Report: Gruden would be interested in Texas job

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Jon Gruden won’t be coaching the Texans.  But maybe he’ll be coaching the Texas.

According to, Gruden is “open to hearing” from the Longhorns about their vacant coaching job.

Setting aside for now our growing suspicion that someone from Texas is leaking this stuff to and other media outlets as a way to make the job look bigger and more attractive than it has become, when it comes to college programs Gruden seems to be far more interested in attracting interest than in actually taking a job.

Gruden knows the best way to stay at the top of the “A” list is to be linked to “A” list jobs.  So with Texas reportedly interested in several current NFL head coaches (names on the wish list supposedly include Jim Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy, Pete Carroll, and Chip Kelly), the absence of Jon Gruden from such a lengthy roster becomes glaring.  Especially for Gruden.

The prospect of a Burnt Orange Chucky helps the program and it helps Gruden, who inevitably will be coaching again.  As each year passes without Gruden abandoning the broadcast booth, it becomes even more important that he continue to be viewed as an attractive candidate.

Ultimately, Gruden may be indeed bound for Texas.  But not Austin or Houston.  If/when the Cowboys fire Jason Garrett, Gruden could be the top choice to take over in Dallas.

At a minimum, Gruden will be interested in the Cowboys being interested in him.

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  1. I’ve been saying this on the Cowboys forums for a while, but why on earth would an “A-List” former head coach be interested in resurrecting their career with the Dallas Cowboys in 2014?

    We won’t have a top draft pick. The new coach would have NEGATIVE $30 million to work with on the cap, and we’ve got some serious issues with our aging core of players.

    Compare that to the Houston Texans, which were a dominant team just last season, will have a top draft pick, and plenty of cap space to work with as well as a team (like the 2012 Chiefs) primed to make a comeback anyway especially with the excitement and motivation that comes with a new coach.

    I could be wrong, but if I were a former Super Bowl winning head coach with options, resurrecting my career in Dallas would not be an option for 2014. Maybe 2016 or 2017 if they manage to get their salary cap straightened out by then.

  2. No way will UT hire Gruden. And, Gruden like all other coaches isn’t desperate enough or crazy enough to get hired by Jerry Jones.

  3. IMO it is not likely that Gruden could co-exist with GM and meddling owner Jerry Jones. The Cowboys one consistent cause of choking is the meddling of Jerry Jones.

  4. The longer Gruden stays in the booth and out of coaching, the less likely he will get back in. He is becoming more comfortable in his role as a commentator, and the call to return to coaching will grow fainter and fainter.

  5. If Gruden wants to coach again, this would be the job to take. You will have your choice of top athletes and with his QB knowledge it will likely be an annual Texas VS. Alabama national championship.

  6. Are you kidding? I can buy the Texas job but you went a little far with the cowboys. There is no way Gruden could work under JJ specially when it came to personnel.

  7. and why you guys continue to take issue with this is beyond me. its called marketing yourself….the guy is genius if you ask me

  8. Chuckie did good in Tampa but then again he had the team all set up by the time he got there…but he still had to coach! No he stays in the NFL. College coaching is too hard too many wet noses to tend to, too much traveling much too many rules…he stays in the Pros.

  9. Other than the sports media looking out for their own, I’m not so sure many owners or GMs are looking to hire Gruden as a head coach.

    Other than taking Dungy’s team to a Superbowl win, his record’s not all that impressive.

  10. Again with the Tomlin? In all seriousness who in their right mind would hire Tomlin? And no, the Rooneys were NOT in their right minds if they were “blown away” during Tomlin’s interview. They hired someone with only one year of defensive coordinator experience (Vikings 2006) who’s defense was dead last #32 against the pass.

    The only thing Tomlin has going for him is that no one would have to wait until after the playoffs to interview him and hear him lay down his sweet, sweet, gobbledygook doubletalk …. ever again actually.

  11. I think Gruden’s more interested in hearing people talk about him.

    Not much pressure to sit in an announcing booth and provide color commentary to pro games, versus going into the enormous pressure and super high expectations that a job like Texas entails, not to mention the hassles of recruiting teenagers. Don’t see it happening…..

  12. I can see Gruden being a good recruiter and possibly even enjoying the constant exposure of being the Longhorns’ coach…which is a part of the job I think a lot of guys would struggle with.

    I thought he’d be back in coaching prior to now, but he seems to enjoy the broadcasting. Which makes one wonder whether the demands of coaching still excite him as much as they once did.

  13. I’d take him in Minny.. IF they let Leslie go…

    Would be a bit of a “paradigm shift” for the players. From the mild-mannered, Christian Frazier to the intense, driven, in-your-face, profanity spewing Gruden.

