Darren McFadden expected to practice on Wednesday

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Raiders running back Darren McFadden is headed toward free agency after this season, but he hasn’t done much to showcase himself for potential suitors.

McFadden has missed the last two games with a hamstring injury and six games overall this season, continuing a trend that has seen him play just 20 of the team’s last 39 games because of a variety of aches and pains. When he has been in the lineup, McFadden has only managed 3.5 yards per carry so the year has been a disappointment all around.

Playing in the final two games of the regular season won’t do much to change that, but, at the very least, it would give McFadden a chance to provide a better final image for the year. It looks like he’ll get a chance as coach Dennis Allen said Monday, via the Contra Costa Times, that he expects the running back to practice Wednesday with designs on playing the next two weeks.

Whether or not McFadden plays, this will likely represent the end of his run in Oakland. Despite several flashes of great ability, tt will be remembered as a disappointment because of his inability to stay on the field.

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  1. Good bye Darren – we hardly knew ya.
    Of course, we know you will become a pro bowler as soon as you go somewhere else.

  2. Too bad. He showed real flashes of promise. Just too fragile and his window of opportunity has passed. Running backs just don’t last in this league.

  3. Local media trying to run my dog DMac outta town. Now when he goes to the Cowboys and tears it up under Bill Callahan I don’t wanna hear no crying, Raider Nation.

    DMac’s not the problem…it’s the coaching. D Allen was stupid to fire Bob Wylie and even more dumb not to re-hire him to coordinate this running game. Every time the pundits and scribes talk about DMac’s resume’ they conviently leave out the 2010 and 2011 years when he played for a real O Coordinator.

  4. He’s had some brutal luck and it’s a damn shame.

    He never changed his game though, he never tiptoed out of bounds, he always lined up a defender and popped him.

    Especially Eric Weddle. 🙂

  5. Bo Jackson, Napoleon McCallum, now DMC. The only RB to survive Oakland was Marcus Allen & that’s because AD benched him.

  6. With the duribility issues, Run DMC’s best bet is to get into a backfield rotation rather than being in a featured back role. Even though he won’t see a payday like he might want he’d have the best chance of making an impact on the field.

  7. I have to believe that McFadden’s skinny legs play into the durability factor. The man is explosive, but from the knees down he has the skinniest legs I’ve ever seen.
    Jerry Jones wanted him 5 years ago – I think they’re the favorites in the club house.

  8. raiderlyfe510 you cant blame the coaching. Look at this year, same o-line, same gameplan, look at how well Jennings did when he started when McFadden was out.

    Dont get me wrong i’m a huge fan of McFaddens, he ‘can’ be a very explosive player but how many excuses have we given him over the years ? Cant blame the coach or o-line the second McFadden falls over at the first point of contact.

    If he stays healthy and with the right team McFadden could do very well. But we’ve been saying that for years about staying healthy. Shame he didnt pan out, on paper he was such a home run threat

  9. Pure bust.

    One of the worst draft picks for the fade of all time, which is saying something for a team that has drafted worse than any franchise in NFL history.

  10. what is really sad , besides the year Hue was there, this guy played behind the worse o- lines in the nfl….i can only imagine what next year will be like if some of the delusional fan base gets their choice and that is having McGloin as their starting QB, and Jennings as their RB. Just might go 0-16

    if that is so, take away my belief that the worse is behind us.

  11. Too bad every time he lined up a defender such as Weddle he only popped up on the injury report the next week. LMAO

  12. psj3809 says:
    Dec 17, 2013 10:34 AM
    . Look at this year, same o-line, same gameplan, look at how well Jennings did when he started when McFadden was out.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Thats odd I could have sworn Velhdeer, Wiznewski, Watson , Briesiel, etc….were out, so how you can say that is the same o-line is just false , nothing else….also if I am not mistaken Jennings has already missed one game out of the last three and in those two games he was healthy enough to play , he has carried the ball 40 times for 126 total yards..just over 3 yards a carry…are we supposed to be wowed by that?

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