Jerry Jones admits “inadequacy with some of our personnel”

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It’s a good thing that the General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys has a de facto lifetime contract.  Otherwise, he’d possibly be in trouble with his boss.

In one of his regular appearances on 105.3 The Fan Dallas/Fort Worth, Cowboys owner/G.M. Jerry Jones was a little too candid when discussing the quality of his efforts to build a team.

“We lost players last year,” Jones said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telgram.  “But we’ve had a healthy [Tony] Romo.  That ought to be able to help us get back some of this inadequacy with some of our personnel.”

While Jones was using the term “inadequacy” to encompass players who are injured like linebacker Sean Lee, the word carries a broader indictment of the roster — especially since Jerry Jones and his son, Stephen, spent time last week calling out defensive players who aren’t, in their view, getting the job done.

Maybe the truth is that the guy responsible for gathering players hasn’t been getting the job done.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t be “inadequacy with some of our personnel” — and the Cowboys would be capturing the specific type of glory the owner covets.

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  1. Jerry Jones is still a better owner/general manager than Bengals owner/general manager mike brown.

    mike brown will never admit that he is holding back the team by continually choosing and paying for terrible #2 and #3 wide receivers (Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu).

    mike brown prefers to keep low quality players with job security fears knowing that small numbers equal small salaries.

  2. The Cowboys being bad is good for football. Nothing better than entitled fans who act as if they’re owed the Super Bowl because their team won it years ago having to shut up because their team is forever .500

  3. Reminds me of the Al Davis situation with the Raiders. The law of averages has caught up with the Cowboys so all those years of winning and winning Superbowls are over. Now it’s time to lose and lose.

  4. This is too easy . . the inadequacy is in the front office with Jerry. Any other GM would be fired . . but this is his toy.

    And what is with this talk of “inadequacy” . . yesterday he was talking about how firm he is . . .

  5. He needs to take a step back, if he ever wants to win again.

    He continuously makes horrible choices, fire DC Ryan. Give Romo a huge contract. Garrett hire.

    I mean the Boys and Skins are duking it out for most late season drama. Fans of football don’t want to see that, the Giants and Eagles fans may enjoy it.

  6. There has been some inadequacy in the front office too…

    The worst part, is Jerry is his own worst enemy. He had Jimmie Johnson, a loaded roster, and a couple Super Bowl rings, and lost his way. Instead of taking credit for hiring the right guys, he took credit for building a winner and alienating the guys that made them a winner. He believed his own hype. Johnson rolled out, and sure, Switzer got them a ring with Jimmie’s players, but after that Championship, how many times have the Cowboys been legit contenders??? The answer is zero. They have had a few good times, a few under achieving teams, and a hole bunch of terrible teams.

    For all of the jokes about the Redskins blunders since Snyder became owner, I think the Cowboys have been worse (and they have been doing it for much longer)

  7. Jerry is concerned about only trading off the Cowboys name…… thats it. As long as he makes money, he’s good.

    Sucks for the fan base because they want a winning team and could care less about selling shirts, hats, food, drink etc.

    If he was serious about winning football games he do what most other successful teams have done:

    1. The owner hires a GM
    2. The GM hires a coach
    3. The owner gets out of the way, and lets the GM & coach do their jobs.

  8. Never saw that hilarious Jerry Jones “glory hole” reference before. It’s great to see this site hasn’t lost its humor/charm/penchant for timely funny references since joining NBC. Thank you, Florio/PFT.

    Requesting a “put the toothpaste back in the tube,” appearance soon, though, it’s long overdue!

  9. The inadequacy begins with the the guys running the team.

    JJ would rather preside over a train wreck of his own making rather than cede control to a real GM.

  10. Jerry Jones, what more can be said that hasn’t already been said? Gotta lov’em. I can always count on a little levity through you bringing your clueless inept moronic scruple less approach to the show week after week after week…

    Signed… Jets Fan

  11. Jerry, you can build stadiums. You can market the team. You’re a fantastic owner. But you’re a terrible GM. You’ve had some hits at the top of the draft lately – Dez, TSmith, TFrederick. But this team lacks serious depth that should be built from the middle-late rounds. Why do we find so many undrafted players that make the roster every year? Because the players you draft aren’t good enough to stick around. How many 2nd round picks can one team use on backup TEs? You are the only GM in the history of pro sports in America to keep your job after winning one playoff game in 15 years. That’s a problem.

