Michael Thomas’ busy week results in AFC defensive player of the week

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When last week started, Michael Thomas was a safety on the 49ers practice squad.

It ended with Thomas intercepting a Tom Brady pass in the end zone to seal a 24-20 Dolphins victory that left them in position to take a playoff spot with victories in their last two games. In between was a phone call from Miami offering a job that Thomas nearly slept through and the whole thing has been capped with the NFL’s announcement that Thomas is the AFC defensive player of the week.

Thomas, pressed into expanded duty a few days after joining the team because of injuries all over the secondary, added a couple of pass breakups and tackles to that interception to further make his case for the weekly honors. There were other strong performances on defense on Sunday, but none had the same mix of a great individual story and the great team story of beating a division nemesis that you haven’t beaten in years.

The Dolphins are looking healthier in the defensive backfield this week, but Thomas’ successful debut will likely keep him in the mix for snaps for however long the Dolphins remain alive this season.

12 responses to “Michael Thomas’ busy week results in AFC defensive player of the week

  1. Good for him, at least something good has happened in Miami. The last month has been ridiculous for this team, with all the Jonathon Martin rubbish. That was one big waste of money, I’ll bet.

  2. Congratulations to Michael Thomas.

    However, I don’t feel defensive player of the week should be awarded because of a story, or because some guy came off the practice squad and made a few plays. I don’t think it should be based purely off stats either, but they are a good bases to go off of. I can think of several players who were more deserving. For instance, Eric Berry of the Chiefs had 2 tackles 2 pass break ups and 2 interception, one of which was ran back for a long TD. the other pick was nearly ran back for 6 as well. If its be cause of a story, what about Sam Shields who picked off an errant Promo pass to give the Packers a chance to take the lead in an epic showdown between the Packers and Cowboys. or Williams who picked off Romo’s pass to seal the deal that was ruled incomplete on the field? There are more players that could be considered I’m not thinking of. Anyone else have thoughts on who that could be?

  3. @annes22, yes it has been a rediculous past month for the dolphins. Winning 4 of the last 5, and 3-0 in December. But yes, let’s go back to a retarded off the field story. The Martin rubbish was 7 weeks ago.

  4. He made two plays the whole game on a short field when everyone knew Brady had o throw into the end zone and that was worthy of player of the week? Come on this was given to him by the NFL PR people who have been pushing his story all week.

  5. Congrats MJ Thomas ! I’ve been following this guy since his early days at Stanford and the guy is nothing but positive energy… Couldn’t be happier for him

  6. Trully a feel good story, althought he might not have been the best defensive player in the AFC this week, this is trully the kind of story a fan like me enjoys.

    This is really better than having loudmouth milionaire selfish players annoy everyone with their selfishness

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