Justin Tucker nails AFC weekly special-teams honors


On Monday night, the Ravens scored no touchdowns in Detroit.  But Justin Tucker delivered six field goals, including a 61-yard field game winner that looked like it was going to fade to the right before straightening out and falling over the upright.

Not surprisingly, the effort gave Tucker the AFC special-teams player of the week award.

For the year, Tucker has converted on 33 straight field-goal attempts.  His performance has caught the attention of former Redskins kicker Mark Moseley, the only kicker to ever win the NFL’s MVP award by making 20 of 21 straight-on field goals during the nine-game, strike-shortened season of 1982.

“In 1982 and ’83, I didn’t think I could miss,” Moseley told Clifton Brown of CSNBaltimore.com.  “That’s where [Tucker] is now.  I was really kind of surprised [Monday] night that they couldn’t get in the end zone.  But that’s where a good kicker comes in.  If you have a good defense and a good kicker, you can stay in games.  That’s why George Allen brought me to Washington.”

Tucker has become so reliable that there’s a danger the Ravens may get too cautious and conservative once they get in range for the kind of field goal that used to be considered hard to make but that with Tucker has become automatic.  As long as Tucker doesn’t cool off, it may not matter.

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  1. He must be the best kicker ever. The ravens barely beat the Lions by 2 points but are all of a sudden the hottest team in the AFC and projected to win their division according to Florio. Bleh.

  2. Tucker was a fan favorite in Baltimore even prior to Monday night, but now there are a lot of fans who think he might be better than Matt Stover. I’m slowly joining that group.

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  3. That 61 yarder to win the game is probably the burliest game-winning kick you’ll ever see in your life. Only thing close, really, was Dempsey’s 63 yarder to beat the Lions in the 1970s, but that was a late-season game between two struggling teams, not a battle for playoff position.

  4. Yes, Tucker deserved it. 61 yard field goal to win the game, 6 FG’s in the game without a miss. Is that the best he can do? lol

  5. Ravens now have a legit top 5 D a QB that can make big throws when it counts and a kicker that is a threat from the 40. Think any team wants to see the Ravens in January? I know Peyton doesn’t.

  6. Steelersaregodsteam and crownofthehelmet,

    It must be tough for you guys to watch the ravens have so much success while your favorite team crumbles before your very eyes. The steelers decline is so pathetic. Mike Tomlin’s attempt to cheat was just the latest chapter in this sad era for your franchise. Now painfully watch as the Rsvens make the post season for the 6th straight season. Maybe you guys, Big Ben, Troy Hair, and even Mikey can grab a seat on the couch together.

    World Champs


  7. It would be nice if Ravens coaches recognized they have been given a second chance to overcome terrible play calling and learn from this. Even Aaron Rodgers is asking what they were doing in plays leadng up to the kick.

    But Raven fans know this is a very conservative staff with a system that puts pressure on players to perform at maximum of their ability, instead of making it easier for them. Fortunately the players have been able to answer, so far.

    And the staff doesn’t run onto the field on kickoffs.

  8. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. 2 difficult games for the ravens are left. They are slotted as the 6th seed but slot can happen.

    To get back on topic, Tucker=Raven MVP

  9. Now I know why I was pissed after Harbaugh let Tucker, the only guy putting points on the board, try to recover an on-side kick against the dirty helmet hitting Stealers.

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