Fitzgerald says he’s already passed first test of concussion protocol

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Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald suffered a concussion in the late stages of Sunday’s overtime win over the Tennessee Titans.

Fitzgerald was knocked out of the game while taking a blow attempting to recover an onside kick late in regulation.

Fitzgerald’s father, Larry Fitzgerald Sr., indicated his son was feeling better already on Monday and “is going to be okay.” It’s a sentiment the younger Fitzgerald echoed during an interview with Jim Gray of Westwood One during the Monday night radio broadcast.

“Today I went in and saw an independent neurologist,” Fitzgerald said. “He put me through a screening test, a baseline test, that I took in the spring time. They wanted to see if my scores were on the same level as my scores when I was fully functioning in the offseason. Those tests came back positive. I was right where I needed to be. Tomorrow I will see another neurologist to get another independent look.”

“At that point it’s just about how I feel going through the week. But right now I’m feeling good.”

Fitzgerald said he remembers watching the football bounce toward him and then being helped up by the team’s training staff. He said he was a “little out of it” and went through testing on the sidelines. He said he wanted to return to the game but the trainers said it would be in his best interest to sit the rest of the game out.

“You don’t want to let your teammates down,” Fitzgerald said. “You work so hard with those guys. They depend on you. I depend on them. Being a captain, I definitely have to go out there and fight with them. That’s my mentality and it always will be.”

The Cardinals face two massive games to close out the regular season in their hopes to crash through the backdoor into the playoffs. Arizona will head to Seattle this week and conclude the season at home with the San Francisco 49ers next week. The Cardinals likely need to win both games to give themselves a good chance to make the postseason. Having Fitzgerald available would be a key component to bolster their chances the next two games.

“I’m going to get some rest today, get some rest tomorrow and get ready for a big game against Seattle next week,” he said.