  12. It makes one wonder. Jerry Jones is wealthy, and has obviously done well in business. He knew how to build his “super stadium” and then find ways to pay it off.

    But when it comes to the team he put in that stadium, he is Mr. Myopia personified. Does it never register with him, that during the same years that he’s been running the show, the Cowboys have been dismal at best? Before his tenure, they were a great team, consistent winners, with great and storied players. The difference between then and now, is like night and day, black and white, Barbie and The Hulk. Does Jerry, truly not see this?

    Is his ego that huge (and continually undernourished) that he doesn’t see it that it’s him, Jerry Jones that is the biggest identifier of the Cowboys of today, versus those of the Landry and Johnson years? HE is the difference, and seemingly, little will change in the fortunes of the Star helmets as long as he’s there.


  13. vmannj:

    Wow I think his stadium design is horrible in addition to the marketing of his team. I think both things could have been WAY better. But he didn’t think about those things very well either. Although the marketing improvements are really a lot easier if you have a professionally run team that keeps winning, but besides the obvious, I think there are TONS of neat marketing things he could have pioneered really that would have made his team extra special and unique, and I don’t see him capitalizing or exploiting his team for profit opportunities very well notwithstanding the stuff on the field that can help. I got all kinds of ideas for marketing that I think NFL teams should be doing, especially a team like Dallas that has a much broader audience than a lot of other teams have. He’s missing out on a lot of good creative stuff he could be doing.

  14. I hate Jerry the GM as much as the next guy, but this is classic media making a story out of nothing. The title leads you to believe that he’s talking about front office management and coaching. He’s talking about the players. And the fact is, we knew that already. Non-story.

  15. To quote Michael Jackson, “I’m starting with the Man in the Mirror.”


    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Jones is george steinbrenner from the 1980s.

  16. Attorneys are advised not to represent themselves in cases where they are a party because doing so compromises their judgment; hence the old adage “an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

    Seems to me the same thing could be said for owners of football teams who make themselves GM.

  17. Listen to JJ talk and it sounds like there are several little devils in his head all trying to talk at the same time. His rambling insanity would drive a lunatic crazy, and anything that comes out of his mouth makes sense to him only. It is rambling garbage, whose stink is immediate and irrevocable. Then he qualifies every bit of nonsense with “But I reserve the right to change my mind”. Head doctors would have a field day with this clown, but it would only take a minute, not a day

  18. Romo MUST have a photo of Jones and Sandusky in the Cowboys locker room.. or Jones and Garrett engaged in a Brokeback Mountain type, lip locking affair. I mean that is the only plausible reason for Jones’ constant backing of Romo, no matter how many times he wets the bed.

  19. It’s so humorous reading the knocks on JJ as a GM….they are so obviously true. What folks don’t comprehend is that JJ doesn’t give one iota about winning on the field. Only thing that interests him is selling tickets and other stuff. As long as the dysfunctional keeps feeding the till nothing will change.

  20. Funny, it seems year after year the talking heads of the various pre game / post game shows tell us how much talent the Cowboys have, pick them high then this same miserable .500 record happens.

    To blow my own horn I’ve said it right here for the last I don’t know how long that there is damn little talent on that team. Even Jerry admits it and I have no respect for him.

    When are these so called experts going to wise up.

  21. thestrategyexpert says:
    Dec 17, 2013 2:13 PM
    This sounds like he’s blaming the players, but that’s not their problem. They have coaching and mngmt issues, that’s the brunt of the real problem.
    Agreed the management (aka Jerry) is the biggest problem, and the coaching is a huge problem too. But the players hold a reasoable amount of responsibility. While Kiffin’s d is terrible, when youre on pace to break the record for yards given up, the players cant go blameless. Bruce Carter cant stop the run. Their safeties are a joke. Carr and Claiborn cant string together one consistent game. Romo cant make throws he needs to in tight situations. Their line cant consistently protect the QB or open up holes. Miles Austin cant do anything.

    All in all, they have a ton of problems. They dont deserve a playoff berth. And as long as Jerry runs things, I doubt theyll get one. If you were a good coach would you want to go there as a HC, DC or OC under Jerry? I surely wouldnt.