    Would be fun to watch… 🙂

  14. OrangeBloods is just a mouthpiece for Texas — they continuously post articles with anonymous information from “high-ranking sources in the Big 12” that rarely proves to be true. Texas just uses them to leak whatever story it is they want to tell.

  15. I think Gruden just likes to see his name connected to open jobs. If he really wanted to coach I think he would have gone back years ago.

  16. The further Gruden and Cowher get away from the sideline, the more I think their time has passed. This isn’t a light switch. You don’t just get off the couch and run a marathon. These guys are past their prime.

  17. I completely agree that Gruden could be a top choice for Dallas. But I highly doubt Dallas could be a top choice for Gruden.

    If he really is interested in coaching again in 2014, he would likely agree to go through the interview loop, but that would just be for appearances sake: it would get other teams off the fence and pander for him. Drive his stock up, drive the offers up: act now or lose him. Bigger payday, possibly more power.

    And that last word is the key: power. It’s all but guaranteed he will have NO power in Dallas. And that’s precisely why he won’t take that job, he’ll only interview for it.

  18. Now is the time to get out, as much as I like him on MNF, it is becoming stale because of how ESPN over promotes the game. You can tell he looks like 30 pounds heavier and really has no motivation to be a better broadcaster, just a brand spokesperson.

  19. All you people keep saying Gru couldnt coexist with Jerry seem to be forgetting that he managed to both coexist and be successful with another meddling owner known as Al Davis. If Gruden could make it in Oakland with Al Davis for 4 years and win 3 division titles, he could make it anywhere. Cept maybe Washington! Haha.

  20. Speaks a lot about the arrogance of Texas thinking they can just throw out the name of WHO THEY WANT to be their coach, and thinking he will come running. They pushed Brown out, thinking they had Saban in the bag, and now it turns out they didn’t have a plan B.
    The word is now they are going after Jimbo Fisher.

  21. Gruden is full of it…has a need to be relevant.

    He took a Tony Dungy team and went to the SB…nothing since then!

    There is nothing to see here..keep it moving!

  22. The wish list at Texas is laughable. Current NFL coaches who have won Super Bowls with teams they are currently coaching (and well compensated)? Why on earth would they take a step down to coach a college program? Delusion of the highest order down there in Austin.

  23. I’ve a sneaky suspicion that UT is going to find it very hard to replace Mack Brown. He has solid relationships with high school coaches in Texas, which is what is necessary for success in the job. Can’t see a top name taking the job, frankly. Saban was never going to take it. Fisher won’t wind up taking it, either.

    I can see a situation whereby an established NFL’er would take it, though. But again, the relationships with high school coaches is what counts.

    In fact, I would not be surprised if, after the bowl game, they decide that Brown will return because he will have avoided the media circus that had been going on until he announced his switch to another job in the university.

  24. Gruden will be in Detroit where the ONLY thing lacking is effective coaching…who wouldn’t want to go to a team with a young franchise QB, Calvin Johnson, that awesome O-lone, Suh, Fairley and Ansah and oh yeah, an owner who will not meddle?

  25. “Other than taking Dungy’s team to a Superbowl win, his record’s not all that impressive.”

    Dungy’s tenure in Tampa Bay is a bit overrated IMO. Sure he added Alstott and Dunn, but Sam Wyche already had several key pieces in place on defense (Dilfer, Sapp, Brooks, etc.) before Dungy took the job.

  26. There is no way he’d rather coach in Dallas than Houston. He has too much ego for Jerry Jones, and he’d have plenty of input and raw talent base in Houston.

    Now, if he loves live music and young women, Austin kicks the crap out of Dallas and Houston.

  27. I’d love to see Chucky in Minnesota, but seriously, who wants to stand outside in the cold for two years while they wait for the new dome to finish. This might be the only reason they hang on to Leslie.

  28. This is laughable. Mark Davis loves Gruden, and with 60 Mil in cap space, 7 picks, and a GM that doesn’t meddle, Gruden will get whatever he wants and return to The Nation.

  29. hooterdawg says:Dec 18, 2013 2:29 PM

    IMO it is not likely that Gruden could co-exist with GM and meddling owner Jerry Jones. The Cowboys one consistent cause of choking is the meddling of Jerry Jones.

    Yeah! Because Jerry makes the horrible play calls, and turns the ball over?

  30. The “Gruden took Dungy’s team to the Super Bowl” has always been a misconception. The fact is Gruden signed 8 new starters on offense that season. Every offseason I pray that the Bucs ownership would realize their mistake and bring back the best coach the Bucs ever had. I still don’t understand why they fired him in the first place, it’s not like he had a overly talented team to work with. The year he got fired they were 9-3 with 4 games to go. The whole firing was spearheaded by the current GM Mark Domink the head of pro player personal, what a slime ball he is!

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