Titans cut John Skelton to make room for Tyler Wilson

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When word of rookie Tyler Wilson signing with the Titans broke on Monday, there was no word of a corresponding move but it seemed likely that the team would be saying goodbye to one of the three quarterbacks already on the roster.

That came to pass on Tuesday when the Titans announced that they’ve released John Skelton. Skelton signed with the team last month after Jake Locker was lost for the season, his fourth stop since the start of 2013. Skelton was released by the Cardinals in April, went to training camp with the Bengals and spent a week with the 49ers as well.

All that bouncing around doesn’t bode well for Skelton’s long-term future in the NFL, but he’ll likely find a home for at least some of the offseason even if he’s just a practice arm.

With Skelton out, the Titans depth chart now features Ryan Fitzpatrick and Rusty Smith along with Wilson. Smith has been serving as the backup since Locker’s injury and will likely remain in that role as the team takes a look at Wilson to see if he might have a future with the franchise.

12 responses to “Titans cut John Skelton to make room for Tyler Wilson

  1. Smart move. Skelton should have never been picked up in the first place. There’s lots of unknowns that deserved a shot ahead of him. Although I think the same could be said for Rusty Smith too. It’s a little late for the Titans to being churning their roster. They should have taken a harder look in this past offseason and revamped things by removing the players that don’t have an exciting future and acquiring more prospects or other interesting acquisitions to give them more options down the road. They are moving way too slow towards positioning themselves for a Super Bowl run.

  2. The amazing thing is that he’s even managed to bounce around given how poorly he’s performed. The last season in which he played it was 2 TDs vs. 9 INTS. Props to him and his agent for landing on two other rosters following that because most guys would have been out of the league.

  3. Titans sign a rookie 3rd stringer QB? Now that’s news.

    Don’t get to know your coach too well! The team will leave him in JAX Sunday night. Jags 20, Titans 9.

  4. The Titans have spent all this time signing 2nd hand QB’s all season but can’t find a big dog running back to take over for No-Way CJ?

    What a sorry organization.

  5. Who said Tyler Wilson threw 2 td’s vs. 9 int’s? Your dead wrong, where did you pull those stats from? Thin air? Who started 1 preseason game and everyone went off that one performance. And honestly I don’t see what he did wrong in that game. The Tennessee titans are lucky to get him. Yeah he was a third round pick, but guess what joe theismann was a fourth round quarter back, brett favre was a third round quarter back, and so many other greats. Would you rather a #1 overall that coasts the team 70,000,000$ like Jamarcus Russell , and I’m from mobile alabama , I would have loved to see Russell do good, or how about a #1 overall like Jeff George. I doesn’t matter what round there taken in, it matters what they have inside them, and Tyler Wilson is all heart, mark my words he will start for the titans, this kid is a phenom. Also everyone wants to talk about how bad he did in his last year at Arkansas , come on he threw 3200 yards 400 less than the previous season and he lost jarius wright to the 2012 draft and many others, they had a bad team. This kid has all the makings of Brett favre , all he has to do work on his mechanics and get them NFL ready.

  6. Also I forgot, look at the raiders, that organization is notorious for screwing people’s careers up. Marcus Allen could have been the best running back the nfl has ever seen , what do they do? Put him as a wide receiver, Taiwan jones who should be he starter right now at running back but they want to make him a free safety “seriously?” And I’m not even gonna get started on their retarded coaching staff. Just look in the past you’ll see countless mistakes and bad decisions by the raiders. Unfortunately the move to Oakland didn’t do them any good.
    Know stats and history before you talk about what you don’t know. In 2011 Tyler Wilson was first team all SEC with 3684 yards with 24 touch downs then the year he supposedly did so bad “2012” he threw for 3387 yards with 21 touch downs on 13 int’s with a 143.8 quarterback rating and completed 62.1% of his passes 1% less than the previous year come on, I’ll take those stats any day.

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