  22. Florioisadouche:

    Hmm, I see your point but I just don’t agree that the players are to blame. The players can be COACHED to do well, if they aren’t doing well that is a COACHING problem. If the player is not capable of playing the right way, then that’s a GM problem. But there is not very often a time that it makes sense or is logical or productive to blame a football player. They don’t make the big decisions from a top-down level. They are just doing the best they can and what they are told. And it’s up to the coaches to tell them the right things to do or to help them do the right things, and it’s up to the GM to make sure he/she has the right coaches as well as that they are getting done what they are supposed to be getting done.

    Why blame the players, there’s no solution to ending it there, plus for the above reasons it doesn’t really make productive sense to do that.

    I am a good coach, and I would be more than happy to be the HC or DC or OC for the Cowboys, and I think I could do some good things for them and help them out. But I think I could do a lot more if I was the GM, I can’t really promise much certainty if I’m not in control of enough things. I’m not very fond of the players on this team, so while I think I could help either their O or D out by being a better Coordinator, I still think there’s much more value in revamping the roster before trying to force this roster to be great. But if I’m stuck with working with these guys well I’ll see what I can do!

    I have always wanted to work with Ernie Sims personally ever since he was a Lion, because he’s one of my top players I have ever reviewed that has so much physical talent for a LB yet being so underwhelming with his mental game and positioning. I just always wanted to find out if I could help him become a great player. I think he could be useful if he could just lock down on how to target where and when to attack and he’s almost always out of position or doing the wrong thing. His Lions tape is to me the perfect teaching tool for LBs. I think that’s some golden stuff and if I was every teaching a LB how to play, then I’m working off the Ernie Sims tape cause it’s quite perfect to illustrate everything that a LB needs to know.

  23. The only thing JJ is good at is pushing fans away and to other teams.

    Like me, I’ve moved on from the cowboys as a direct result of him and how he runs his team.

  24. JJ has turned into the “Old” Al Davis. Had early success and us now unapproachable. Coaches have no chance as long as he’s running the show. At least Al Davis had an abundance of NFL knowledge, Jones just has Romo.

  25. That jingle bell sound you hear it the background is the money dropping into Jerry Jones’ pockets. So, ho, ho, ho to all those ‘boys fans Jerry is laughing all the way to the bank. But, he really wants to win as long as he does it his way.

  26. He also said that even if he hired a GM, he would still micro-manage him and make the final decision on bringing a player in. This statement tells me that he is probably making coaching decisions also. He is the ultimate control freak.

  27. as long as JJ thinks the can manage the cowboys , he will never step down , and it looks like Stephen will be just as bad, he should look at his dad , and see all the bad dealings he has done, the Jones family is a laughing stock of the NFL , but once he starts losing money then maybe he will step down , hopefully sell the team to someone that will not interfere will the coaching and drafts, needs to stop complementing Garret intelligence and get a coach that really gets angry and speaks his mind to the players.

  28. You can’t meet Jerry Jones and not share his enthusiasm for the Dallas Cowboys nor can you leave the room not liking him. He’s a nice guy who genuinely wants to win more than anything else. Having said that, I’m collecting a ‘pot’ to have him shot and buried next to the Trinity River. Please pitch in.

  29. @strategyexpert

    I watch every snap and trust me their are holes on their players. coaching has a ton to do with it like we both said, but in watching them there’s no way the players can’t take some of the blame. they’re the ones who play the game and make terrible mistakes. Its not the coaches fault Romo threw those picks. In fact Romo was correct on his first INT to audible into a pass. He then threw well behind his receiver rather than leading him, an all around awfl throw. That’s no ones fault but his own. That’s my only point. There’s no way the players can be blameless here. They maybe don’t deserve the majority of the blame, but they can’t go unexcused. They don’t help their own cause, if you will.

  30. The one thing Jerrud loves more than winning, more than money, and more than total control is the sound of his own voice. What other owner holds informal PRESS CONFERENCES after every game? What other owner is on TV and radio so often, IF EVER? I don’t EVER recall hearing any other owner yapping away every week on TV and radio, saying the absolute DUMBEST things imaginable. God he’s an insufferable egomaniac! Just goes to prove money can’t buy brains. He’s made a lot of bucks, for sure, although I don’t know how he did it with that lack of intellect. The poor Cowboys fans. My how the mighty have fallen….

