Jed York: Harbaugh has never asked for more control over personnel

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49ers CEO Jed York said Wednesday that he “definitely” anticipates Jim Harbaugh to be the coach of the 49ers for a long time and that Harbaugh and General Manager Trent Baalke have a healthy working relationship.

That issue came up because of a report from Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News about “creative tensions” between Harbaugh and General Manager Trent Baalke. During an appearance on KNBR, York didn’t deny that the coach and the G.M. butt heads on occasion but that they eventually figure out “the best thing for the 49ers” and move forward from there.

York wouldn’t discuss specifics about an extension for the coach, but did say that Harbaugh has never asked for more personnel control in the future.

“He’s never asked for that, he’s never intimated any of that,” York said, via “And it’s easy to say, it’s easy to speculate, ‘Well, he was in college and he had full control and he wants full control here.’ That sounds great until you actually get to reality. And Jim’s never really ever asked for that.”

Things have worked out pretty well for the 49ers with Harbaugh and Baalke at the reins of the franchise, so it is no surprise that York wants to keep things in place as long as possible. If Harbaugh feels the same way, hammering out an extension this offseason shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.

13 responses to “Jed York: Harbaugh has never asked for more control over personnel

  1. Butting heads occasionally is a good thing as long as it remains at a professional level. Devil’s advocate is a productive means of getting to the heart of any discussion. That includes a unified front being put forth at its conclusion and the debate is done in the proper venue. Sounds like SF is doing exactly the right thing. If only Washington Redskins had the same approach.

  2. Took USD from nothing to 11-1. Took Stanford from putrid to powerhouse. Took 9ers from decade long losers to Superbowl contenders. You might not like his style, but Jim Harbaugh is the best coach football has to offer. He’ll get whatever he wants in SF, as he should.

  3. 49ers figured out the formula to stopping russell wilson and the run game . i know it was in SF but i can see the same formula working in seattle come playoff time. the 49ers offense wont put up mad points in seattle but they can grind out a low scoring game.
    SF will win 20 – 16, after that it wont matter who we play. the superbowl is ours.

  4. This report is just noise to feed the Internet beast. Every owner wants to keep a successful coach. And every coach wants more control over the team that he coaches. This is not news.

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