Belichick won’t talk about whether Solder has another concussion

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Two Sundays ago, Patriots left tackle Nate Solder suffered a concussion.  This past Sunday, he suffered a head injury.  Which has not yet been dubbed a concussion.

Meeting with the media on Wednesday, the always-chatty Bill Belichick declined to use the “C” word.  Here’s the relevant portion of the Q&A.

Q: Was Nate Solder diagnosed with a concussion on Sunday?

Belichick: We’ll give our injury report after practice today and update you on that.

Q: If a player does suffer concussions in back-to-back weeks, does it change the protocol at all?

Belichick:  Whatever the medical department does, that’s what they do. I’m not a doctor. I don’t really know what the medical procedures are, period. Like I said, we have a deal: they don’t call plays, I don’t play doctor.

[Editor’s note: Thanks for giving us the ultimate out-of-context quote.]

Q: Does it raise concern when a player has that type of injury?

Belichick: Our medical department handles all the injuries.

Per multiple reports, Solder wasn’t at spotted on Wednesday.  Which suggests that Solder indeed has a concussion.  Which will be made official when the Patriots release their Wednesday injury report.

And not a minute or a second sooner than that.