  31. Florioisadouche:

    Ok fine, you sold me. I agree to assign some blame to the players.

    Now that we have done that, what is the solution to eliminating the concerns with the players? If it is their fault, do we just tell them to not screw up next time, or do we tell them they need to put in more time to learn their jobs, or what do you suggest is the process or mechanism for dealing with this issue and helping them to avoid being blamed in the future?

    Or less wordy of a way to ask…

    Player A: I accept the blame, so how do I get better and what do you need me to do?

  32. “the Cowboys would be capturing the specific type of glory the owner covets.”

    But he IS getting the type of “glory ” he covets – MONEY. He has no reason to do anything different.

  33. I wouldn’t be too surprised if this clown fires Garrett at the end of the season and hires himself as the replacement.

    I really think he wants to be the owner/GM/coach

  34. CMANJJ….he is not a good owner because he has his hands into everything. That is not a good owner. As owner you pay people to do a job. pay them we’ll and hold then accountable to do their job.

  35. Horrible game management down the stretch, Romo throws yet another pick (the ones he’s famous for)……..yep, I think it’s all Jerry Jones’ fault….

    Romo….elite, my ass

  36. I used to have a healthy dislike for them cowboys, many thanks to jerrah, and the fact that they kept losing – again many thanks to jerrah – made me happy but last Sunday’s debacle was so pathetic that it almost made me sorry for cowboy’s fans.


    FYI – I am a Pats’s fan and yes we are as arrogant and obnoxious as cowboys’ fans. BUT we have something to be obnoxious and arrogant about.

  37. Amazing stuff. Romo is an average quarterback at best. Jones and son are average at best. The team is subpar because of the efforts of the average above. In 1964 Jones was on a winning team. Live the glory and let football professionals run the team. Blaming the players for inept play calling, interference from above, bad draft management and a firm commitment to believing your own press over seeking some grasp on reality. This team will continue to decline with the average twins at the helm.

  38. Sounds more like inadequate and inefficient ownership. The Cowboys will continue to suck with Jones as the owner.

  39. Strategy expert, wer’e going around in circles. You still miss my point. The players he has are just flat out not that good in some cases. They lack talent and football IQ. Their abilities only go so far, and coaching can only help improve that so much. Granted that then becomes a GM problem, but in a sense, that’s what Jerry is saying. He’s basically saying “I messed up with some of these guys, they’re not that good”. But he has too much of an ego to say that flat out, without beating around the bush.

  40. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 1960, but I threw in the towel when Parcells quit. He was our last hope, and if not for his short tenure, our record over the last 15 years would be much worse. He was hired after 3 straight 5-11 seasons.

    The team Parcells put together had 13 pro bowlers the year after he left. Jerry blew it and started making all the personell and coaching decisions again and it’s been all downhill ever since.

    Romo is all they’ve got. Without Romo, they’re worse than Houston. If Jerry wasn’t the owner, Jerry the G.M. would have been fired 5 times since 1997.

  41. Romo HAD to throw that pass to try and get a first down. If we punted, the Packers were going to score ANYWAY. After the interception, everybody knew it was over because Dallas can’t stop ANYBODY. They had scored on 5 consecutive possesions in the 2nd half. Clay Mathews came blowing in UNBLOCKED and blew up that play.

    We’re getting lit up by backup quarterbacks every week. I fully expect Kirk Cousins to throw for over 4oo yards against us this week. There is no reason in the world to think we can beat Washington.

    If Romo wants to win, I think he needs to tackle better.

    Failure is good. Failure is what Jerry Jones needs, and lots of it. The more failure he has, the better. We need to beat his ego into submission.

  42. If Kirk Cousins is on your fantasy team, start him this week. It’s a lock.

    Dallas has an historically bad defense. They’ve already given up the most yards in team history and they still have two games to play.

    They’re on pace to set the NFL record for most yard given up in a season.

  43. Jerry doesn’t want to win if he doesn’t get credit for it.

    He wanted Parcells gone, because he knew Parcells was going to win, and Jerry wouldn’t get any credit for it.

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