Incognito “cheering on” the Dolphins


Suspended guard Richie Incognito may never play again for the Dolphins.  But he can’t be suspended from being a fan of the team.

I love these guys,” Incognito told Jeff Darlington of NFL Network.  “I talk to them every single day, so I feel like I’m out there with them in spirit.  I talk to the coaches after the game, the players.”

But Incognito remains not a part of the team, willingly agreeing to transform a four-game suspension without pay into an eight-game suspension, with only two the games unpaid.  The ongoing banishment results from his communications with tackle Jonathan Martin, who left the Dolphins in late October.  Martin also continues to be paid for not playing with the team.

“I’ve done everything to cooperate,” Incognito said.  “I’ve done my part, I’ve told my side, and that’s it.  I told them everything I know — all of the information I’ve got — and I’m just waiting for the report.  In the meantime, I’m just cheering my guys on.”

Incognito didn’t explain why he decided to accept pay checks from the Dolphins for the final two weeks of the season in lieu of forcing the Dolphins to bring him back or cut him.  If he’d been cut, he quite possibly would have been signed by a playoff contender.  And in nine NFL seasons, Incognito has never played in a playoff game.

The answer likely would have been that Incognito decided to go along in order to get along with the league office.  Though the Dolphins can do nothing more to him, he remains subject to the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.

Plenty of discretion can be exercised by the folks at 345 Park Avenue.  By helping keep the league out of the awkward position of having to welcome Incognito back before investigator Ted Wells finishes his report, Incognito could end up realizing a final outcome that allows him to return to the NFL in 2014 without any further suspension.

Until then, Incognito has every reason to support the Dolphins.  In addition to receiving another $470,000 or the final two regular-season games, he’ll get checks for any playoff games for which the team qualifies — and in which he doesn’t play.

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  1. He may act like an ass but people were waaaaay too quick to judge this one huh? I can’t help but feel like Incognito got screwed royally. I know quite a few members of the media, cough, Tom Jackson, cough, that owe him a public apology.


    JMart is the one that should be suspended for walking out on his team. He sent the same type of texts that Richie did. At least take away his teddy bear.

    Go Richie – Fins UP!
    Best of luck to you, Cogs!

    Go Phins!!!

  3. I think Richie is a fantastic guy . . . I know if I were playing , or doing anything of a stressful nature he’s a guy I’d want on my side.
    It’s little wonder that his teammates seem to overwhelmingly support him over the crybaby with the big time corporate attorney mom.
    Did he take things a bit too far ? Of course he did . . . but why couldn’t Martin simply say to him: “Look , this is getting out of control, and if it doesn’t stop , there’s gonna be a problem.” ? That’s how this should have been handled , period. You keep things like this in-house.

  4. The reason he isn’t forcing the issue is because Richie (although insane) is a good teammate. He might be a bad human, but he loves the guys in that Dolphins locker room.

    I hope the Fins trade Martin to Jacksonville or Tampa so he never sniffs NFL success ever.

  5. Incognito was a well-liked and respected leader in the Dolphins locker room. Jonathan Martin is the cancer that is killing football. Lawsuit queen who’s mom specializes in workplace harassment lawsuits. #FreeRichie #IncognitoStrong

  6. If he or his agent were smart he’d be donating a large portion of one of those checks to a organization focused on raising awareness of racial sensitivity or insensitivity.

  7. Rah rah sis boom bah. (Picturing Meathead in a very large cheerleading uniform showing off those thick legs)

  8. Sweet,getting playoff checks for sitting at the house or the club and cheering on your team-sweeeet. Richie is my kinda guy,he’s big and rough and tough and knows the game. He wasn’t out on the streets trying to pick up little boys he was on the field and in the locker room trying to pick up another grown man and show that grown man how to play this rough and tough game we all love to watch called football. Martin doesn’t belong on anyones club and I will be surprised if anyone picks him up.Hey Martin go be a soccer coach

  9. Funny how his team is doing better now without both him and Martin. I guess they both make better cheerleaders than football players.

  10. One hopes this is a life-lesson for Incognito. Some things only seem funny if you turn off all sense of empathy for those around you. Is it possible he’s learned that his behavior can hurt people, and that’s NOT okay?

    I’m not being spurious, either. I genuinely hope he can become a better person, teammate and citizen out of this. With all apologizes to the great Steven Tyler: life’s a journey AND a destination. What we learn on the way, and who we are when we get there, both matter.

    Good luck, Ritchie.

    Jon Martin is probably a lost cause, however. While Incognito likely was just being a tool because he always has been, he clearly cares about football and about his team. I’m not sure I believe Martin ever did.

  11. I can’t think of any team that would be want a headcase like Incognito on their team. When he was with the Bills everyone just kind of held their breath hoping he wouldn’t do anything stupid that would get a suspension from the league. Most fans including me were glad when he left.

  12. Incognito is a pro bowl player who appears to have the support of his teammates and coaches and talks to them all the time but is getting paid to stay away? How does that make any sense? This decision clearly isn’t being made by football people for football reasons.

  13. If Incognito is a head case then Ill take 53 of ’em. Incog is the only player hurt in this silly, media driven non-incident. You folks who have never played a game and have no idea what goes on in an NFL locker room. You only have information provided by said media and they were not present at or during this alleged incident. In other words Flo and the gang don’t know sh**, except what was provided by un-named sources with knowledge of the situation, according to Flo, which means he got info from Mommy and Daddy Martin or their attorney. Hopefully, at the conclusion of this “incident” Incog ends up with someones ass in his pocket.

  14. What a fool! The line is playing mhch better since he left! It makes quite an argument for firing Ireland when a taxi squad guy ftom Dallas starts ahead of everyone you have stockpiled and paid! Let’s not forget thd CB Thomas who camd off of the 49ers trash pile and outshined your drafy pocks at DB, as well.

    Maybe someone can go punch Ireland like Ireland suggested for Martin to do to Incognito! What a joke!

  15. Richie got screwed! He did nothing egregious or ethnically offensive to any one. Martin and he exchange text’s that may have been unpalatable to some of us but such is the demeanor of men and boys in a locker room. If you have not experienced the brotherhood of a win or shared the pain of a close loss, you can’t judge. Moreover Martin walked not Incognito, Martin should have been suspended without pay not Richie. The entire locker room backed Richie then as well as now. The NFL is waiting till after the Superbowl to come out with the findings, they don’t want to upset some sissy fluff that thought Martin was being abused. I for one want to BRING RICHIE BACK!!

  16. Wow! I never thought that a guy like Incognito would get the kind of love he’s getting now. I guess some of you people won’t be turning up your noses the next time a player has a domestic assault, or a DUI, or a weapons charge, or a sexual harassment charge, or a marijuana charge. And I don’t want to read any comments about any other player’s “bad character.” The bar has been set with this case. Richie is now considered a “great guy”.

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