E.J. Manuel out this week, Thad Lewis to start against Dolphins

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Well, that escalated quickly.

Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel was thought to be fine after spraining his knee last week, but won’t play this week because of the injury.

Bills coach Doug Marrone said that backup quarterback Thad Lewis would start this week agains the Dolphins, and that Manuel might return to the lineup next week.

Marrone said Monday that Manuel “should be OK,” but in the two days since, the condition apparently became problematic.

Marrone told reporters that Manuel was limited in practice and could throw from the pocket, but wasn’t able to move around well enough to put him out there. While Marrone said Manuel would not play this week, he expressed confidence in his ability to return for the regular season finale.

You’d think that would be a huge boost for the Dolphins’ playoff chances, but Lewis did beat them there in October.

28 responses to “E.J. Manuel out this week, Thad Lewis to start against Dolphins

  1. Wish we kept fitz. This team overthinks itself over and over again. Would of been a perfect guy for ej to sit behind and learn the mental game which clearly he has been lacking with defenses and reads. I guess there’s always next year

  2. You might as well just have him sit out against the Patriots too. Have him go out on a high note from the Jags game and focus on 2014. Road games vs. the Pats usually don’t turn out well.

  3. Does Marrone really think lightning will strike twice when he starts Thad against my fins. That last win was fluky at best, I hope my team is out for revenge this week.

  4. Who cares who the QB will be. The Dolphins have the best CB/S in the league in Michael Thomas. This guy has won defensive player of the week every week he has ever played and has never left a game without at least 1 game saving interception. Bills better start game planning for him. May I recommend throwing to the other side of the field where Brent Grimes is?

  5. Dolphins need to bring their “A” game no matter who plays. Traveling to a division opponent who is looking to play spoiler is rarely easy.

  6. As a dolphins fan i never underestimate the Bills. They always play tough football especially at home.

  7. “Marrone told reporters that Manuel was limited in practice and could throw from the pocket, but wasn’t able to move around well enough to put him out there.” Mike Shanahan disagrees with that statement.

  8. This is EJ Manuels THIRD knee injury this year. Swelling, both knees have been affected. I think we need to add another QB in the draft this coming April, the position is too important to worry about his knees holding up for 16 games….

  9. The Dolphins were far more responsible for beating themselves than Thad Lewis was the first time they met.

  10. As a huge FSU fan, I was stunned Manuel was a first round pick.

    While has the physical tools you look for, he had two big negatives while at FSU. He was inconsistent and injury prone. So far in his rookie year, he has been inconsistent and injury prone.

  11. This gives them a better chance. Thad is a better QB, at least right now. The Bills looked at their sharpest this year with Thad at the helm.

    Im not a fan of either team, but I cant help but laugh at Dolphins fans talking trash about the Bills being in last and standing no chance. The Bills historically, even in the midst of their struggles in recent years, never seem to have problems beating the Dolphins. And the Dolphins have been at the basement of the division right next to the Bills, with the exception fo this year and 2008. So let’s not get too ahead of yourselves Fins fans.

  12. Dolphins fans seem to think their team is much better than what it really is….I’ll take my Bills at home 35 degrees and windy……oh yea!

  13. This upcoming off-season, Manuel needs to hire a good personal trainer to get himself physically stronger, and hire himself one of those so-called “Quarterback Gurus” to refine his mechanics. I would strongly recommend these things to him.
    I have criticized him strongly, but I know he’s just a rookie who has missed a lot of important time this season. I haven’t given up on him yet.

  14. If it were not for Buffalo being small market, EJ would have never survived the train plowing him this year. Good luck EJ, 2015 NFL draft is not your friend.

  15. to quote the always quotable samuel l. jackson….’they call me mister glass!!’

    i hope whaley is humble enough to not double down on a mistake….and draft another qb this year

  16. Need to use that first round pick on a LT to protect the QB. And, need to make sure that the 2nd string QB gets lots of reps through the season with the starters.

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