And one record you might not realize is in danger of falling is the record for the most safeties scored in a season. The Jaguars have scored three safeties this year, and the NFL record is four. Click here for the full list of team records that could fall in the next two weeks.

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  1. Christ, look at that old gargoyle.
    Can someone carbon date his age?

    Once he’s dismissed at seasons end, I look forward to him joining the cast of True Blood as a new 900yr old vampire villain.

  2. Most of the records don’t mean a thing. All the rules in recent years have been made with more offense in mind. Can’t get excited about TD records when they will just be broken again in 3 years. Used be that throwing for 3K yards was a very good year and 4K was an amazing year. Now we have a handful of guys throwing for 5K and 4K is what you expect out of most good QBs.

    Lets not talk like these are long standing records and that they will be around long.

  3. These are phantom records.

    No doubt that Denver’s O is terrific, and Dallas’ D is awful.

    But, just look at that sequence early in the game last night when Detroit’s Defense got two back to back penalties –

    1. A DB bumps a receiver with his helmet to the Raven’s receiver’s shoulder pads – 15 yards!

    2. A DB gets run over by the Raven’s receiver! Pass interference! Another 15 yards!

    30 yards. Just like that.

    Jack Tatum and Ronnie Lott would have been fined and suspended out of the league if they had to play by these rules today.

    The ’85 Bears? They’d still be good, but, they would also NOT be the baramoter of what a great Defense is.

  4. Who cares about the records. It’s like if MLB baseball teams moved in the fences to two feet behind second base and started keeping track of home runs.

    Shame really.

  5. Not only will the Eagles win the NFC East, but on that fateful game in week 17, the Eagles will also etch in stone how uterly terrible the 2013 Dallas team is.

    ON that final week, the eagles will destroy the cowboys, setting new records in total yards allowed, passing yards allowed, total first downs allowed and passing first downs allowed.


  6. He should get fired and come to the Bears. The way Rob Ryan is working wonders over there in New Orleans, it can’t be the scheme.

  7. Looking at the picture of the Defensive Coordinator Kiffin for Dallas I can see why they call the cowboys “America’s Assisted Living Team.” No wonder Jerry gives Kiffin a vote of confidence, they went to kindergarten together. The only difference is Jerry’s had plastic surgery.

    Though I really do admire Jerry Jones for all the money he’s making and supporting his son’s with their entitled birth right. He needs to raise the parking fees, food, and beverage costs higher even though they’re tops in the league. And sell more jerseys to the third world. Don’t want anyone catching up and being average like his team.

  8. Poor guy, Jones will can him then abuse his name, blame it all on the poor guy who looks like a mummy.

  9. thepftpoet says:
    Dec 17, 2013 2:35 PM
    How did you forget the record the Seahawks are going to break?

    Most PEDs taken in a season.
    Not even close to being true. Please update your jokes.

  10. Poet say: “Most PEDs taken in a season.”

    Funny considering your precious Vikings have also had two suspensions this year.

    There are some bad eggs on every team. It’s a sad truth about American football. Some guys just don’t have what it takes to compete and they try whatever they can to get up to that level. And the NFL’s policies don’t do enough to prevent PED use. And some of the NFL policies are just ridiculous (like Brandon Browner getting bumped into stage 3 even though he wasn’t in the NFL at the time).

  11. Cowboys will get the Panthers, Cardinals or 49ers in the first round at home if they beat the Eagles.

    Then they would need to go to either New Orleans or Carolina.

    If Seattle loses they would then be at home.

    Broncos 70 Cowboys 63

  12. Aww c’mon! If somehow the Cowboys start winning chamionships again and I’m accussed of being a fair weather fan these are the times I’ll remember the most. I was there man I was there!!

  13. thepftpoet says:
    Dec 17, 2013 2:35 PM

    How did you forget the record the Seahawks are going to break?

    Most PEDs taken in a season.

    It can be listed right along AD’s record of, Most PEDs taken by an individual player in a season.”

  14. Does anyone remember them saying they would emulate Seattles defense ? They’ve done a terrible job thus far .. Kiffin is credited with the Tampa 2 but until he gets legitimate secondary players or develops the talent from drafting secondary players like Seattle did with all those 5 &6 rd picks he won’t be able to emulate them .

  15. You want a poster child for Stat Inflation? Just look at the opposite side of the ball from the Dallas D:

    Tony Romo

    He has smashed, levelled, destroyed just about every “Stat” in the Cowboys record book for QB’s. He’s left Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Don Meredith in the dust.

    All but, one little stat – CHAMPIONSHIPS. Staubach and Aikman won 5 Super Bowls and played in 7 (Staubach was a b/u in an 8th). And, Dandy Don led the Cowboys to those two epic GB battles decided at the last second.

    I ain’t the biggest Romo basher, but, it just highlights the folly of comparing records between eras.

  16. Dear Jerry,

    As the owner and GM of the team only the Cowboys and their fans call “America’s Team” I congratulate you on giving all NFL fans something to laugh about each year. You and your family screwing up your team.

    Of course it is YOUR team bought with YOUR money so YOU can do what YOU want including screwing it up.

    If no one’s told you yet: YOU can buy a Super Bowl victory. Betcha that hurts.


    America’s Watching (and laughing)

  17. “We need to fire Capers and bring in a Tampa 2!”
    – every packer fan… who is completely unaware of what Rob Ryan’s done since leaving dallas.

    Swapping schemes doesn’t make AJ/BJ/MD better players – getting better production from their spots makes our whole D better. Players, not plays.

  18. Jerry Jones continually takes talent and makes it mediocre…

    Romo continues to put up HOF numbers and never gets anywhere because of Jones’ micromanagement and poison hiring…

    there are a lot of disaster stories in the NFL every year, but JJ is the one you know will be there every year screwing things up.

  19. The Stealers have broken or matched some team records (or former benchmarks) this year:

    Worst start (0-4) since 1968
    2013 is third 0-1 start in a row
    Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: This past Sunday night game against the Bengals was lowest attendance ever at Heinz Field.
    Nov. 3 2013 against NE, they gave up most yards, 610, and most points, 55 in one game in franchise history.
    Head Coach fined for interfering with a play on the field on Thanksgiving.
    Team will also lose a draft pick due to the HC interfering with a play on the field on Thanksgiving.

  20. Monty K

    His specialty is really the “Grampa too old”….

    Should of hung it up when he was irrelevant ( 20 years ago)

  21. Goodbye Kiffin, hello Marinelli?

    Hellooo, he was the Bears D-Coordinator in 2012 people, and he’s already in-house. Sure it was Lovie’s defense, but Marinelli deserves a good chunk of the credit for how efficiently they played on a down-to-down basis.

    Now that I think about it. The ‘boys might as well bring in Lovie Smith too. Then they can bring in all the Bears’ free agents on D that they couldn’t afford because they wanted to keep Jay Cutler.

    Detractors will call them the Dallas Bears, but the players on defense will be laughing all the way to the endzone, courtesy of Eli Manning, Nick Foles and RGIII

    I was only partially kidding.

  22. Not even Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin, Novacek, and the great Dallas 0-line would have a chance to compete if they had this Cowboys D.

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