Schwartz on Megatron drops: He’s a human being


Among the many mistakes that helped the Lions fall to the Ravens 18-16 on Monday night were a pair of first-half drops by wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

The drops led to punts instead of points that the Lions desperately needed. Johnson said after the game that he didn’t do a good enough job of looking the ball all the way into his hands and that he needs to stay on it one more second. His coach said it was just a reminder that, despite the nickname from the Transformers and the otherworldly plays we’ve become accustomed to seeing, Johnson is still a human being.

“It falls into, they’re human beings. I mean, as much as we say ‘Megatron’ and things like that, there’s still a human element to this game, and you’re not going to catch every single one; every single pass isn’t going to be perfect,” Jim Schwartz said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “We didn’t play perfect in any phase of the game. No team ever does. But we didn’t make enough plays to win.”

Birkett writes that Johnson has had an “uncharacteristic” issue with drops this season. That’s not quite accurate, though. Stats Inc. credits Johnson with eight drops on 152 targets, a percentage that’s a bit lower than last year’s 14 drops on 205 targets.

Johnson’s drops were costly on Monday, but in the bigger picture they were just part of the normal course of things for a player targeted as frequently as Johnson is targeted by the Lions.

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  1. If Calvin had Jordy Nelson’s hands, the rest of the league would be in terrible.

    And the Lions would be SuperBowl contenders.

  2. He had those two terrible drops not to mention his bobbling of the backshoulder two point conversion which caused him to fall out of bounds… not the best game for him.

    That being said, he also had 3 or 4 catches where he got absolutely rocked by DBs and held on to the ball. It seems Detroit’s WRs and TEs don’t get the calls when they get smoked but our defense is constantly flagged for questionable hits. Pettigrew was nearly decapitated and we get nothing but Delmas gets flagged for hitting Torrey Smith with a glancing blow.

  3. No team ever does? STOP comparing your team to other teams, we don’t care about other teams and what bars they set to determine if it’s ok for us to fail, that is NOT helpful and serves as nothing other than an excuse or explanation and that’s a distraction.

    All we care about is the playoffs, not rationalizing why we aren’t in the playoffs, so focus on that and get us in there!

  4. Actually, Roy Williams first called him Megatron. Nicknames wouldn’t stick if it didn’t make sense.

    This is why I do think the Lions are cursed. Every game it’s someone different making these mistakes. Stafford’s been the consistent mistake-maker this season, but if it’s not Bush fumbling, it’s Bell, or CJ fumbling on last play at Tampa or the drops or Akers missing field goals or the punter punting out of bounds twice or penalties or us not getting huge penaltiy calls or Schwartz making a bad call. It’s NOT JUST ONE THING. It’s a whole ball of curse.

  5. Elam got in his head plain and simple. A player like Calvin does not bask in the spotlight. He is the ultimate anti diva reciever. What Elam did was put a glaring spotlight on Calvin all week long. A person like C.J. is not comfortable beong talked about and pressurized with the light on him all week long. I’m not saying he shys away from the big moment (I have no clue) , but I do know he didn’t enjoy it. Even his own fan base has criticized him for not being flashy.

  6. Megatron is obv a sick player but they target him constantly. Any top flight receiver can put up those numbers if targeted that much. But it means nothing in the end because they are never a playoff bound team in the end.

  7. bmoreravens1012013

    Let’s be serious…Elam stuck his foot in his mouth and 6 field goals beat a team that can’t get out of their own way. If Elam had made some amazing INT that require something more than catching Stafford gift wrapped punt of a final throw then I could see what you are saying. Elam was just on the receiving end of the Lions curse and in that plot line it makes sense that the idiot who ran his mouth should get a gift INT in the end to remind the Lions they needed salt in that wound.

  8. I think the high percentage of drops, along with about half of the interceptions, are because Stafford is throwing too hard. I know, the receivers are professionals and should be able to catch any ball, but if Stafford could make those throws at 85% maximum velocity, maybe less are dropped or deflected by the receiver for an interception. Stafford needs a quarterback coach who can teach him the touch pass. I notice it a lot more when the pressure builds, he just starts slinging it.

  9. Make no mistake. Megatron is a BEAST. No WR out there gets pummelled after the catch like he does, because he’s so big. Yet, he keeps coming back week in and week out. If he’s the reason we lose a game, I can live with that. You put the game in your playmaker’s hands. If I didn’t think it would kill him, I’d throw to him all game long.

  10. Schwartz the enabler. He defends Fairley and Suh’s dirty play even though it has cost them mega-penalties and undoubtedly many games, he defends a side-arm interception throwing QB as having “good mechanics” when many experts (ex elite QB’s) have stated that he will keep throwing costly interceptions until he gets his mechanics down ,
    Schwartz has defended the many other baggage carrying druggies on the team over the years. Schwartz will never be accused of going Belichek on any of his players that’s for sure. I remember when Welker made a sarcastic pun about Rex Ryan’s foot fetish ( “we’ll just have to put our best foot forward”) and Belichek benched him for two games. I don’t like the Pats but you can’t argue with the respect and discipline that Belichek gets from his players.

  11. schmokes says: Dec 18, 2013 8:49 AM

    Maybe it’s time for Johnson to let people create a nickname for him instead of choosing his own.


    Nate Burleson gave him the nick name.

  12. I view the drops as game changing momentum. Saying he is a human being does not change anything. Those mistakes CANNOT happen. All schwarts does is make excuses. I pray they don’t somehow win the North, because if they do the lions will probally keep this clown as coach. He shouldn’t even be allowed near a football field, let alone coach ever again at any level.

  13. Drops are part of football, it is just like not scoring goals by a top striker in soccer or missing shots in bball, it happens. Any one over here will take Calvin on their team any day of the week.. Not a problem.

  14. 1. Megatron is the best receiver in the league right now.
    2. Probably has been for a few seasons
    3. But, folks who have been comparing him to Jerry Rice (with a few even throwing out the question, “Is Johnson BETTER than Jerry Rice?”) have to realize that, not just because of this game:
    4. Jerry Rice is still the all-time best WR. His durability, skills, consistancy, ability to make the players around him better and coming up big in the BIGGEST games is what marks him

    (note: I am NOT a 49ers fan)

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