Report: Gronkowski will have knee surgery in about two weeks


A picture of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski posing with two young fans while riding a motorized scooter around a supermarket made the social media rounds on Monday and reports about when he might start the process of getting off that scooter appeared a short time later.

Albert Breer of NFL Network and Ben Volin and Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe all report that Gronkowski is scheduled to have surgery to repair the torn ACL and MCL in his right knee in about two weeks. That will be about a month after Browns safety T.J. Ward’s tackle ended his season, a delay caused by the need to wait for swelling to go down.

Breer also reports that Gronkowski is expected to be ready for the start of the 2014 season, although last year’s experience with surgeries and subsequent infections is a reminder that there’s a long way to go before that becomes a reality.

And the Patriots have plenty of work to do before that point, with finding a red zone target to take Gronkowski’s place one of the top things on the to-do list.

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  1. This is about the same time in the season Heath Miller tore his ACL last year. Similar style of big, lugging tight ends. I would say Heath was back to full strength (able to hold his blocks) about the tenth game of the season.

  2. I think I can speak for everyone here – were gonna miss that crazy kid! Best of luck to Americas true team the rest of they way!

  3. I doubt it’s EXACTLY two weeks from today. Not sure I’d want to stand in the way of Gronk and whatever NYE party he’s headed to.

  4. Gronk when healthy has been the best tight end in the league.

    This is something like his 8th or 9th surgery in just a few years though. Every time it has to be harder to get back to full strength than the time before.

    WIth Gronk out, Hernandez gone for good and Kembrell Thompkins and Dobson injured the Pats have no big, tall targets at the moment. That really hurts and showed at the end of the Miami game last weekend. A lot tougher to score in the red zone with only short guys to catch the ball.

  5. Gronkowski has been a very good player for the Patriots. He has not been a good healer after being injured. It may be lifestyle, body chemistry, or rehabilitation techniques, or it may be that the guy just heals slowly. I have no expectation that he will play in the 2014 season. At 6’6″ and 270 lbs he will need exceptional discipline not to balloon to 300+ while he waits to start rehab. He’s never shown the discipline that other young players have about post surgical recovery. The question is: Will he be a half step short and 30 pounds slow if he returns for the 2015 season?

  6. Who knew that this was Gronk’s 9th surgery (he had 5 for the forearm and back combined). And he is a very slow healer, who cares that he came back ahead of schedule from the broken forearm (and he broke it again in a different spot because of the plate in his arm). Most of the follow up surgeries were for the infection, not to fix the injury.

    And lets hope he doesnt ballon to 300 lbs, especially when you consider that he lost 30lbs in the offseason during his rehab…

  7. Its good to see all the medical professionals who comment on PFT. I’m surprised that so many people have seen his MRI?

  8. Hate to say it, Pasties have a couple (Gronk and Amendola) receivers who are not very durable. What good is a great receiver when he is on the bench injured half the time?

  9. hang in there armpits and the rest of the baked bean eaters, who knows maybe the hoodie will figure out a new way to cheat!

  10. Just another of Bradys last few years going down the drain. They let Woodhead walk (having a good year with the Bolts.) Didn’t resign Loydd. Lowballed an offer to get E. Sanders from the Steelers. Lost Welker to Donkeys for chump change. Hernandez in the slammer. (there was still time to react to this.) Knew Gronk wasn’t coming back for a least six games. I hate to think what kind of shape we would be in if Eddelman had signed with the Giants. But hey we’re way under the cap. When do they think they’re gonna get another Brady? Not in this lifetime. Good luck in the playoffs Tom.

  11. It doesnt matter if gronk plays or not. The real question is what refs will show up? Will it be the refs that call a fair game like in miami and they lose or the refs that call pi when it wasnt even close to put the pats on the 1 like vs the browns. Gronk doesnt matter but the refs do BIG TIME for the loser pats. Funny how billicheat can make adjustments to win in 20 min at halftime like last couple games but cant make those adjustments in 6 days…….weird.

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