NFL panel recommends coaching candidates

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The NFL has assembled a panel of former coaches and general managers who will recommend head-coaching candidates to teams with a vacancy, and that panel will put a special emphasis on encouraging teams to hire minorities.

Peter King of reports that the panel was created in response to the fact that no minority head coaches were hired last offseason. Bill Polian, Tony Dungy, Ron Wolf, and John Madden are among the members of the panel.

King reports that former Bears coach Lovie Smith, Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker, Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton, Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, Louisville head coach Charlie Strong, Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin, Bengals assistant Hue Jackson, Packers assistant Winston Moss, Packers assistant Darren Perry, Broncos assistant Eric Studesville, and Texans assistant Karl Dorrell are minorities who have been identified as strong candidates. Under the NFL’s Rooney Rule, every team must interview at least one minority candidate before hiring a new head coach.

Non-minority NFL assistant coaches identified by the panel as good head-coaching candidates include Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, New Orleans offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, Miami defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, Buffalo defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Kansas City defensive coordinator Bob Sutton and Washington tight ends coach Sean McVay.

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  1. Witnessed Karl Dorrell as UCLAs head coach. No intensity. No emotion. No passion. No, to him as a NFL head coach.

  2. How about they just hire the best coaching candidates available, regardless of race and call it a day. One of the stupidest rules passed by the NFL in recent memory and that’s saying a lot.

  3. Ok…I’m not opposed to the Rooney Rule in theory, or even in application…but Jim Caldwell?? Come on… The guy took a Peyton Manning-led team and did what ever other Peyton Manning-led team did. When there was no more Manning, the team fell apart, and he got fired. I’m sorry, I know he took over as the coordinator for the Ravens and helped them win a Super Bowl, but the Ravens have been middling at best this season, and it seems like they are just pushing this guy to have a longer list. Everyone else on the list is fine… Ray Horton deserves a chance to do something someday soon! I’ll pass on Caldwell.

  4. Yes Hue Jackson..the man who single handedly set the raiders back 2 yrs by giving a 1st and 2nd round pick for Carson palmer..Jim Caldwell who benched his starters after a 14-0 start are very strong candidates. Forgive me for not knowing how to type in sarcasm

  5. 2 things.

    1. What is the ratio of black to white players in the NFL?

    2. Many of these coaches that you last as prospects for minority coaching positions have already had had coaching jobs and did not do well. Just as many white coaches do not do well. This, just like players, is about ability, not the color of your skin.

  6. “One of the stupidest rules passed by the NFL in recent memory and that’s saying a lot.”

    Yes it is and yes it is.

  7. I’m sure colleges are going to be thrilled when their contracted head coaches wind up on this list. Seems innocuous enough, but I could definitely see a “tampering” lawsuit of some sort involved if, say, Louisville thinks this is a concerted effort to induce Strong to leave for the NFL.

  8. If they do something like this, teams should be able to protect their coaches in the same way that players are protected.

  9. This is so patronizing to the coaches on this list. I’m sure they’d rather be listed on the potential NFL head coaching list, instead of the potential minority head coaching list. Its essentially saying these guys are good coaches, as far as black coaches go. Ridiculous. Wasn’t Leslie Frazier trotted out by multiple teams for interviews for like 5 years to satisfy this stupid rule? I think Dennis Green made a living at being the “Rooney candidate” for a few year as well.

  10. To make things fair for all potential NFL players the NFL needs to institute the Sehorn rule where all teams must try out one non-minority cornerback if they have an opening at that position. It is a disgrace in the 21st century that every cornerback is a minority player.

  11. Ray Horton should NOT be on that list! He is the worst possible candidate for any vacancy. He should have to stay in Cleveland… On second thought…I don’t know if anyone deserves that…

  12. What does skin color have to do with coaching?

    They should change the rule so that only people with previous coaching experience on teams with winning records can be interviewed.

  13. So if a team wanted to interview, say, Ken Whisenhunt, but he is not on that list, can they interview the only guy that took the AZ Cardinals to a Super Bowl, or is it forbidden?

    And if it is not forbidden, what is the point of this stupid list?

  14. I guess Seattle is just going to lose their coordinators every year now 😦 *sigh*

    Oh and yeah…the Rooney rule is beyond dumb and hasn’t been applied correctly (if there even is such a way) from the start. It’s great in theory, but the way it has been utilized, it doesn’t promote diversity, it seeks to strongarm organizations into handing jobs to coaches who may not deserve them based on merit (you know…that thing that sort of matters when seeking out a leader), but because they’d make the NFL look better to passive viewers.

  15. Shouldn’t Mike Ditka, Ken Whisenhunt, Marv Levy, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Cowher and any other coach who coached a team in the SuperBowl be on that list?

  16. Jim Caldwell? a strong candidate?

    Jim’s mother wouldn’t hire him to be a head coach of an NFL team

  17. The longer the NFL and America segregate and require minority interviews, the longer the divide will be.

    Right coach, right place. If a turd like Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones doesn’t want to hire a qualified coach based on his skin color then neither of them deserve said coaches talents.

    I’m truly sick of this affirmative action crap that was created. Colleges are required to choose minority students with lesser grades over more qualified students who aren’t in the minority.

    If I was a minority I would be offended that a school chose me over a more-qualified student solely because of my race…

    Reverse racism at its finest!

  18. I’ll take Mike Zimmer as Head Coach and Mark Carrier as Defensive Coordinator. Carrier has worked with the Ravens as their secondary coach, Jets as their D-Line coach, and currently the Bengals as their secondary coach. In the 8 years he has been a positional coach, each one of those defenses has finished 6th or better every single year.

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