Fletcher thinks Shanahan should stay as Redskins coach

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Retiring (most likely) Redskins linebacker London Fletcher, one of the most respected players in the NFL, has some advice for coach Mike Shanahan and owner Daniel Snyder.

Work it out.

Fletcher, who said he’s 99-percent sure he’ll retire, is 100-percent certain that Shanahan should remain the team’s head coach.

“The way I look at it, I think Coach Shanahan is a great coach,” Fletcher told reporters, via 106.7 The Fan in D.C.  “Any player who’s played for him, probably 95 percent of the guys who’ve played for him, would love playing for him. “

Even though he admitted that it sounds “crazy,” Fletcher thinks Shanahan should get an extension, so that he’s not a lame duck in 2014.

“As I look at the current situation, I think coach Shanahan is definitely the right guy,” Fletcher said.  “I think Mr. Snyder would be wise to let him see this thing through.  Obviously, there’s going to have to be some changes made because right now we’ve won three ball games.  Even if we win these next two, we’ll have five games.  So there is change that needs to take place, but I don’t think it needs to be with the head coach.

“I feel like he’s the right guy for it.  I think Coach Shanahan will have to have a conversation with Mr. Snyder at the end of the year, let them get some time, maybe a week or two, let the season get past them, and let them two just get into a room and really say, ‘Hey, What’s the situation?  How do we move forward?  How do we get this thing right?’”

Fletcher believes that stability in the coaching position becomes critical to success, and he’s right.  The Redskins haven’t had that continuity.  Firing Shanahan would only underscore the lack of stability.

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  1. London Fletcher is an outstanding player and future Hall of famer. If he says Mike Shanahan is the HC for this franchise, who is anyone to disagree? I’ve said all along this whole situation is a media created story and the Shanahans with RGIII will be fine after this upcoming offseason with fresh draft picks and a full cap. #HTTR

  2. I can think of 7 million reasons he should stay. A new coach sounds like a good idea, but not as much when you already have one bought and paid for with no cancellation option. Makes sense to keep him or to fire him.

  3. Thank you Mr. Fletcher for your input. Unfortunately, at this time, the administration is in dysfunction mode, so it is difficult to imagine the boss to do something sane. Good idea to retire, too. Next year gonna be worse unless RG3 changes in Joe Montana 2.

  4. The coach really isn’t the problem. Giving away all your picks for a QB when your team is not solid already was the problem. They overachieved last year with an easy schedule, and now they’re being exposed. Had they just continued to build the team they’d be better off.

    Shanahan didn’t want RGIII, he was forced to take him. You can’t hire a coach who has a plan, and then say “I’m altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it any further.” He’s got no draft picks to work with, and an injured player he’s been forced to play all year.

  5. So nice, a washed up linebacker giving his opinion on a washed up coach. R-Words fans wish their franchise was run like the Ravens, the defending Superbowl champs.


  6. the problem with the redskins is not shanahan, its snyder. He needs to let his coach do his job and not undermine him. treating RGIII differently and pampering him is not gonna help his team

  7. Bull crap! Snyder should fire Shanahans and keep his ass in court fighting for that $7 million for the next 20 years.

    Al Davis was bat-bleep crazy (towards the end), but he believed in punishing incompetence where his billion dollar organization was concerned. He would have been able to see right through the lowlife Shanahans has become.

  8. I have been a redskins fan for years.

    As a head coach how can you hire so many inexperience position coaches and expect your team to succeed. I think Coach Shanahan is a great offensive mind, however lack team building and team managing skills.

    Dan gave Mike keys to the bus, however it is time to find another driver.

  9. Shanahan has been horrible as Redskins coach. The defense and special teams are historically bad.

    We all know how he handled RG3’s health issues in 2012, too.

    No thanks. Can his butt now, Dan.

  10. Easy for him to say. He won’t be around to experience the train wreck this team will be next year if Shanahan is back.

  11. Lol yeah PLEASE Washington team, keep the Shannys !

    The entire rest of the league looks forward to another year of comedy football brought to you by lil’ Danny Snyder and the Shanahans.

  12. Anytime I’m feeling down about my pats all I gotta do is look at a redskins article and read the comments. Always good for a laugh just like the organization. A joke.

  13. if there’s such bad feelings between them why didnt u here about this last year when the skins were winning? #HTTR

  14. Either one of two things need to happen this off season. One keep Shanny and fire everyone else, his son, Haslett, burns and Bruce Allen. Or two fire Shanny and everyone else and start over. With the craziness that occurred this year, you can’t bring back the coaching staff intact. There is no way, that they can do that and think that things will get better next year.

  15. Here are the problems with firing Shanahan and starting over with a new coach:

    The offensive line is designed for the zone stretch running scheme. They are not particularly good at pass blocking and are undersized. There are basically three centers and one tackle. This means you are either putting the face of the franchise, who you spent an obscene amount of draft picks on, behind an offensive line that likely won’t fit the scheme or investing high draft picks and money into the O-Line.

    The defense isn’t good. The safeties look lost and are easily moved out of position. Their cover skills are marginal at best, and the only decent run stopper is Reed Doughty. The line backing corp is not suited to a 3-4 scheme. Orakpo only knows how to bull rush and Kerrigan only has the speed rush, they don’t use any moves and their ability to play coverage is sad. Their inside line backers are not able to get off of blocks and don’t have much in the way of speed or power. Their nose tackle, Barry Cofield, is dong his best, but would be better at defensive end in the scheme, and I defy you to even name one of their ends without resorting to looking it up. When your best player on defense is D’Angelo Hall, you’ve got some serious work to do.

    The special teams is historically bad. This is because the bottom half of the roster has no real talent on it. Their front lines are getting blown by on kick returns, Josh Morgan has still yet to block someone, their contain guys are keeping contain 30 yards off the ball and their returner has nowhere to go. On punt returns, their wings are hopeless and there doesn’t seem to be any real blocking going on. Kick and punt coverages… what kick and punt coverage teams?

    Finally, at the skill positions, Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reid all play very well, but everyone else looks like they are still learning how to catch. Hands of stone.

    Firing Shanahan means that you need to basically rebuild the ENTIRE roster. And even with the cap money back, that is too much to ask.

    Better to stay the course and make changes in scouting department.

  16. I am just ashamed and embarrassed to be a fan of this mess of an organization. I really think that next year I’m going to cheer for another team. I can’t continue to sit here and watch while this classless organization makes move after stupid move. Shanahan is the most overrated coach in the history of sports, his son is a plug with daddy issues, RG3 is a bust, the best player on our team is the 78 year old Fletcher. What does that say about this other people on the roster? Think their record is fitting based on who they have over there. Here’s to bottom feeding! HTTR though.

  17. Fletcher’s a Class act and wouldn’t take a shot at Shanny even though he deserves it.

    Good luck London on your post football life!

  18. spoken like a “good” team player who is making sure he has a shot at working in the organization in his post retirement years.

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