Eli Manning wants to keep playing despite injury ravaged offensive line


The Giants offensive line has been one of the leading sources of the team’s misery this season.

Injuries and ineffectiveness have combined to create a leaky front line for the Giants and things could get even worse this week. Guards James Brewer and David Diehl both missed practice on Wednesday because of injury, leaving open the possibility that the Giants will have to dig even deeper on their unimpressive depth chart.

It’s a tough spot to be in with Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley on the other side of the line this Sunday and coach Tom Coughlin admitted Wednesday that the team considered sitting quarterback Eli Manning to keep him from any undue harm. Manning wanted nothing to do with it, though.

“As a matter of fact, we talked about this,” Coughlin said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “He wants to play. He’s looking forward to playing and competing and having a better game. I wouldn’t expect anything different.”

Manning has been sacked a career-high 36 times this season and has tied his career high with 25 interceptions. He’ll get a chance to add to both totals this weekend and should have a pretty good shot if the Giants are forced to further downgrade his blocking.

22 responses to “Eli Manning wants to keep playing despite injury ravaged offensive line

  1. I didn’t expect him to want to sit, he hasn’t in 10 years. But he’s having the worst year of his career and he’s at risk of getting killed against a team like the Lions with the Giant’s pathetic O-line.

    The season is over so all signs point to sitting him, but like I said he’s got the iron-man streak and I can’t really fault him for wanting to keep playing.

  2. It just doesn’t make sense to talk about sitting a healthy player. It makes a bad precedent for the future. I’n not a Giants fan. I’m a football fan, and I don’t like this.

  3. First, the Lions d-line is both over-rated and inconsistent.
    But, I know the Gianst o-line is ravaged, too.

    In any case, hats off to Eli for playing despite the situation – playing for the sake of the dignity and honor involved. Here’s to Eli having a helluva game, and trying to close the season out on a high note!

  4. Take the obligatory snap to maintain the streak, put in Nassib, hope he has the same game Flynn had against the Lions a few years ago, trade Nassib to another dumb QB starved team for some picks, draft OL, wash, rinse, repeat.

  5. Echoing what has already been said, put him in for a series, and sit him down. If the streak means that much to him, let him keep it going. Its pointless to risk getting blown up in a meaningless game.

  6. Eli. We need you next year. Take 2 snaps to keep the streak alive then get the hell out of there while you’re still standing. I don’t absolve you from some boneheaded throws, but this year has been a disaster on MANY levels. Let’s not make it worse with a needless injury.

  7. I don’t think that the game is meaningless to the NFC North, even if it holds no meaning for the Giants. That being said, the Bears and Packers would probably prefer Manning sat instead of feeding the Lions interceptions and keeping them in the playoff race.

  8. the rooney rule has to be the dumbest rule ever if i was an owner ima choose who I want to run the team so why should a rule dictate must interview a minority canidate when i alread have someone in mind that i want. not being racist jus being truthful

  9. It doesn’t matter who’s under center for the G-men for the last two games, as no one is going to do anything great, while getting ready to avoid a sack. Watching Eli, last Sunday it was glaringly apparent that he had neither the time, nor the inclination to do anything creative. His passes were uninspired lobs, probably thrown as much for just getting rid of the ball quickly, as for any offensive gains. It was clearly a miracle that the Hawks didn’t walk away with their highest sack totals for a game this season.

    Shanahan left RGIII in, to probably the everlasting regret of all Skins fans. One would hope that Coughlin, doesn’t make the same mistake with Eli. Games that mean nothing else, should be used to give the second stringers some on field experience.

  10. Just Pugh has also been horrible. The only time he even looks decent is when he is getting help from the TE. Funny everyone says the giants need a TE, they really don’t, Myers has been in there helping Pugh most of the year. This last game against sea they tried to leave Pugh 1-1 and he got undressed!

  11. Fortunately, the world will never be subjected to you running a business. I’m fairly certain you’d have to at least have the ability to string a sentence together without making a fool of yourself.

  12. Ask Mark Sanchez what is was like having the backups block for you late in a [preseason] game.

    I mean, if they are playing in Detroit, it is their fans not getting the top Giants product, which is not really a problem for their ticket holders unless Detroit pulls starters…

    I feel a bit sorry for Giants fans until I remember how they are so superior to the Pats and Eli is a better QB than Brady.

    Btw, Brady has lost both this LT and RT and 5 top receivers including all of his starting TE. And their defense has lost both Captains in the middle of their Defense, including their two starting DT and their MLB. Somehow, they are still 2nd overall in the AFC with two games to play. You don’t see Brady sitting out with a “decimated” O-line.

  13. Eli’s Oline is horrific and Gilbride’s gameplan will get him killed-couple that with no reliable receiver with Victor Cruz out. What the hell did Coughlin think Eli would say? “No way I’m going out there, coach”? Put him in for a series and then put Painter in there. If Eli gets injured, people will be calling for Coughlin and Gilbride’s head on a stick.

  14. Football as a business; sit him. Football to a player with heart “I want to play” Of course he wants to play, there’s a game on Sunday!!! I’ll take Eli any day all day. No team wins it all, all the time and at least Eli has made many of the last 10 seasons fun to watch.

  15. Game means nothing to Giants…..Sit the sissy (Manning) because your O line is junk. If I was Nassib I’d really feel like the team wants me around. I’m Mannings stand in if it’s a tough game…..

  16. No quarterback would have great TD/INT ratios with the line that Eli has had. When you get hit/sacked that many times you start to hear the footsteps.

    With that said, I hope the Lions rip through that line and leave nothing but a smudge mark where Eli once stood.

    – Cowboys Fan

  17. It was hard to watch and be a Giants fan this season. And I do understand a player’s mentality and his intention. But at the same time, with really nothing to play for these last two games, why risk his health.

    It will be a long offseason and it will be longer if, God forbid, something happens in a game that has no meaning for the team.

  18. Why is this even a story? Lots of QBs have had to play behind crappy lines, look at Philip Rivers last year. I don’t remember it being an issue for him.

  19. I would have zero respect for Eli if he started the game for a few snaps just to extend his record. Play the whole game or sit it out. Cheaters never prosper (except Bill Belichick).

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