Saints replacing left tackle with rookie for Panthers game


It’s not too late to make an example of someone.

So on the eve of their biggest game of the regular season, the Saints are taking the dramatic step of replacing their left tackle.

Saints coach Sean Payton just told reporters (and the team tweeted out the news, in case the message wasn’t being sent clearly enough) that rookie Terron Armstead would start at left tackle Sunday against the Panthers.

The third-round pick was competing for the starting job in training camp, but Brown held him off for most of the year.

Brown was benched during last week’s loss to the Rams when Robert Quinn had his way with him, and the prospect of Greg Hardy doing the same thing with the NFC South title on the line obviously gave Payton second thoughts.

The Saints also cut longtime kicker Garrett Hartley, replacing him with journeyman Shayne Graham, so the implication is clear. Payton’s not messing around, and even the most important jobs aren’t safe.

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  1. Brown is in a contract year at left tackle and there is no way the Saints would have franchised him. He was in line for a lot of money if he could have just gotten off the bottom rung of left tackles. What a dummy. He’ll be somewhere else next year, probably his couch.

  2. Hardy and Quinn were pre-draft-season top 5 picks who slid WAAAAAAY down in their respective drafts.

    Injury for Quinn and I forgot the Hardy reasons but it’s nice to see guys give the effort to be elite and get past whatever issues they once had.

  3. It should be noted that Charles Brown won the LG job handily in preseason. Armstead was awful against second and third team D-linemen who, for some, aren’t playing in the NFL.

  4. Brees might look like he’s forcing passes into coverage, the reality of it if you’re watching the same games I’ve watched, is the receivers are not getting separation, and the pass protection is awful…I like the move, hard to be worse than Brown has been.

  5. I don’t like this move. Of course, Payton doesn’t need to take advice from someone who isn’t a NFL HC or work in the NFL, but Brown did pretty well in the first meeting with Hardy.

  6. I have a feeling Armstead will be great. Early on, he looked about how a rookie from a small school at LT will look, but Payton has claimed that throughout the season, Armstead has been vastly improved in practice drills & 1-on-1s.
    This is either a very smart, calculated move from Payton or a desperate one. History has told us that more often than not, Payton is making the correct decisions.

  7. Best thing that could of happened for this offense. I said pre-season that Armstead should be the starter because he can physically match up with any DE due to his outlandish speed. He ran a better 40 than some WRs and RBs. The only thing I’m worried about with him is his technique and transition from a bench player to starter but other than that he should do good. Looking foward to having a elite left tackle again.

  8. Hardy didn’t do anything against Charles Brown 2 weeks ago. What makes u think he’s going to anything now. OVERRATED DEFENSE! The Saints will clown them just like two weeks ago.

  9. Before we hand Mr. Hardy a game ball just because he is going up against a rookie, let’s remind everyone of his amazing accomplishments from two weeks ago vs the Saints:

    – 1 tackle
    – 0 QB hits
    – 0 QB hurries
    – 0 QB sacks

    The more I think about this move the more I like it. The Panthers were licking their chops at playing against a reeling Brown. Now Sunday they can lick their wounds.

  10. If the Panthers’ defense is overrated, then the Saints’ offense Sunday will be even worse. You aren’t beating Carolina at home. Panthers have lost 1 game at home, to the Seahawks, on a redzone fumble. Not to mention, Cam has a better HOME QB rating than everyone not named Peyton Manning. Second in the league. Carolina got whooped in New Orleans. You guys are great. At home. So after you lose Sunday, come back here and let me know how it feels to lose 4 game division lead, scrape by to get a 6 seed, and bow out first round. WHO DAT? WE DAT!

  11. One thing that is very similar though from the last meeting is what happened to these two teams the previous week.

    If you remember the Saints got embarrassed by the Seahawks,
    and the Panthers embarrassed the Bucs.

    This time the Saints got embarrassed by the Rams, and the Panthers embarrassed the Jets.

    Usually the team that is embarrassed almost always responds the next game with a vengeance.

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