Richard Sherman is the NFC defensive player of the week


Cornerback Richard Sherman’s play is one of the reasons that many people think the Seahawks will be playing in MetLife Stadium in February.

His play at MetLife Stadium last weekend is one of the reasons why the Seahawks shut out the Giants. It’s also the reason he’s the NFC defensive player of the week. 

Sherman was on the receiving end of two of Eli Manning’s five interceptions and added three pass breakups and two tackles to help keep the Giants offense from sniffing the end zone. Sherman now has 14 interceptions over the last two seasons, more than anyone else in the league. 

It’s the third time that Sherman has been the NFC defensive player of the week, which is the most of any Seahawks cornerback. There will likely be more accolades coming Sherman’s way once the season comes to an end, although he’s surely hoping that he’ll have to pass on a Pro Bowl selection this year.

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  1. Too bad. I was hoping it was going to be Maxwell. Both his picks were more difficult and one of Sherm’s was a hail mary throw at the end of the half. Both deserving, however.

    Go Hawks!

  2. Yeah but…he’s a cheater. Yeah but….he’s a loudmouth. Yeah but…..they pipe in crowd noise. Yeah but…nothing, just sit back and watch a solid player and team win football games. Like them or not ya gotta appreciate the product the Hawks are putting on the field right now.

    P.S. Maxwell is a stud.

  3. Actually, I ready like how he is quieter this year. His performance level is the same, the trash talk is way down

  4. Where you at Revis? When it comes to walking the walk, Sherman has been an absolute beast all season. The kid is smart and has ELITE ballhawking skills when he challenges for the ball. He can high-point it better than most of the guys he’s covering. Just a complete player and competitor in every regard.

  5. Not a bad week in statistical terms. One of those picks was meaningless. Any Seahawk on the field could have grabbed that hail mary heave.

    This award should have gone to Munnerlyn. A pick six and two sacks? That’s ridiculous.

  6. Noooooo!!! Antione Cason deserved it! He had a Pick-6 and an INT in overtime to secure the victory for the Almighty Arizona Cardinals! Whah! Whah! Whah! This is a travesty! The NFL is rigged! I hate football!

    Kidding, but this is pretty much what fans of some of those other teams sound like week in and week out if their guy doesn’t win the honor.

  7. I understand some Panther fans who want the award to go to Captain. You have to understand Sherman hasn’t been targeted multiple occasions since Week 8. He shuts down his side of the field and week in and week out, smart QB’s don’t even throw it his way.

    There is no doubt who the best CB in football is and its number 25. Fans are right, he said it before the year he was going to hold back on the talking and focus on the team. Even when he talks in the press conferences he is giving credit to teammate and the defensive line. DPOY is going to go to either him and Earl.

  8. Chuck Norris says: Dec 18, 2013 12:13 PM

    Good thing it wasnt a “glorified practice” they dont do so well in those situations…

    If SF even makes the playoffs, and if so, even get lucky enough to get to Seattle, it will be glorified practice. A fluke run and a last second FG doesn’t mean SF is better.

  9. Sherman was the marketing tool used to bring attention to the hawks last year. Good job well done Sherman. Dude is a beast in the secondary…. but man you need to work on tackling.

  10. During an interview after the Giants game, Sherm waxed enthusiastically about Earl Thomas being named DPOY. That’s the Richard Sherman we all know and respect; unselfish, humble, and a man who loves the game.

    His work with underprivileged kids tells you of another Richard Sherman, who towers over his football persona. The league knows him as the ultimate trash talker, but we know him as well spoken, intelligent and personable.

    A great football player. An even better man.

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