Ndamukong Suh: I love playing for Schwartz, don’t want him fired

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Detroit defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh knows that coach Jim Schwartz is in danger of being fired as the Lions’ late-season slide has moved them from favorites to long shots in the NFC North. And Suh is still hoping he can help Schwartz save his job.

“Am I playing for Jim’s job?” Suh said, via FOXSportsDetroit.com. “I think that’s a part in it. Everybody wants to win. Owners expect winning. I don’t want that coach to go anywhere. I love his scheme.”

Whether the players want to keep playing for Schwartz or not, the fact is that their play hasn’t inspired much confidence in Schwartz’s ability to get the most out of them. Suh knows that losing the division lead hurt Schwartz’s chances of keeping his job.

“We’ve let go of an opportunity to put these other teams away,” Suh said. “We opened the door back for them. We still have an opportunity to take care of business. It’s most important that we do our part or none of it matters. That’s what we’ve yet to do to this point is do our part, close the door. We’ve let a bunch of ants in the house. Now you’ve got to go get an exterminator to get them out.”

At this point, even if the Lions win their last two games, the exterminator may be coming to get Schwartz out at the end of the season.

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  1. Suh liking Schwartz is not exactly a vote of confidence. An undisciplined player will always like a coach that has no discipline.

  2. I’d love working for an idiot that let’s me do anything I want regardless of how it hurts the team. The Lions will never be a winner as long as Schwartz is the coach and the team lacks any discipline and holds NO ONE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Like Suh!

  3. THANK GOD!!! Lets hope all the idiot players there rally around their idiot leader. Schwartz will continue to run that team into the ground which is great for the NFC North.

  4. Well can you guys blame him? It’s like working for a boss who has no idea what’s going on. Sure, it’s fun, but you’re not working your hardest.

    I really hope we lose these last two games so we fire Jim Schwartz and Linehan. And that’s sad to say for any team you root for.

  5. Well, that’s it for Schwartz. When the players start talking about how much they love playing for him, he’s certain to get fired.

  6. Of course he does, because Swartz is as big a dirtbag as Suh is, which means he has no problem with letting Suh behave like one.

    Personal feelings about Swartz aside, I just dont think he’s that good a coach, and if they miss the playoffs, he doesnt deserve to keep his job. His scummy tendencies just add to his underwhelming appeal as a coach, but that appeal would still be there even if he was as nice a guy as they come.

  7. How many guys would say the same thing about Belichick? Players should admire great coaches but if they love to play for a guy who is not even winning consistently then they are probably not getting pushed hard enough.

  8. “”I really hope we lose these last two games so we fire Jim Schwartz and Linehan. And that’s sad to say for any team you root for.””

    As a 55 year old Browns fan I must respectfully disagree, we Browns fans thrive on starting over. It usually beats the status quo.

  9. Two of the worst-run franchises in pro sports reside in the NFC North … the Lions and Vikings.

    No wonder Green Bay and Chicago have so many division titles over the past decade

  10. Uh, what short memories some people have. Just a few years ago the Lions were the laughing stock of the NFL. Schwartz has turned that around. And, BTW, Flynn and the Packers were on fire in the second half. Also, Jordy Nelson made some ridiculous catches. I am giving Schwartz a pass this year.

  11. It wasn’t that long ago that the Lions were winless schmucks and a guaranteed victory for anyone. Schwartz, love him or hate him and his team, has turned this at a minimum a playoff contender, and a tough team to beat in just a few years.

    I roll my eyes when people say he needs to be fired.

  12. I’m amazed that folks want to fire Schwartz. The Lions will probably end up 9-7 and 5-1 in the division after 4-12. It cracks me up that the Lions were suppposed to take advantage of the Rodgers and Cutler injuries as if Rodgers and Cutler play for the Eagles, Ravens, and Steelers as well. It seems to me if they end up 3-1 against the bears and packers they took advantage.

    Two losses came from the Bengals and Ravens with career high game winning field goals. The Green Bay loss came without Calvin Johnson and the Philly loss came without Bush. If GB and Bears can use injuries as an excuse why can’t the Lions?

  13. Yeah it must be fun to make millions of dollars to play football, so I can see why he would be happy. But us fans aren’t getting paid, and the only thing we have is the hope for a title. We only like a coach if the coach is effective in making substantial progress towards that goal. Suh is out of touch with the fans, as is the team. They don’t understand where we are coming from and what we are looking for. This is all about what the players and coaches like and want for themselves. But they shouldn’t be entitled to extra privileges and consideration since they already get paid millions of dollars despite not getting the job done.

    This team needs a new leader and a new attitude, and to be focused and on track with the goal in mind of WINNING no matter what it takes, and they aren’t there yet. Us fans in Detroit have been waiting for more years than I’ve been alive, and we are ready when THEY are ready.

  14. Say what you want about him, but there’s no debating that he has crafted the best front 7 in the nfc. Soft football has got them nowhere, Schwartz’s gritty style of coaching has improved Detroit’s chances as well as their overall play. Call it dirty if you want, but it’s the same formula that made Cowher’s Steelers so successful.

  15. regulatedmilitia:

    Excellent point.

    Personally I could care less who the coaches of the team are if we could have a fantastic group of 53 players across the board. I would take a great set of 53 and the worst coaches available before I would want the best coaches and the worst players. I think the good players with the bad coaches would be better than the reverse.

    If you don’t have a good assembly of players, then that’s never going to represent a coach’s true worth and it’s worth more impact to the bottom-line record. And the QB is the most important player and contributing player on the team. If you don’t have good play there, then that really compromises everything and everybody. We don’t have satisfactory play there, and we double down by paying huge money to not have the satisfactory play. At the most important position.

    It’s a recipe for nearly certain disaster.

    Swap out Peyton Manning for Stafford and replay the season. Then tell me what you think of all the players and coaches. I bet most people would have a more flattering opinion of pretty much everybody. That doesn’t mean coaching isn’t also a problem, but a football team I believe is best served by focusing on the biggest problems that contribute the most to the record. You have to start somewhere, and as many of the top contributing problems they can improve is what they should be trying to do.

  16. Do Lion’s fans not understand their history? Every year for the past 50 years the Lions were going to win the championship……hasn’t happened, the NFC…..hasn’t happened, their Division…..hasn’t happened, the game……rarely happens. I will say this, the Lion’s marketing dept. does an excellent job of selling “hope” because the fans keeping buying.

  17. thejuddstir:

    The Lions don’t do much marketing. They don’t have to. We are endlessly loyal to the team. Just not the players and coaches on the team that are responsible for killing the hope of each season. But everybody in Detroit will always be there for the Detroit Lions. It’s one of the strongest bonds in sports.

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