Report: Joe Flacco has “mild” sprain of MCL

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There’s a little more evidence the left knee injury suffered by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco on Monday night is shaping up as just a scare.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Flacco has a “mild” sprain of his medial collateral ligament, which was discovered during an MRI examination. (Previously, ESPN had reported Flacco would not undergo an MRI.)

According to the club’s injury report, Flacco did not practice on Wednesday, though coach John Harbaugh indicated that Flacco “went through practice today on a limited basis.” Also, Harbaugh said the team “(does) anticipate that he’ll play.”

The Ravens (8-6) will win the AFC North with victories in their final two games. Baltimore hosts New England on Sunday.

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  1. Did the Lions coach say (about Mr. Flacco), “He’s a tough guy. He had the injured knee. I was glad we hurt his knee and then I was very impressed that he played through it. Obviously, you can throw very effectively with a sore knee – he proved that.”

    Because that is what Mr. Harbaugh said in December of 2010 when a visiting QB had his nose broken by a Ravens defender “He’s a tough guy,” Harbaugh said of [the visiting QB] “He had the broken nose. I was glad we broke his nose and then I was very impressed that he played through it. Obviously, you can throw very effectively with a broken nose – he proved that.”

    BTW, Mr. Ngata was fined $15,000 for the hit on that QB, even though there was no flag.

  2. With the way that leg went, i was initially surprised they didnt have an MRI planned unless that was diversionary. Mild or not, thats not good.

  3. Isn’t this the injury that Jay Cutler had in the NFC title game? If so, doesn’t this confirm that Cutler should’ve gutted it out?

  4. Flacco the only QB in the league to take his team to the playoffs in each of the last five years. Not Brady, not Rogers, not Manning, and certainly not Romo, Ryan, etc. He is not as good as the top three, but I will take him all day.

    Ask the folks in Detroit if they would trade Stafford for him.

    All he does is win.

  5. We’ll be fine, he has some deer antler spray. All these Flacco haters can go on thinking they look like they know what they are talking about. Flacco has won more games than any other QB in history in his first 6 years. He won two road playoff games as a rookie and would have won 2 superbowls if Lee Evans could he cought one pass or Cundiff made a chip shot. He finds ways to win games and always maintains his cool

  6. One of the many reasons why I like Flacco. Durable reliable franchise QB. Plays hurt and has never missed a game in 6 years. No off field issues and contributes to the community. We all know he puts up average numbers in a 16 game season. But post-season, I’ll match him against any QB in the league. Been deep in the playoffs 5 straight years with a Super Bowl MVP title. Now possibly a sixth year in the post-season. That’s what’s called a quality organization.

  7. He’ll be fine. Not like he’s an option QB. All pocket passers wear knee braces. He was the exception, not the rule.

    Seeing you have insider info could you provide us with the name of Big Bens invisible brace? Using ALL is the signal that a lot of bull is soon to follow.

  8. All the Flacco hate is hilarious. Especially from Steelers fans. Their QB has never made the playoffs without a top ten defense. He didn’t win a SB MVP in either of his trips, where he was along for the ride.

  9. Funny how everyone says QB’s are measured by wins and losses. All Joe does is HELP his team win by any means necessary. It ain’t always pretty but when the games on the line he usually plays his best. Consistent, rugged, strong armed and cool as the other side of the pillow.

    Hate on while the so called bum leads his team to 6th straight playoff appearance.

  10. I don’t understand all the negative comments about Flacco. His numbers aren’t great (except for the post-season last year), but he wins football games. Isn’t that the goal of playing the game?

  11. This guy is a football player, point blank.

    Anybody who doesn’t appreciate watching him play either doesn’t really understand football, or hasn’t played organized football at any level.

  12. As a sports fan alone; it never ceases to amaze me how some people in the league catch so much grief.

    Is Flacco soley responsbile for the Ravens last 5 straight sucessful seasons? No of course not. However has his cool demeanor (which many people also jumped on him for) in big situations and execution late in games not helped support the last 6 sucessful seasons in Baltimore?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure any fan of the 32 teams in the NFL would take:

    1. Several AFC Champ Games.
    2. 5 Straight Playoff Appearances with at least one win.
    3. 1 SB victory.

    Sure certain QB’s are held to a higher regard, this is normal. Peyton and Brady will always be legendary because of their regular season play.

    Flacco however, has certainly seperated himself from the likes of Matt Ryan, Christian Ponder, arguable with Eli Manning, etc.

    Baltimore has lost key players this year and the entire soul of their team in Ray Lewis. Nevertheless the team is still relevant at this time.

    Stats are sure great to look at; however I’m sure more people in Baltimore and Nationwide would argue the Lombardi is better.

    ~Logical Sports Fan

  13. I’m glad Flacco is alright!

    “The Ravens (8-6) will win the AFC North with victories in their final two games. Baltimore hosts New England on Sunday.”

    … lol! Not if The Bengals have anything to say about that!!

  14. Teams win games, in all three phases, not players. Ryan, Palmer, Rivers, Stafford, and Roethlisberger are all in the top 10 in passing yards this season and yet their team is either out of it completely or needs help from somewhere else to snif the playoffs. Ravens control their destiny. I’d rather have a well rounded team than a single standout.

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