Stop the presses: Cowboys scrounge up more line help

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In what has become a save-copy-paste situation here at PFT, the Cowboys have scraped around the bottom of the NFL barrel for some defensive line help.

According to Todd Archer of, the Cowboys have signed defensive tackle Frank Kearse off the Titans practice squad.

If Kearse plays Sunday against the Redskins, he’ll be the 19th different lineman to play for the Cowboys this season. That has a lot to do with the fact they’re blowing gaskets on a weekly basis, especially in a scheme that relies so heavily on pressure from the front four.

He replaces Drake Nevis, who was cut Tuesday. Kearse was originally a seventh-round pick of the Dolphins, who spent time with the Panthers as well, but was cut in the preseason.

11 responses to “Stop the presses: Cowboys scrounge up more line help

  1. Even though it’s useless information, I still want to know what Jerry was thinking when he destroyed the defense with his brilliant personnel moves… Did he really want the 4-3 that bad..?

  2. too bad the eagles didn’t beat the vikings, the nfc east was pathetic this year, the cowboys need to be put out of their misery.

  3. As a LONGTIME ‘Boys Fan I want to make a few points:

    Number 1. If the Eagles beat the Vikes on Sunday, like they should have, JJ would have fired The Red Head on the star after the game. Now we are stuck with that alleged coach for another weekend!

    Number 2. Our D-Line, and Linebacking corps bears NO resemblance to a starting HS squad let alone an NFL squad.

    Number 3. I hope Cousins takes us out of our misery this weekend.

    Time to get a REAL Coach, and a defensive minded draft!

  4. it is sad that as a Cowboys fan I actually hope Washington beats the boys this weekend and hopefully get Garrett fired directly after the game.

    He should have been fired the time he iced his own kicker . That moron is as as useless as Breasts on a bull. Maybe Jerry can understand that one.

  5. I have to agree with the other Cowboys fans here. I have to root against my team for the good of the team. To save themselves from Jerry. If they win and somehow beat the Eagles next week, Jerry will start saying, “Look, I told you we were a playoff team … we’re close!”

    The best thing for everyone is for Dallas to lose these next two things and Jerry to blow it up. Fire Garrett, Fire Callahan, and Fire Himself. Let all the free agents walk, don’t sign anyone and try to get this cap problem under control. Even if it means releasing or trading one of our favorites in DeMarcus Ware. BLOW THIS THING UP, JERRY!

    Have a solid draft (this year’s class has been pretty good, actually, they just avoided certain positions of need) and move on. Have a 2-3 year plan. Hire some young buck to lead the team that has a good head on his shoulders. Garrett is the dumbest Princeton grad I have ever heard of.

  6. Cliff Kingsbury in Big D! I love that idea. I know it’s not sexy but the guy is very Sean Peyton like.

  7. I don’t really have a problem with the 4-3 switch because they thought they had the personnel to be awesome on the line: Ware, Ratliff, Hatcher, and Spencer. Tell me a team that wouldn’t want that front four. Maybe the Giants, at the start of the season.

    The problem is that once those players go down, you have to adjust to your players’ strengths and I don’t feel like Kiffin is able to do that.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Marinelli is promoted to D coordinator, once Kiffin is fired. If you tear up the whole defensive staff, which I am not opposed to, you still have to find someone to take over. What D coordinators are out there?

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